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Chapter 113: Han Zhan, I’ve Killed Someone Before

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To a homeless person, 500,000 yuan was already a fatal temptation. Moreover, the target was a devastatingly beautiful woman.

This was a win-win situation.

A storm brewed in Han Zhan’s eyes – dark and frightening. His muscles tensed up as he tightened his grip on Song Ci.

Song Ci’s arm was hurting from his grip, but she didn’t stop Han Zhan. Luckily, she could still think clearly and felt rather calm. Song Ci said, “Thinking back on that day, it was really quite scary.”

A sense of violence welled up in Han Zhan’s heart. He wanted to tear that Cheng Ziang apart to vent his anger.

Song Ci’s eyes drifted away as if she had returned to that night. She continued to speak. “It was very painful and very hopeless. No matter how much I screamed, the people downstairs pretended not to hear me.”

Han Zhan suddenly growled. “Enough!” But Song Ci didn’t stop and said, “Han Zhan, I’ve killed someone before.”

Han Zhan took a deep breath.

Song Ci closed her eyes as she recalled that dark day. Her lashes quivered uncontrollably, revealing the uneasiness and pain in her heart.

There was a tinge of fear in her voice. “The knife was hidden under my bed sheets. I killed someone for the first time because I didn’t have the experience and couldn’t control my strength well. The knife went into that dirty man’s neck. It was stabbed very deeply. When the arteries broke, blood flowed onto my face. It was the first time I knew that a person’s blood could be so red, so hot, so… disgusting.”

“That man’s clothes were in disarray when he died. He never expected me to kill him, before he even tasted anything.” Song Ci sneered. She opened her eyes, her gaze cold and arrogant. “Look at what kind of trash he is. Even if I, Song Ci, am stuck in a quagmire, even if I am covered in mud, I am not something he can touch!”

“Stop it!” Han Zhan suddenly leaned over, grabbed Song Ci’s chin, and kissed her fiercely.

Song Ci’s eyes were closed and her muscles were tense from fear and anger; her entire person was just like a statue. Han Zhan’s breath warmed Song Ci’s entire body.

Song Ci was like a fluttering flower that had found a foothold, and no longer had to worry about rain or wind. Her body gradually relaxed as she laid weakly in Han Zhan’s arms. Tears finally streamed down her face and onto her neck.

Realizing that Song Ci had finally relaxed, Han Zhan finally released her.

Under the dim light, Han Zhan saw the fragile look on Song Ci’s face. She fixed her eyes on Han Zhan, squeezed his arm tightly, and said hoarsely, “Han Zhan, hug me.”

Wiping away Song Ci’s tears, Han Zhan pulled her into his arms.

Deep down, Han Zhan loved and doted on her. He couldn’t resist kissing her hair and consoling her with a pained heart. “Song Ci, we can settle the scores one by one, but you must promise me not to be blinded by hatred.”

Having suffered so much humiliation, Song Ci definitely wouldn’t let Cheng Ziang off. Han Zhan also supported Song Ci’s revenge, but he didn’t allow her to lose herself in the path of revenge.

Hearing this, Song Ci was shocked. She said, “I thought you would tell me that everything is in the past and I am safe now, and that I should let go of the past and cherish the present.”

Han Zhan was silent for a few seconds before saying, “No, what I want to tell you is that all the hardships, injuries, and humiliation you’ve suffered should all be repaid in double. There’s no reason for me to urge you to forgive when you’ve been hurt.”

He looked at Song Ci’s teary eyes and sighed. “If I urge you to let go of your hatred, who will urge them to let you go?” It was the duty of a saint to urge others to let go of their sins and hatred. Han Zhan didn’t want to be Song Ci’s god—he just wanted to be her husband.

When she was cold, he would help her put on more clothes.

When she was hungry, he would cook for her.

When she was humiliated, he would avenge her.

Song Ci rested her head on Han Zhan’s shoulder. Hearing his words, she finally felt at ease. After a moment, when she calmed down, Song Ci pushed Han Zhan away. She looked down and tidied her skirt. “If we still don’t get off the car, we’ll be late.”

“Let’s go then.”

The two of them alighted from the car and walked arm in arm toward the main entrance of the Cheng residence.

Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived hand in hand. Their stunning beauty attracted the attention of the guests outside the main entrance.

A well-known young lady who knew Song Ci walked over to greet her. “Song Song, you are here too?” The person who spoke was born in a scholarly family, and her name was Zheng Suyue.

She was wearing a cream-colored embroidered dress and had long hair draped over her shoulders. She didn’t look very pretty, but she looked demure and elegant.

Song Ci smiled at her. “Suyue, long time no see.”

Zheng Suyue naturally knew about Song Ci’s marriage, but her good upbringing allowed her to maintain an elegant and gracious manner in front of the nobody Han Zhan. Zheng Suyue smiled slightly at Han Zhan and said to Song Ci, “I believe this must be your husband, Mr. Han. I’ve seen his photo.”

Everyone in Wangdong City knew that Song Ci had married a nobody. There was no need for Zheng Suyue to pretend not to know Han Zhan.

Song Ci nodded and said to Han Zhan, “Miss Zheng is my friend and also my high school classmate.” Han Zhan nodded at Zheng Suyue and reached out his gloved right hand to shake hers, before quickly letting go.

Noticing that Han Zhan was wearing a glove on his right hand, Zheng Suyue thought that the rumors were true – Song Ci’s husband was really a handicapped man. Although she was puzzled as to why Song Ci would marry such a person, Zheng Suyue was not the type to worry easily, so she did not ask.

“Shall we go in together?” Zheng Suyue asked Song Ci.


A security guard stood at the main entrance, carefully and respectfully checking the invitation cards of each guest. The three of them handed over the invitation cards and passed the security checks, before entering the Cheng Family’s villa together.

At the main entrance, greenery lined the walls. Two majestic stone lions were carved in vivid detail.

The buildings in the Cheng Family residence were rather old and were filled with signs of age. However, these signs didn’t seem old and weary at all. Instead, they gave off the feeling that the Cheng Family had a long history.

The Cheng Family’s villa was not big. One main building took up two-thirds of the area. Behind the main building were three rows of villas. Song Ci and Cheng Ziang had stayed in the villa on the left side in her previous life.

The main building was three stories high and built into a cylindrical structure. The top of the castle was the main venue for gatherings and parties.

Walking into the banquet hall, Zheng Suyue met a friend and parted ways with Song Ci. Once she left, Song Ci turned to Han Zhan and said, “Zheng Suyue’s grandfather is the principal of Wangdong University.”

Han Zhan said, “I met her grandfather before. He’s a writer.”

As she muttered to herself, Song Ci saw Mu Mian and Mu Qiu, but Du Tingting was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps her morning sickness was worsening and she was not suitable to attend such events.

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