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Chapter 117: Master Cheng, Can You Accompany Me? (1)

Song Ci scrolled through the surveillance footage, and saw Auntie Zhang walking out of Du Tingting’s room holding a small white medicine box. Du Tingting followed behind her and kept yelling at her. But Auntie Zhang ignored her and just hurried downstairs.

Du Tingting stood at the door for a while, before returning to her room, even slamming the door shut.

Song Ci paused the video and zoomed in on Auntie Zhang’s image. She stared at the small bottle in Auntie Zhang’s hand. The image was slightly blurry and she couldn’t make out the words on it. She could only vaguely see a purplish-red streak on the white box.

Song Ci frowned and thought for a while. She remembered something and hurriedly opened Baidu to search for “mifepristone.” She successfully found a photo that looked very much like Auntie Zhang’s medicine box.


It was a well-known abortion pill.

Song Ci turned off her cell phone with a complex expression. Is Mother planning to use the abortion pill and abort the baby?

Song Ci knew very well why Du Tingting took abortion medicine. She wanted to have an abortion and donate her heart to Mu Qiu! After all, no hospital or organization would agree to a pregnant woman donating her organs!

Song Ci felt very pathetic for Du Tingting. It was not worth it for Mu Qiu!

Turning off the surveillance camera, Song Ci walked out of the washroom and was about to wash her hands, when she looked up and saw a white figure with her back facing her, standing in front of the sink to touch up her makeup. Song Ci didn’t need to see the person in the mirror to recognize her.

It was Mu Qiu.

Song Ci smiled at her. “You’re already so beautiful, why are you still putting on makeup?”

Mu Qiu looked up at the mirror and saw Song Ci standing behind her with a smile.

Mu Qiu pursed her red lips. After confirming that she had applied the lipstick correctly, she turned to look at Song Ci and said, “Big Sister, I intend to find a man to sleep with tonight.” This was also on Mu Qiu’s list of wishes.

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly. “Are you serious?”

Mu Qiu nodded solemnly. “Yes, I am already an adult. For my remaining days, I want to do something that I didn’t manage to do.” Having never been in love, she wanted to experience the joy of being an adult before her death.

Although she understood Mu Qiu’s thoughts, deep down, Song Ci found it very difficult to agree with Mu Qiu’s actions. She said, “Qiu-er, sex should be done with the person you love.”

Mu Qiu’s eyes suddenly dimmed, and she murmured. “I don’t have the time to love someone.”

Song Ci was stumped by his words.

Mu Qiu kept the lipstick in her purse and tidied her long hair. She gave Song Ci a playful smile and said mischievously, “Big sister, my father has something on and left first. If he calls you to ask where I am going, tell him I am going to your place.”

With that, Mu Qiu turned and left.

Song Ci stood there for a moment before leaving with a heavy heart.

Mu Qiu stood in the grand banquet hall and watched a dazzling man from afar. She clenched her fists, took a deep breath, gathered up her courage, and walked over to him.

“Master Cheng.”

Cheng Yanmo turned and saw the young lady behind him. He didn’t look surprised.

The two of them had just met at the bar the night before, so he didn’t find it strange to meet her again. “Mu Qiu… are you Mr. Mu Mian’s youngest daughter?” Cheng Yanmo had met Mu Mian before and naturally guessed his identity.

Mu Qiu nodded slightly.

He could tell that Mu Qiu was slightly nervous and seemed to have something to say, but for some reason, she found it difficult to say it. Cheng Yanmo said, “You have something to say to me?”

Mu Qiu’s heart was racing but she nodded vigorously. “Master Cheng, can we talk somewhere else?”

The banquet was ending soon and everyone had been greeted, so Cheng Yanmo had the time. He nodded and brought Mu Qiu to the circular balcony outside the banquet hall.

Song Ci returned to the banquet hall, and saw Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo walking side by side towards the balcony. Recalling Mu Qiu’s words in the washroom, how could Song Ci not understand why Mu Qiu was looking for Cheng Yanmo.

In her previous life, Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo were husband and wife and the two of them were very close. The always distant and cold Cheng Yanmo was very protective of Mu Qiu. Looking at their back views, Song Ci suddenly realized that some things were destined.

There was no one at the balcony. Even if someone wanted to come, they would stop upon seeing Cheng Yanmo standing there.

Cheng Yanmo twirled his glass, and gazed at the moths dancing in the flames under the streetlights. He asked the young lady beside him, “What do you want to tell me?” Cheng Yanmo could already tell that Mu Qiu was getting restless.

Mu Qiu stared at Cheng Yanmo’s cold side profile. She mustered up the courage and walked closer to him. Smelling the girl’s lily-scented perfume, Cheng Yanmo turned slightly and glanced at her.

Tonight, Mu Qiu was wearing a white suspender long skirt with a translucent white mesh covering her long arms. Her long hair was slightly curled and her face was fair. Her slender figure made her look like a pure fairy.

Cheng Yanmo really liked this type of girl. She looked clean and dainty.

Mu Qiu poked Cheng Yanmo’s arm.

Cheng Yanmo snapped out of his trance and looked down at that slender, jade-like finger pressing against his arm. He asked her softly, “What do you want?” He had been in the business circles for several years, and had seen countless people fawning over him. It was not like he had never met a woman who was attracted to him. How could Cheng Yanmo not know what Mu Qiu was trying to say when she hesitated?

Mu Qiu’s right hand clutched her skirt tightly, but her expression was calm. She asked, “Master Cheng, do you think premarital sex is acceptable?”

Mu Qiu’s straightforwardness cheered Cheng Yanmo up. “Why? Has little Mu Qiu taken a fancy to me?” Having seen so many hypocritical admirers, Cheng Yanmo suddenly saw a lady like Mu Qiu in a new light.

Under Cheng Yanmo’s profound gaze, Mu Qiu nodded seriously.

At this, Cheng Yanmo’s expression turned slightly more serious. “Mu Qiu, I am not the kind of person who will be responsible for you after a good night’s sleep.” Cheng Yanmo was not a man with a pure heart and few desires. He had also been in several relationships, but he was not the kind of man who would be responsible for a woman after sleeping with her.

His status gave him the right to do whatever he wanted.

Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s reply, Mu Qiu’s eyes lit up. “That’s great.” Knowing that she didn’t have much time left, Mu Qiu needed to find a rational but heartless man like Cheng Yanmo.

Only then would Cheng Yanmo not be sad after her death.

Seeing how satisfied Mu Qiu was with his answer, Cheng Yanmo was slightly taken aback.

This is a contradictory young lady.

Mu Qiu was bold and passionate. She gazed up at the tall and broad Cheng Yanmo. Holding her breath, she asked him, “Master Cheng, can you accompany me tonight?”

Cheng Yanmo had drunk some wine and was slightly tipsy. However, he was still rational and clear-minded. But looking at the girl’s inviting and passionate eyes, he felt a stirring in his heart.

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