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Chapter 123: Father’s Love is Stable Like a Mountain

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After returning to her room, she soaked herself in the warm bathtub. However, Mu Qiu couldn’t feel the heat of the hot water.

Her heart was cold.

Staring at the clear water in the bathtub, Mu Qiu suddenly thought of dying to end everything.

After death, there’s no need to be afraid anymore. Anyway, they will soon have a healthy child. Even without me, they won’t be lonely when they’re old… 

Mu Qiu softened her body and allowed herself to slide into the bathtub. Gradually, the warm water engulfed her neck, mouth, and nose.

She was wrapped in water and her mouth was filled with water. It was very uncomfortable for her to be choked by warm water as it entered her lungs. When the grim reaper really approached and her body was about to reach its limit, Mu Qiu suddenly felt fear.


]Mu Qiu suddenly emerged from the bathtub and laid by the side, coughing non-stop until her eyes were red.

Knock knock.

“Qiu-er, is it convenient for me to come in?” Mu Mian’s voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

Hearing the commotion, Mu Qiu panicked. “Cough cough!” She couldn’t help coughing again.

But the bathroom was soundproof. Standing outside the room, Mu Mian didn’t hear Mu Qiu coughing.

[fuzzy]After waiting for a long time without hearing Mu Qiu’s reply, Mu Mian felt uneasy. “Mu Qiu, what are you doing? Why aren’t you saying anything?” As Mu Qiu had cut her own wrists to commit suicide once, Mu Mian was already on high alert. He was worried that Mu Qiu would commit suicide on the spot.

The deafening sound of the door slamming scared Mu Qiu so much that she hurriedly stood up from the bathtub. She quickly put on her bathrobe, pressed down on her aching lungs, and shouted towards the door. “Father, wait a moment. I am bathing.”

Hearing this, Mu Mian stopped banging on the door.

After standing at the door for three to four minutes, the door in front of Mu Mian was pulled open.

He glanced down and saw Mu Qiu’s pathetic state. Mu Qiu’s hair was dripping wet and the water on her face had clearly been wiped off by a towel, but it was still wet.

Her eyes seemed to have been washed by the cleanest water. At a glance, they were clear and bright, like the eyes of an angel who had fallen into the mortal world.

“Are you done bathing?” Mu Mian stared at Mu Qiu’s wet hair with his eyes dark.

Mu Qiu didn’t dare to meet her father’s eyes for fear of her lie being seen through. “Yes, I also washed my hair.”

Mu Mian chuckled. “You seldom wash your hair at night.” Mu Qiu usually washed her hair early in the morning and then styled it.

Mu Qiu said, “I went to have barbeque with elder sister tonight. I smell like meat and won’t be able to sleep until I wash my hair.”

Mu Mian seemed to believe her and didn’t probe further. He strode into the room and closed the door behind him. Mu Qiu stared at the tightly shut door, feeling somewhat uneasy. Did Father detect something?

“Wipe your hair.” Mu Mian tossed a towel over Mu Qiu’s head.

Mu Qiu was filled with guilt and uneasiness, as she had almost commited suicie just now. She didn’t even have the guts to face Mu Mian. She obediently held the towel and gently rubbed her wet hair.

Mu Mian’s eyes were filled with pain as he stared at his daughter’s wavering figure. He could tell that Mu Qiu was lying and guessed what Mu Qiu had done in the bathroom. Mu Mian was very upset that he had nearly lost his daughter again.

Recalling what he had learned today, he was even more determined to buy a healthy heart for Mu Qiu. “Mu Qiu, do you know of the Dark Web?” Mu Mian suddenly asked.

The room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The father-daughter duo exchanged glances. Mu Mian’s eyes were dark, as if he was plotting something major. Mu Qiu’s pupils quivered as a sense of uneasiness crept into her heart. “Father, why are you asking about that?”

The so-called Dark Web was an illegal website for illegal transactions. The Dark Network was very deep and covered every corner of the Internet. It was like a vast ocean hidden under an iceberg, unfathomable.

All those who had dealings with the Dark Net were people who had crossed their moral boundaries.

“Father, don’t do illegal things.” Mu Qiu didn’t know what Mu Mian wanted to do, but his current state made her panic.

Mu Mian licked his lips. He didn’t dare to look straight into Mu Qiu’s eyes. Instead, he gazed at the floor beneath him and said in a low voice, “You might not know this, but there are over a million people in our country who need an organ transplant every year. But only a small minority are willing to donate their organs after death. What do you think those who need an organ to save their lives should do?”

Mu Qiu was no longer a child. She was 20 years old and naturally knew that there were dark, dirty, and terrible deals hidden behind the beautiful society.

She could guess what Mu Mian wanted to do. Her entire body swayed and her legs went weak. “Father, that’s not right. It’s illegal. Once you’re discovered, you will go to jail!”

Mu Qiu’s legs went soft as she knelt on the floor. Her knees rubbed against the floor as she moved to Mu Mian.

Kneeling on the floor, Mu Qiu looked at Mu Mian with teary eyes. “Father!” Tears streamed down Mu Qiu’s dainty face. She grabbed Mu Mian’s cold hand as her heart clenched in pain.

She begged Mu Mian. “Father, I am begging you. Don’t do that. I am not worth it!”

[fuzzy]Mu Mian’s eyes were also red. He cupped Mu Qiu’s cheeks and looked at his daughter’s youthful and beautiful face. His heart ached. “Qiu-er, you are Father and Mother’s baby. You are only 20 years old and your life has just reached its most brilliant stage. I cannot bear to see you die!”

“You are my darling. You are worthy of me doing anything for you!” For her, Mu Mian could be a murderer or do anything illegal.

He only wanted Mu Qiu to live!

Mu Qiu shook her head vehemently. “No, no! I don’t want you to do all this for me. Father, I’d rather die than have you commit a crime for me!”

“Mu Qiu, listen to me. Father will be fine. I’ve checked. Once this matter is exposed, I only need to be jailed for a few years. If a few years in prison can save your life, I feel it will be worth it!”

“Moreover, I am still young. I will be healthy even after a few years in prison.” Wiping away Mu Qiu’s tears, Mu Mian kissed his daughter’s head. His throat tightened as he choked. “As long as you can live on, everything will be worth it.”

Hearing that Mu Mian would only need to spend a few years in jail for that, Mu Qiu’s tough heart suddenly sank.

[fuzzy]She knew very well that she should advise Mu Mian not to continue making mistakes, but her urge to live was so strong. Who wants to die? I’m only 20 years old and I had just met someone I liked. I wanted to get married and have a child with the person I loved.

Mu Qiu was tempted.

She hugged Mu Mian’s waist gently and apologized tearfully. “Father, I have harmed you. I’m useless! Your daughter is unfilial…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Qiu-er. You didn’t do anything wrong!” Mu Mian wiped his own tears and pushed Mu Qiu away. He stood up, took a deep breath, composed himself, and was about to leave Mu Qiu’s room.

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