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Chapter 120: He is Here to Give Blessings

“What are you thinking about now?” Han Zhan was curious about what exactly was in Song Ci’s mind—she has so many wrong ideas.

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “I want to set up a trap.”

Han Zhan said, “Tell me about it.”

Song Ci put on a mysterious smile. “I won’t tell you. If I do, it won’t be mysterious anymore.”

Han Zhan admired Song Ci’s smart and playful manner. “You can choose not to tell me, but don’t forget to make use of me whenever you need me.”


The next morning at the hotel.

The sunlight shone on her face. After a long time, Mu Qiu finally opened her eyes as she felt the warmth of the sunlight.

Mu Qiu had been too tired the night before and had fallen asleep on her pillow immediately. When she woke up, she was lying flat on her back with a thin blanket covering her entire body tightly.

The person who had tucked her in must have put in a lot of effort.

Staring at the sunlight streaming in through the French window, Mu Qiu was momentarily dazed before realizing where she was.

Last night, she had given herself to a man.

Where is Cheng Yanmo?

Thinking of Cheng Yanmo, Mu Qiu hurriedly sat up. Only when she got up slightly more quickly did she realize that her entire body was weak, and especially uncomfortable after her first experience. Mu Qiu endured her discomfort and picked up the note on the bedside table.

The note read: [The clean clothes are placed on the sofa. I have rented the room for the entire day. Have a good rest. I am going on a work trip today—Mo.]

Mu Qiu folded the note and placed it in her purse.

She picked up the remote control and closed the electric curtains. Only then did she step barefoot on the soft carpet and walk to the mirror. Mu Qiu looked at the woman in the mirror. Her face turned slightly hot when she saw the marks on her body.

Thinking of those hot scenes, Mu Qiu felt extremely embarrassed.

She hurriedly changed into clean clothes and left the hotel.

When Mu Qiu arrived home, it was time for lunch. The meal was ready but her mother, Du Tingting, was nowhere to be seen. Thinking of her mother’s pregnancy, Mu Qiu guessed that she must have suffered from morning sickness, so she didn’t come down for lunch. Mu Qiu didn’t ask further.

When Auntie Zhang saw that Mu Qiu had returned, she called out to her. “Missy, where did you go last night?”

Mu Qiu concealed her guilty conscience and spoke as calmly as she could. “I went to stay with my elder sister.”

Auntie Zhang nodded. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Auntie Zhang, what’s the matter?”

There was no way to hide the fact that Du Tingting was pregnant from Mu Qiu. Auntie Zhang could tell that Mu Qiu had already discovered Du Tingting’s pregnancy. After thinking for a moment, she still told Mu Qiu about what happened last night.

“Madam is pregnant, but she… doesn’t want this baby.”

Mu Qiu was slightly stunned. “Why?”

Auntie Zhang took a deep look at Mu Qiu, her eyes turning red. “What else can it be? Madam wants to abort the child in her tummy and transplant her own heart to you, Missy!”

Mu Qiu’s body swayed as her face paled slightly.


Mu Qiu believed Auntie Zhang was telling the truth. Her mother loved her very much and she really could do such a thing. Thinking of how her father had left the banquet early last night, Mu Qiu hurriedly asked Auntie Zhang, “Did my father come back early last night because something happened to my mother?”

“Yes, Madam nearly took an abortion pill last night. Luckily I saw her and stopped her in time.” Looking upstairs worriedly, Auntie Zhang said upsettingly, “After Sir came back, the two of them quarreled very fiercely upstairs. Madam didn’t come downstairs today and is still resting upstairs.”

“I am going to visit her.” Mu Qiu went upstairs alone.

The windows of Du Tingting’s room were tightly shut and the curtains were all closed to block out the sunlight.

Mu Qiu opened the door and stared at the bed.

Du Tingting had lost a lot of weight. The constant nausea had made her extremely fatigued. Her face was also slightly sallow and not as glossy as before. Her hair was a little messy and her face was sunken into the soft pillow. Her eyes were closed, as if she had fallen asleep.

Mu Qiu tiptoed over.

Hearing the sound, Du Tingting thought it was Mu Mian. She didn’t open her eyes and said, “You don’t have to guard me like a criminal. Mu Mian, don’t make me hate you.”


Du Tingting’s breathing halted when she heard Mu Qiu’s voice. Du Tingting opened her eyes and looked at Mu Qiu. “Qiu-er…” The moment she called out Mu Qiu’s name, all her grievances and pain welled up in her heart. Du Tingting burst into tears.

She had cried so many times recently that her eyelids were slightly swollen.

Mu Qiu also didn’t feel good seeing Du Tingting like this.

Lying down beside Du Tingting, Mu Qiu’s hand burrowed into the blanket and rested on Du Tingting’s abdomen. Du Tingting’s eyes twinkled, as she felt slightly guilty and uncomfortable. “Qiu-er, I…”

Du Tingting was too embarrassed to speak. She had a feeling that telling Mu Qiu she was pregnant would hurt her.

Mu Qiu could understand Du Tingting’s intentions. She gently stroked Du Tingting’s still flat abdomen and suddenly said, “He’s here to give you blessings, right?”

Du Tingting looked at her in shock. “You already know about it?”

Mu Qiu found it funny. No matter how much Du Tingting tried to avoid her, the signs of her pregnancy would still be exposed. Mu Qiu was no fool and would definitely notice. “I knew it when we were at the hospital.”

Worried that Mu Qiu would misunderstand, Du Tingting hurriedly explained. “Qiu-er, I don’t want to get pregnant. This child was already in my tummy before your illness acted up. I really am not giving up on you. Qiu-er, believe me.”

Du Tingting’s careful explanation made Mu Qiu’s heart ache.

“Mother, why would I doubt you?” Hugging Du Tingting’s waist, Mu Qiu felt a lump in her throat. She said softly, “Mother, you’re someone who is willing to give her life to me. Why would I doubt your love for me?” It was her bad luck that she didn’t have the fate to continue being Du Tingting’s daughter.

“This child is a lucky star. He knows that his elder sister is leaving and that there will be no one to accompany Father and Mother in the future, so he came.” Mu Qiu choked and continued, “He is here to accompany you on my behalf so Mother, don’t hurt him.”

Hearing this, Du Tingting finally burst into tears. “Qiu-er, I only want you! You are my darling, my darling whom I raised painstakingly for 20 years. I can’t bear for you to leave!”

This was the first time Du Tingting lost her composure in front of Mu Qiu. She was overwhelmed with grief. For the past two months, Du Tingting had been worried about Mu Qiu’s health and the baby in her belly. She had been so troubled that she couldn’t take it anymore.

Mu Qiu also cried. “Mother, promise me that you will give birth to him.” Even if she was no longer around, there would still be the little one by their side. They would be unhappy and sad, but a new life would always bring them joy and hope.

As such, Mu Qiu could leave in peace.

Du Tingting nodded tearfully. “Alright, I promise you that I will give birth to him and never do anything foolish again…”

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