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Chapter 114: Just Jealous

Nominally, Song Ci was still the adopted daughter of the Mu Family. If she didn’t put on an act in public, she would definitely be criticized. Mu Mian also saw Song Ci and walked over with his precious daughter, Mu Qiu.

Upon seeing the father-daughter duo, Song Ci greeted respectfully yet distantly, “Father, Qiu-er.” Han Zhan was taking fruit wine and handed one glass to Song Ci, before following Song Ci to greet Mu Mian. “Father.”

Mu Mian’s brows twitched when he heard Han Zhan call him father. His facial expression control almost did not work.

Song Ci’s wedding had caused quite a stir. Today was the first time Song Ci had brought her husband to a formal event after her wedding. Many eyes were fixed on them, hoping to see a good show.

Mu Mian had to suppress his unhappiness, as he didn’t want to be the center of gossip due to the scrutiny of others. He grunted in reply, sort of answering Han Zhan.

“Hello Brother-in-law.” After greeting Han Zhan, Mu Qiu hugged Song Ci’s arm and pulled her away from Mu Mian and Han Zhan.

Arriving at a less crowded place, Mu Qiu couldn’t conceal her excitement as she said to Song Ci, “I heard them say that Du Xueyan will also be coming tonight.” Mu Qiu didn’t realize that after hearing this, Song Ci’s expression suddenly stiffened.

Song Ci instinctively glanced at Han Zhan who was not far away.

Han Zhan pretended to be listening intently to someone else. He lowered his head slightly, but his eyes were extremely cold. For a big boss behind the scenes like him, listening to Mu Mian and the rest talking was like a university student listening to a primary school student answering a math question. It was boring and funny.

Song Ci lowered her eyes and stared at the fruit wine, that was slightly green, in her glass.

“I have something on.” With that, Song Ci pushed Mu Qiu aside and walked towards Han Zhan.

Seeing Song Ci walk over, Han Zhan left Mu Mian’s social circle and walked towards Song Ci. “What’s the matter?” Noticing that Song Ci seemed to have something to say, Han Zhan brought her to the semi-circular balcony outside the banquet hall.

The birthday party had just started and there was no one on the balcony. The surroundings quietened down. Song Ci raised the fruit wine and asked Han Zhan, “Is this wine nice?”

Han Zhan didn’t understand but answered honestly, “Yes.”

Song Ci asked again, “What color is it?”

Han Zhan looked doubtful. After confirming that Song Ci was still the same Song Ci and not an imposter, Han Zhan said, “Green.”

Song Ci stroked her own hair. Her voice was slightly chilly as she said, “I have a feeling that this green color will run all over my head later. It will be as wide as the Hurenbelle Grasslands.” She could even race horses now.

If Han Zhan still didn’t understand Song Ci’s hint, then he was being foolish.

Song Ci was hinting that he will make her a cuckold[1].

Han Zhan leaned closer to Song Ci and brought her glass of wine to his lips. He took the glass and drank it. Song Ci raised her brows and looked at him unhappily. “I just took a sip.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “Du Xueyan is coming.” Han Zhan said with certainty.

Song Ci suddenly looked up and glared at him. “You knew? You contacted her in private?” Song Ci’s tone was full of jealousy.

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter and explained. “I guessed it from your reaction.”

The Cheng Family had a wide range of businesses and one of them was an appliance company. Du Xueyan was the global spokesperson for their refrigerator. Since she happened to be in Wangdong City, it was not strange for her to attend Old Madam Cheng’s birthday party.

Song Ci sneered. “You must be very happy to see your old lover.”

This time, Han Zhan became glib-tongued. He retorted. “We’re about to meet your ex-husband. How are you feeling?”

Song Ci was suddenly speechless. Only then did she realize that Du Xueyan was Han Zhan’s ex, who kicked Han Zhan away, while Cheng Ziang was her ex-husband who had been stabbed by her. The two of them were of the same character. No one could blame the other.

“I am not jealous, I am just…” Song Ci suddenly couldn’t say what it was. Han Zhan looked down at her, encouraging her to continue explaining with his eyes. Song Ci couldn’t explain and just admitted,” Alright, I am just slightly jealous. ”

Han Zhan nodded in satisfaction. “Got it.”

Song Ci said, “What do you get…” Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan, hoping that he would say something nice like ‘you are my wife, Du Xueyan is just an ex-girlfriend’ or ‘you are the most important one’.

But Han Zhan didn’t say it. Instead, he held her hand and returned to the banquet hall.

When they returned to the banquet hall, they saw that the two young masters of the Cheng Family had appeared. Cheng Yanmo was dressed in a dark blue suit, reserved and steady. Wearing glasses, he looked even more unfathomable.

Standing beside Cheng Yanmo was a handsome Cheng Ziang dressed in white. But his eyes were grim and he didn’t look friendly at all.

As the head of the wealthy young masters in Wangdong City, Cheng Yanmo was the center of attention wherever he went. Staring at Cheng Yanmo who was surrounded by a group of youngsters, Han Zhan lowered his head and said to Song Ci, “If that adoptive father of yours really treats you well, he should let you marry Cheng Yanmo, not that…”

Glancing at the handsome and elegant Cheng Ziang beside Cheng Yanmo, Han Zhan frowned slightly, as he thought of his ruthless heart behind his good-looking face. He said in disdain, “Trash.”

Hearing this, Song Ci also stared at Cheng Yanmo and Cheng Ziang.

She had to admit that Han Zhan was right. Compared to Cheng Ziang, Cheng Yanmo was many times more outstanding. Although she and Mu Qiu were both Mu Mian’s children, there was a difference in their relationship. The best man would naturally be reserved for his beloved daughter.

Song Ci took another drink from the bartender’s hand and downed it in one gulp. She felt increasingly upset.

I must have been blind to have listened to Mu Mian back then.

[fuzzy]Cheng Ziang left his brother’s side and looked up to see Song Ci in the distance. Dressed in a red dress, Song Ci looked like a vibrant red cuckoo. She stood there quietly, like a beautiful painting.

She was far superior to other women.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Cheng Ziang couldn’t conceal the astonishment in his eyes. But when he saw the tall man holding Song Ci’s hand from the corner of his eye, the glint in Cheng Ziang’s eyes instantly dimmed. Step by step, he walked over to Song Ci, stood in front of her, smiled slightly, and said elegantly, “Ms. Song, long time no see.”

Song Ci held Han Zhan’s hand and smiled beautifully. “Long time no see, Second Young Master Cheng. This is my husband, Han Zhan.”

He sized Han Zhan up. Although this person had outstanding looks and a pair of deep-set eyes, Cheng Ziang couldn’t help feeling slightly indignant at the thought that a nobody with a handicap could actually marry Song Ci who didn’t even care about him.

His eyes were dark as he asked Han Zhan with a smile, “I wonder which Han Family’s young master is Mr. Han?”

[1] The direct translation of the phrase of being made a cuckold in Chinese would be ‘wearing a green hat’, so the author is making a connection between being a cuckold and the green liquid

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