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Chapter 118: No Lack of Business, Lack of a Male Boss (2)

Mu Qiu looked so petite and slender, as if her bones would break if he squeezed her.

She’s just too fragile.

But she’s also very attractive.

I want to crush her and make her cry for me.

This was the only thought in Cheng Yanmo’s mind.

Cheng Yanmo quietly finished the last sip of wine and placed the clean glass on the table. He glanced sideways at Mu Qiu, who looked uneasy. “Follow me.”

With that, Cheng Yanmo took the lead and walked towards the exit of the banquet hall. Mu Qiu gazed at the man’s majestic and tall back profile. She thought for a moment before following him.

In the crowd, Song Ci watched as Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo left one after the other. She felt slightly conflicted. Han Zhan looked in the direction Song Ci was looking at, and saw Mu Qiu chasing after Cheng Yanmo’s figure as he left. A hint of contemplation flashed across his gray-blue eyes.

“Brother Han, let’s go back too. It’s getting late.” It was already 9.30pm and Han Zhan needed to sleep at 10pm.

Han Zhan nodded and left with Song Ci, hand in hand.

Du Xueyan had already lifted the sides of her dress, and took two steps in the direction of Han Zhan and Song Ci. However, she saw the two of them suddenly walking hand in hand towards the main entrance. She stood there and thought for a few seconds. In the end, she turned around and walked over to the few big bosses.

On the way home, Song Ci and Han Zhan were both using their phones. Han Zhan was worried about Li Li and his online friend, so Han Zhan sent him a message: [Have you seen your online girlfriend?]

Li Li didn’t reply. He might still be busy.

At this moment, in a music bar supper shop, Li Li and Su Beibei were sitting opposite each other by the window. There was an air conditioner in the shop, and the barbequed meat on the table was sizzling, emitting a tempting fragrance.

Su Beibei picked up her glass and took a sip of beer. As she tilted her head back to drink, she saw Li Li stealing glances at her. Su Beibei put her glass down and asked Li Li with a smile, “Why have you been stealing glances at me?”

Li Li was like a greenhorn, completely not at ease in somewhere that was not his workplace. He honestly said what he was thinking. “Before meeting you in person, I imagined you as a cute little girl.”

Before coming, Li Li had prepared a butterfly necklace for Su Beibei. But seeing Su Beibei in person, he realized that she was as slender as a supermodel. Her black clothes made her look elegant and classy, so he knew there was no way he could give her a butterfly necklace.

A woman like Su Beibei was not compatible with a butterfly necklace.

Su Beibei chuckled. She asked Li Li, “Do you mind if I smoke?”

Li Li was slightly surprised but still nodded. “Go ahead.”

Su Beibei started smoking. She had an experienced posture and looked like an old smoker. Li Li stole another look at her. It was the first time he realized that women could be so elegant and charming when smoking. However, smoking was harmful to health.

Li Li wanted to urge Su Beibei to quit smoking, but felt that their relationship was not that intimate yet, so he controlled himself. Not daring to look at Su Beibei, Li Li secretly lowered his head and took a sip from his glass.

The cold beer entered his stomach and suppressed his unbelievably fast heartbeat.

Su Beibei held her cigarette and asked Li Li with a faint smile, “Are you very disappointed in me now that you saw me in person?”

Li Li shook his head and said honestly, “You amaze me.” Li Li had never come into contact with someone like Su Beibe before. She was obviously a woman with a unique way of thinking.

Su Beibei suddenly said, “Do you know what I think when I see you?”

Li Li’s expression turned solemn as he put on a respectful expression.

Su Beibei said, “Silly boy.”

Li Li was speechless.

Li Li’s heart turned cold. He felt that this online romance was going to blow over. Li Li was already prepared to be broken up, but he heard Su Beibei say, “It’s good to be silly; so easy to please and so funny.”

Li Li had hope again.

He asked Su Beibei wrongfully, “So, am I still to your satisfaction?”

Su Beibei took one last drag of her cigarette, picked up her chopsticks, and flipped the pork belly over. Smelling the fragrance of the meat, Su Beibei noticed Li Li’s anxious expression and her heart softened.

Warmth flowed through Su Beibei’s heart. She said, “I have to try to see if I’m satisfied or not.”

Li Li heaved a sigh of relief. “I will satisfy you.”

These words were slightly ambiguous and both of them were stunned. Su Beibei smiled teasingly. She said, “You won’t be able to satisfy me without 40 minutes.” This was a topic between adults. How could Li Li not understand?

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m not talking about this.” After a pause, Li Li said seriously, “Forty minutes is still okay.”

Su Beibei glanced at him and said with anticipation, “We’ll see.”

After making a harmless adult joke, the awkwardness between the two of them lessened significantly. After dinner, Su Beibei suggested going dutch, but Li Li insisted on paying for it himself. “You can treat me next time.”

Su Beibei didn’t argue with him.

The two of them had driven here, so Li Li didn’t even have the chance to send Su Beibei home. He looked at Su Beibei’s red Porsche sports car and praised her. “Nice car.” It looked like Su Beibei had made a lot of money writing these few years.

But Su Beibei reached out her hand.

Li Li was stunned.

“Isn’t the present in your pocket meant for me?” Su Bei had already noticed Li Li touching the box in his pocket many times, and guessed that Li Li had prepared a present for her.

Li Li was slightly embarrassed. He said awkwardly, “I prepared a gift for you, but I’m afraid you won’t like it.”

“Let me see.” Su Beibei insisted.

Li Li hesitated for a while. In the end, he handed the butterfly necklace to Su Beibei. “I think I picked the wrong gift. You might not like it, so…” Before Li Li could finish his sentence, Su Beibei opened the box.

Inside the box was a butterfly necklace. The pale pink butterfly pendant was adorned with small diamonds that sparkled. It was exquisite and adorable, a gift suitable for little girls.

Indeed, such a delicate little thing did not match Su Beibei’s aura.

“Thank you, I’ll accept it.” Su Beibei could tell that the present was not too expensive, so she accepted it. “I also have a present for you.” Su Beibei took out a rectangular form from her bag and handed it to Li Li.

Li Li looked down and saw a stack of coupons from a cafe.

Su Beibei said, “In the future, come to my cafe for coffee. I’ll give you a discount.”

Li Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Are you trying to pull business?”

Su Beibei shot Li Li a cold look. She said, “My shop doesn’t lack business, but a male boss. It’s up to you whether you want to come or not.”

Li Li’s heart was shot.

“I will definitely come.”

After saying goodbye to Su Bei, on the way home, Li Li couldn’t help thinking about how the two of them interacted throughout the night. He had to admit that Su Beibei was an intelligent and sensible girl. They got along very well, and he liked her even more now that he had met her in person.

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