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Chapter 116: Taking Abortion Pills

Noticing Han Zhan’s reaction, Song Ci felt that it was too cold. She purposely pushed Han Zhan’s arm and said sourly, “Du Xueyan is here.”

Han Zhan said, “I saw her.”

Song Ci asked again, “How does it feel?”

Han Zhan didn’t understand what she meant and asked her, “In what way?”

Song Ci asked, “Is Du Xueyan pretty?”

Han Zhan glanced at Du Xueyan again before saying, “She is indeed pretty.” In high school, Du Xueyan was the prettiest girl in their school. All these years, she had been nourished by her fame and became even prettier.

Song Ci asked again, “Are you charmed?” Song Ci realized that she was actually feeling slightly uneasy, afraid of hearing Han Zhan’s answer.

Han Zhan raised his brows and asked, “Why should I be attracted to a woman who kicked me away when I was at my lowest?” Han Zhan felt puzzled and confused. “Do I look like a masochist?”

Song Ci was stumped.

She said, “Isn’t that a common situation on television? The female lead left the male lead when he was at his lowest point. The male lead hated the female lead but still loved her. Reuniting again, the male lead tormented the female lead and was charmed by her again…”

Song Ci had seen many such plots.

Han Zhan was speechless. “That’s not me.” He looked at that beautiful figure in the crowd and said expressionlessly, “I will never be moved by a woman, who has trampled on my dignity, for the second time.”

Song Ci secretly took a sip of wine. She knew very well that Han Zhan wasn’t just referring to his relationship with Du Xueyan. He was also warning Song Ci. She was Han Zhan’s treasure today, but if she did something unforgivable to him, she, Song Ci, would just be the woman Han Zhan once loved.

Even if he still loved her, Han Zhan’s dignity wouldn’t allow him to turn back.

The men of the Han Family would never remarry, but they could divorce and be single forever!

One could say that Han Zhan was realistic, but this straightforward reality made him even more attractive.

Being surrounded by people, Du Xueyan looked up inadvertently and saw the gorgeous Song Ci in the corner. She was naturally stunned.

Song Ci had put on light makeup yesterday when they met. Although she was dressed fashionably, she didn’t look flashy. But tonight, she was wearing a vibrant red dress that accentuated her gorgeous face. Standing silently in the quietest corner, Song Ci still attracted the attention of many.

Even Du Xueyan had to admit that Song Ci was as beautiful as a flower—even more so than she was.

If Song Ci is here, then…

Du Xueyan’s heart tightened as she glanced sideways at the man beside Song Ci.

Under the chandelier, Han Zhan, who was wearing a black striped suit, stood tall and slender. Under his suit was a pure white French collared shirt with a gold pin and a dark purple striped tie.

Low-profile and elegant.

Du Xueyan almost couldn’t recognize Han Zhan anymore. With the suit on, he was handsome and totally different from the flamboyant youth who used to love wearing t-shirts. He looked energetic and lively, and when he spoke to his lovely wife beside him, he had a gentle expression and a smile on his face.

It was a gentle side that Du Xueyan had never seen before.

It turned out that this domineering and strong man who never changed his mind actually had such a tender side to him. Realizing this, Du Xueyan felt slightly sour and also slightly jealous of that young Miss Song whom Han Zhan treated so gently.

It had been eight years since they last met. Du Xueyan had expected to reunite with Han Zhan, but never thought for it to happen so quickly and in such an awkward situation.

Du Xueyan thought that after his fingers were broken, it would be very difficult for Han Zhan to stand up again. After all, he was so depressed then. Unexpectedly, not only did he successfully walk out of the shadows, but he even met a new girl, got married and started a family.

He had also given all his gentleness to another woman.

It is indeed Han Zhan…

Du Xueyan looked down and her throat felt parched.

Although Song Ci was talking to Han Zhan, her attention was focused on Du Xueyan. Seeing that Du Xueyan’s expression changed slightly after seeing Han Zhan, she knew that Du Xueyan was still thinking about her Brother Han.

Song Ci felt very uncomfortable.

Yesterday, Song Ci liked Du Xueyan no matter how she looked at her. But now, just a casual glance made her heart flustered.

At this point, the Old Madam of the Cheng Family came out. She was wearing a dark red dress, her white hair in a bun, and a pair of red diamond earrings. She had the grace and powerful aura of someone who had been through a lot.

Mrs. Cheng was old. She went on stage to say a few words to lighten the mood, and then cut the cake with Cheng Yanmo’s help. After just two bites, the old lady excused herself from the banquet hall, saying that she was old and needed more rest.

Once she left, the banquet hall was once again left for the youths.

Du Xueyan saw Mu Mian and walked over to him with a glass of wine. “Hello, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Mian turned around and saw that it was Du Xueyan. His smile was still polite and distant. He didn’t reveal any flirtatious expression just because he saw a beautiful young woman, which made Du Xueyan feel very comfortable.

Mu Mian’s secretary had been in charge of negotiating with Du Xueyan for the meeting with Mu Qiu. This was the first time Mu Mian saw Du Xueyan in person. Thinking of what she did for Mu Qiu yesterday, Mu Mian smiled mildly and said to Du Xueyan, “Sorry, my naughty little girl had troubled you yesterday.”

Du Xueyan replied, “Mr. Mu is too kind. Miss Mu Qiu is a kind and lovely lady. I also believe that good people will be rewarded. I hope Miss Mu Qiu can recover soon.”

Mu Mian’s smile remained unchanged, but his eyes dimmed. “Thank you.”

The cell phone in his pocket vibrated. Mu Mian took it out and glanced at it. Seeing that it was his housekeeper, Auntie Zhang, Mu Mian looked up at Du Xueyan. She nodded at him and said considerately, “Mr. Mu, I won’t disturb you since you’re busy.”

“Excuse me.” Mu Mian took his cell phone and went to the quiet corridor to answer the call.

“It’s me. Why?” Mu Mian felt uneasy.

[fuzzy]Auntie Zhang said anxiously over the phone, “Sir, come back quickly. Madam nearly took an abortion pill just now!” With that, Auntie Zhang glanced upstairs helplessly, feeling somewhat uneasy.

Sir had given her an additional sum of money to keep an eye on Madam, afraid that she would do something detrimental to the baby.

[fuzzy]Hearing this, Mu Mian’s expression changed drastically. “I’ll be right back.” Mu Mian stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket and returned to the main entrance of the banquet hall. He looked up to search for Mu Qiu but couldn’t find her. Mu Mian sent Mu Qiu a message and left in a hurry.

Song Ci noticed that Mu Mian had left early in a hurry. There was something off about his expression. Her eyes flashed as she looked up at Han Zhan. “Brother Han, I am going to the washroom.”


Walking into the washroom, Song Ci sat on the toilet lid and opened the surveillance camera app on her cell phone. If Mu Qiu was there, she would definitely realize that Song Ci’s surveillance footage was of the Mu Family!

These were all from surveillance cameras left behind by Song Ci before she left the Mu Family.

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