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Chapter 121: Sister, I Don’t Regret It (5)

Auntie Zhang stood outside the door and finally felt at ease, when she heard the mother-daughter duo’s conversation. After going downstairs, Auntie Zhang called Mu Mian and told him what happened at home.

Mu Mian didn’t feel happy at all upon learning about the matter.

His heart bled profusely at the thought that his darling daughter didn’t have much time left. Mu Mian clicked on a website, muttered to himself for a moment, and suddenly searched for a question on Baidu.

[How will you be sentenced for illegally buying organs?]

There were many answers to this question. Mu Mian focused on reading them…

Mu Mian didn’t know that the few computers under his name were all being monitored by the hackers. Almost as soon as Mu Mian finished browsing the information, Long Yu called Song Ci.

“Madam, we noticed that several suspicious browsers had appeared on Mu Mian’s company computer.”

Song Ci was running in the gym. Hearing this, she stopped. Turning off the treadmill, Song Ci took her cell phone and walked into the kitchen. As she walked, she said, “Send me his browsing history.”

Long Yu said, “I’ve already taken a screenshot and will send it to you immediately.”

“Okay.” Song Ci poured herself a glass of warm water and received a screenshot from Long Yu. After reading the screenshot, her eyes lit up.

It looked like Mu Mian had really reached the end of his rope. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to engage in illegal transactions online.

Song Ci could totally just stand by and watch Mu Mian walk down the path of crime. She would wait until he committed a crime and then expose him. With concrete evidence, Mu Mian would definitely be charged.

However, even if there was concrete evidence, the law would only sentence Mu Mian to a few years in jail. Song Fei’s life and hers were not something that could be offset by a few years in jail!

Moreover, Song Ci didn’t believe that Mu Qiu was truly innocent. She would get involved in this matter sooner or later. In the past, Song Ci didn’t know what exactly changed Mu Qiu’s character. But after what happened last night, Song Ci finally understood.

The thing that could change a woman’s character the most was most probably love.

Mu Qiu was a dying person. Before she died, she had tasted Cheng Yanmo’s goodness and developed a bond with him. With her previous life’s experience, Song Ci was sure that Mu Qiu would also fall in love with Cheng Yanmo in this life.

When a woman developed love, she would definitely have lingering feelings for this world. Once Mu Qiu fell in love, she would definitely try her best to live on. What would happen then would definitely be very exciting.

Thinking of this, Song Ci’s lips curled up coldly.

The bridal shop had already produced the wedding gown and outfits that Song Ci needed to wear on her wedding day. They were just waiting for Song Ci to go over to try them on and modify the details. Mu Qiu was Song Ci’s bridesmaid at her wedding, so she also needed to choose her bridesmaid dress. Song Ci called and invited her along.

Mu Qiu agreed happily.

The two of them met below the clothing store. Mu Qiu alighted from the car, wearing a pair of simple denim shorts and a white silk blouse.

It had only been a few days since they last met and Mu Qiu looked much better and rosy. “Elder sister!” Mu Qiu waved at Song Ci who was under the tree with her car keys.

Song Ci was standing under a tree with an umbrella. She smiled when she saw Mu Qiu. “The shop is just upstairs. Come over, don’t stand under the sun.”

Mu Qiu ran up to Song Ci and walked side by side with her into the building. The air-conditioned building was very cooling. Song Ci kept her umbrella and asked Mu Qiu, who was playing on her cell phone, “You didn’t go back that night?”

Mu Qiu turned off her cell phone and acknowledged softly.

After entering the lift, Song Ci asked Mu Qiu, “How do you feel?” When she asked that, Song Ci noticed that Mu Qiu’s ears were slightly red.

What else did Song Ci not understand?

She was obviously charmed.

Mu Qiu’s lips twitched as she said despondently, “So what if I feel good? It’s not like I can go after him.” Mu Qiu could feel her seemingly strong heartbeat, but felt uneasy at the thought that her heart might stop working at any time.

“I am someone who can die at any moment. No matter how good he is, I can’t touch him anymore.” Mu Qiu knew this very well. But at the thought that she and Cheng Yanmo could only be together in a one night stand, she felt very unhappy.

Mu Qiu felt very jealous, thinking that Cheng Yanmo would marry another woman in the future and do the things he did to her that night.

A man who was never content was like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Who would be willing to let go after tasting the sweetness of love? Having provoked Cheng Yanmo, how could Mu Qiu be willing to let go? Mu Qiu rubbed her ears and said somewhat helplessly, “Elder sister, I seem to have fallen for someone.”

Mu Qiu had a good impression of Cheng Yanmo not because of that night’s indulgence. Long before that, when she saw Cheng Yanmo for the first time in the middle of the night near Han Zhan’s house, Mu Qiu was already somewhat mesmerized by him.

Song Ci’s heart almost melted at the sight of Mu Mian’s fragile state. But thinking of her previous life’s pain, Song Ci could only steel her heart and tell herself not to pity Mu Qiu.

Song Ci hit the nail on the head. “Actually, you shouldn’t have gone to look for him that night.”

Mu Qiu smiled bitterly. “I shouldn’t have touched him, but elder sister, I don’t regret it. Even if I can’t have him, I won’t regret it either.” At least that night, Cheng Yanmo belonged to me. (italics)

“Cheng Yanmo is a man who can afford to fool around. He said before that he isn’t the kind of man who will be responsible for a woman after sleeping with her. So even if I die and Cheng Yanmo hears the news, he will probably only say, ‘Why did she die so young?’.”

“… That’s good.”

Mu Qiu had her head down and Song Ci couldn’t see her face clearly. But she could guess that Mu Qiu’s expression must be very ugly. Although she said it was good, she must be feeling very terrible inside.

“Qiu-er, don’t do anything wrong.” Song Ci was warning Mu Qiu. However, it was not up to her to decide what Mu Qiu would do in the end.

Mu Qiu forced a smile. “I’m really fine!”

“Let’s go and look at clothes!”

After the two of them entered the shop, Song Ci tried on the wedding gown and realized that it was slightly too big for her hips and needed some modifications. “We need to modify the design. Ms. Song, pay attention to your diet recently and try to maintain your current figure. This wedding gown of yours is a customized one. If you get fat, you won’t be able to wear it then.”


After the gown fitting ended, Song Ci and Mu Qiu chose the bridesmaid dresses before leaving.

Leaving the bridal shop, Song Ci stood beside the car and asked Mu Qiu, “What do you want to eat tonight? My treat.”

“Sister, do you still remember the barbeque at the entrance of the high school? I really want to eat at that barbeque place. Shall we go and get it?”


Song Ci got Long Yu to drive her and Mu Qiu to the high school. Mu Qiu looked at Long Yu and said to Song Ci, “Looks like Brother-in-law really cares for you.”

Han Zhan was working hard alone in Wangdong City. Although he had bought a car and a house, he still had a mortgage to pay. It was not easy. Under such circumstances, he was still willing to spend money to hire a bodyguard for Song Ci, which showed just how much he liked Song Ci.

Song Ci smiled shyly and blissfully. She lowered her head slightly and said, “Brother Han is very good to me. I never regretted marrying him.”

Mu Qiu said, “I can tell.” She could somewhat understand why her elder sister wanted to marry Han Zhan then.

Compared to Cheng Ziang, Han Zhan was indeed much more reliable.

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