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Chapter 115: Han Zhan: Little Brat, Am I Scared Of You?

There was also a wealthy Han Family in Wangdong City. However, there was only one young man in that Han Family called Han Qian. Although that Han Qian was a low-profile person, he was a well-known artist and had also appeared in public before.

Obviously, Han Zhan was not from that Han Family.

Knowing that Cheng Ziang was belittling Han Zhan using Han Zhan’s background, Song Ci was enraged. She was about to defend Han Zhan when she heard Han Zhan say, “Shunchen City, Han Family.”

[fuzzy]Cheng Ziang thought for a moment.

Shunchen City was also a major city, but none of the famous families in that city had the surname Han. Thinking of this, Cheng Ziang concluded that Han Zhan was a nobody. At that moment, his gaze became even more disdainful.

“Ms. Song, I didn’t know you liked such men. It’s really surprising…” Cheng Ziang glanced at Han Zhan’s gloved right hand and said with an intriguing tone.

Before Song Ci could say anything, Han Zhan spoke again. He looked at Song Ci and suddenly said, “I’ve long heard that my wife is extremely charming and has countless admirers, including Second Young Master Cheng. I didn’t dare to believe that a nobody like me could compare to a wealthy young master like Second Young Master Cheng…”

“Now that I see Second Young Master Cheng flying into a rage out of humiliation, I believe the rumors are true.” Glancing apologetically at Cheng Ziang, Han Zhan used his steadiest and calmest tone to say the most provocative words. “I’m sorry, Second Young Master Cheng. I come from a humble background, but I can’t resist being good-looking, lucky, and likable.”


Even Song Ci felt ashamed for Han Zhan. She secretly stole a glance at Cheng Ziang. That grandson’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and his eyes were filled with murderous icicles. “Second Young Master Cheng, don’t listen to Han Zhan’s nonsense. He only has one advantage— being thick skinned.”

Song Ci appeared to be insulting Han Zhan, but her tone was extremely loving.

Witnessing this scene, Cheng Ziang felt very stifled. He had been wooing Song Ci for a few months now. Song Ci’s attitude toward him was completely devoid of flattery and warmth, being thoroughly cold and polite. Yet she was very protective of Han Zhan.

Comparing their treatments, Cheng Ziang disliked Han Zhan even more. Taking a deep breath, Cheng Ziang said to Han Zhan in a sinister manner, “You dog, don’t be so arrogant.”

Han Zhan retorted, “Little brat, am I afraid of you?”

Cheng Ziang clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and cursed. “F*ck you, f*ck you!” Cheng Ziang was so angry that he lost his senses and was going to step forward to hit Han Zhan. At this moment, a figure appeared behind Cheng Ziang and pressed one hand on his shoulder.


Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s voice, Cheng Ziang paused. His clenched fists hung limply by his sides.

Cheng Yanmo leaned sideways to block Cheng Ziang’s fist, so that no other guests could witness this scene. Cheng Yanmo lowered his head and warned Cheng Ziang. “It’s Grandma’s birthday today. What are you trying to do? Control yourself. If you hit a guest, everyone will laugh at you!”

Cheng Yanmo’s words snapped Cheng Ziang out of his trance, like a bat hitting Cheng Ziang’s head.

Cheng Ziang gradually relaxed his fists. He glared at Han Zhan, then glanced at Song Ci, who was completely biased toward Han Zhan, and sneered at her. “A likable man will definitely be liked by others. Ms. Song, I wish you and your husband a blissful marriage.”

Cheng Ziang’s first sentence was a curse, while his second sentence was sarcasm. Han Zhan said he was good-looking, lucky, and likable, which was why Song Ci married him. Cheng Ziang hinted to Song Ci that since Han Zhan could make her like him, he must also make other women like him.

He wasn’t blessing Song Ci and her husband. He just couldn’t wait for their relationship to fall apart.

Cheng Ziang cursed them before leaving indignantly.

Cheng Yanmo walked up to Han Zhan. He saw that Han Zhan had a calm expression and looked as if nothing had happened, so he knew that this person was very cunning. His younger brother was no match for such an old fox.

Everyone knew that Zeus Airlines’ Li Li was a business genius. He had become the general manager of Zeus Airlines at such a young age and was truly an outstanding figure. However, the first time Cheng Yanmo saw Li Li, it was not in the business world but at a martial arts school.

At that time, Cheng Yanmo still didn’t know Li Li. When he saw Li Li, Li Li was lying on the ground moaning in pain from Han Zhan’s beating.

Later on, when they met at a business meeting, Cheng Yanmo formally befriended Li Li. He realized that the man who had beaten Li Li up so badly that he rolled on the floor was actually Li Li’s subordinate. At that time, Cheng Yanmo felt that something was off.

How will a subordinate dare to beat his superior up so badly?

There were too many mysteries surrounding this Han Zhan, but Cheng Yanmo couldn’t find out his real identity. Cheng Yanmo had always been polite to people whom he didn’t know everything about, and wouldn’t offend anyone if he could.

Cheng Yanmo apologized to them. “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, my brother is mischievous and ignorant. I apologize on his behalf.”

“It’s okay,” said Song Ci.

However, the usually tolerant Han Zhan was very stubborn this time. He said, “Since you know that your younger brother is mischievous and ignorant, Mr. Cheng, you should discipline him more. Don’t let him cause too much trouble that he can’t handle.”

Song Ci had said that when Cheng Ziang married her, he was already impotent. But as far as Han Zhan knew, Cheng Yanmo’s younger brother was currently a famous teddy dog in Wangdong City. He was extremely domineering and was famous for his dragon-slaying stick.

This meant that that something major must have happened in the following two years, causing Cheng Ziang to be impotent.

Cheng Yanmo could protect Cheng Ziang for now, but he couldn’t protect him forever.

Han Zhan’s dominance was slightly beyond Cheng Yanmo’s expectations. However, Han Zhan’s rebuke was also reasonable. Cheng Yanmo said, “Mr. Han is right. I will definitely strictly discipline my younger brother.”

As the successor of Chuan Dong Group, Cheng Yanmo was destined to be very busy tonight. After exchanging a few pleasantries with Han Zhan, Cheng Yanmo left. Then, Song Ci gave Han Zhan a thumbs-up. “Not bad, Brother Han. You have an aura of 2.8 meters.”

Han Zhan accepted Song Ci’s flattery.

Right at this moment, a beautiful figure walked in from the main entrance. Someone casually turned to look at the door. After seeing that person’s face clearly, he exclaimed in surprise, “Du Xueyan is really here.”

Many people turned to look at the door.

Du Xueyan had long hair draped over her shoulders. She was dressed in a golden, shoulder-length gown made of silk. The smooth material of the gown accentuated her elegant and graceful figure. She was not the only celebrity present today, but she was undoubtedly the most dazzling one.

[fuzzy]Song Ci saw Du Xueyan and stared at her long hair. Thinking of Han Zhan’s comment at the hospital before their wedding that he didn’t like girls with long hair, she suddenly understood why. He was dumped by the long-haired princess, so he disliked all girls with long hair.

Han Zhan only glanced at Du Xueyan before looking away. His gaze was as clear as water, without any fluctuations.

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