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Chapter 119: Chapter 119 Song Ci: Oh My God!

Only after reaching home did Li Li notice that Han Zhan had sent him a message earlier. He changed into slippers, while replying to Han Zhan’s message.

Hearing her cell phone vibrate, Song Ci glanced at the cell phone on the dresser, looked up, and shouted, “Brother Han, there’s a new message on your WeChat.” Han Zhan was bathing, and Song Ci sat by the bed watching him bathe in the glass bathroom.

The glass wall was covered in mist so she couldn’t see the inside clearly. But Song Ci’s imagination conjured up an extremely alluring image.

Han Zhan used his hand to wipe off the mist, revealing his handsome face. He opened his mouth and said something to Song Ci. Although the bathroom door was closed, Song Ci could still hear Han Zhan’s muffled voice. He said, “Help me take a look at it.”

Song Ci smiled and muttered. “Don’t let me see a flirtatious slut.”

Song Ci unlocked Han Zhan’s cell phone and opened WeChat. She saw that it was a message from Li Li. Li Li: [Mr. Han, I met Beibei. She is very nice and cool. I am in love.]

Only when Song Ci saw the message that Han Zhan sent did she know that Li Li had actually gone to meet his online friend. Staring at the name Beibei, some doubts flashed across Song Ci’s mind. Could this Beibei be the Beibei I know?

Without replying to Li Li, Song Ci turned off the cell phone.

After Han Zhan finished bathing, Song Ci asked him, “Who is that online friend of Li Li’s?”

Han Zhan tossed the towel into Song Ci’s hands. “Can you help me dry my hair?”

Song Ci purposely played dirty. “You don’t have hands?”

Han Zhan raised his right hand and said expressionlessly, “I am handicapped.”

It was the first time Song Ci saw someone make use of their handicap status so perfectly.

She was a beautiful and kind person. How could she bully a handicapped person? Song Ci patted her leg and said to Han Zhan, “Sit here.” Song Ci nearly said the words ‘move by yourself’ but was afraid that Han Zhan would take it seriously, so she could only hold it in.

Sometimes, one had to pay the price for their mouths with their bodies.

Han Zhan was very obedient and bent over to sit on Song Ci’s lap.

Han Zhan didn’t look burly usually, but his frame and muscles were very firm. His muscles were especially heavy when he exerted his strength. In bed, whenever Han Zhan was excited, he would hold his head up high and reveal his Adam’s apple. Song Ci couldn’t get tired of seeing his muscles tense up.

Song Ci struggled to breathe as Han Zhan sat down. “Get up, get up. You’re so heavy.”

Han Zhan smiled and glanced at her. “Useless.” Seeing that Song Ci really couldn’t stand his weight, Han Zhan got up and sat down beside her.

Song Ci knelt behind Han Zhan to dry his hair with a towel. She asked, “Is Li Li’s female online friend called Beibei?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan opened his eyes to look at Song Ci. Seeing that she was deep in thought, he felt that something was off and asked her, “What’s the matter? Do you know her?” Han Zhan’s tone was slightly odd, as he thought that the world wouldn’t be that small.

Song Ci said, “I know a lady called Beibei. What does Li Li’s girl friend do?”

Han Zhan hesitated. “I heard she is the author of a mystery novel.”

“…Most likely, Li Li’s online girl friend is the Beibei I know.” Song Ci stuffed the towel into Han Zhan’s arms. Seeing that he was interested in this matter, Song Ci told him what she had done today.

“I went out today, didn’t I? Actually, I went out to meet a woman. The person I met was called Su Beibei, a mystery novel author. There are many mystery novel authors, but not many of them called Beibei.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan was also bewildered. “Could it be such a coincidence?”

Song Ci nodded and said in deep thought, “Su Beibei’s father is called Su Buwang. He was partners with Mu Mian when they started Chao Yang Company.”

Han Zhan was such a smart person. With just one sentence from Song Ci, Han Zhan thought of something else. “Su Buwang died in a car accident with his wife in 2006.” This was something that many people knew. “Could there be something behind their deaths?”

“There is indeed an inside story.” Song Ci didn’t elaborate. She just said, “Su Beibei is their orphan.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was momentarily stunned, before his thick brows furrowed slightly.

Noticing that Han Zhan’s expression was off, Song Ci was curious and asked him, “Brother Han, is there anything wrong?”

Han Zhan sighed and said, “Li Li doesn’t have a father. He and his mother depend on each other for survival. His father was afraid of going to jail after killing someone with his car. As he was too agitated, he jumped off the building.”

Song Ci knew about this. She said, “Li Li told me about this during Auntie’s surgery. But what has this got to do with Su Beibei?”

Han Zhan shook his head and smiled bitterly. “The person who was knocked down by Li Li’s father was Su Buwang and his wife.”

“Oh my god!” Song Ci was shocked by this melodramatic life.

Han Zhan felt that the situation between Li Li and the Su Beibei was not reliable. If the two of them continued to be close and discovered the entanglement from several years ago, it would be heart-rending. Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Should I tell Li Li about this?”

Although he was asking Song Ci, Han Zhan already had an answer in his heart. It was the most sensible thing to strangle the budding flower, before their relationship blossomed.

Song Ci saw through Han Zhan’s intentions, but she shook her head and said to Han Zhan, “It’s not as complicated as you think.”

“How so?”

“It’s not Li Li’s father’s fault that Su Buwang and his wife died.” Meeting Han Zhan’s deep gaze, Song Ci said in a low voice, “It’s Mu Mian. Mu Mian drugged Su Buwang and his wife. On the way home, the knockout powder became effective and both of them fainted… Even without Li Li’s father’s collision, they would have fallen into the Great Dragon River.”

It could only be said that Li Li’s father was too unlucky.

“In my previous life, I died in the same way as Su Buwang and his wife. It was Mu Mian’s usual trick to knock someone unconscious, stuff them into the car, and make the car drop over the cliff.” Song Ci was terrified at the thought of this.

She would never forget the fear she felt when she fell off the cliff with her car, as well as the pain of all her bones being broken.

That night, she laid on a huge rock on a cliff, looking at the dark sea and listening to the waves. She only felt fear and despair.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and realized that her palms were in cold sweat. “Baby Ci, that was in your previous life. Everything is different now. You have me by your side.” Han Zhan hurriedly pulled Song Ci into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Han Zhan’s scent and warmth gradually warmed Song Ci’s body. Only when her fearful heart regained its composure did Song Ci burrow out of Han Zhan’s arms. “I went to see Su Beibei today to work with her and overthrow Mu Mian.”

After pondering for a moment, Han Zhan also told Song Ci, “That doctor from Newbridge is already under my control. You can make use of that doctor.”

Song Ci was overjoyed. “Really?”


Song Ci rolled her eyes. One look and Han Zhan knew that she was up to no good.

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