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Chapter 111: Godmothers are Big Bosses

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When Song Ci heard Li Yao’s words, she blushed. Only then did she realize that Han Zhan had used the word “Uncle Li” to address Li Yao.

Han Zhan actually knew Master Li Yao! 

“Y-yes, I want to shake hands!” Overwhelmed, Song Ci reached out and grabbed Li Yao’s hand. It was warm! Song Ci said excitedly, “Master Li Yao, I like you. No, I like the clothes you design. No, I also like your person…”

The more she spoke, the more confused she became. Song Ci’s face burned and she started to stutter.

Han Zhan couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled Song Ci into his arms, and said to Li Yao, “Uncle Li, stop teasing her. She’s shy.”

Song Ci heard Li Yao say, “I am teasing her because she is cute. If she is not cute, I won’t tease her either. Why are you so protective of your wife when I just teased her a little?” It seems like it’s just a matter of time before Han Zhan became her slave.

Song Ci’s face grew even hotter at the compliment.

Li Yao was finally willing to let Song Ci off. “Alright, I will bring you to see your gown.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan released Song Ci from his arms. Song Ci was too embarrassed to look at Li Yao, but she had some doubts.

[fuzzy]As they walked, Li Yao explained to Song Ci. “Actually, Zhanzhan’s godmother is Mo Yao. I am Mo Yao’s lover, so Zhanzhan naturally has to call me Uncle.”

Upon hearing this, Song Ci was slightly shocked.


The richest woman in Asia, Mo Yao, is Han Zhan’s godmother? 

Li Yao turned and saw that Song Ci’s eyes were filled with shock. He stifled a smile. “Are you very shocked? What to do then? From now on, Mo Yao is also your godmother.”

Song Ci’s heart shuddered.

The richest woman in Asia is my godmother! 

Song Ci felt that after she married Han Zhan, even poultry and dogs would rise to heaven.

“Zhanzhan actually has three godmothers. The singer, Di Rongrong, and the diplomat, Jin Luolan, are all his godmothers.” Li Yao winked at Song Ci and whispered to her privately. “Let me tell you a secret. Di Rongrong especially likes it when people praise her for her beauty. Jin Luolan likes the gorgeous man Yan Jiang. The next time we meet, you must do what they like.”

Song Ci knew that Li Yao was trying to advise her on how to please Han Zhan’s other two godmothers. She grabbed Li Yao’s arm and thanked him sincerely. “Uncle Li, you’re the best. I love you.”

Li Yao patted Song Ci’s hand and said with a faint smile, “Just love Zhanzhan.”

“Of course. I truly love Brother Han.”

“That’s for the best.” Li Yao sized up Song Ci’s figure before saying, “There’s a dress that will definitely suit you very well. It’s in my office. I’ll go get it for you. You guys shop around first.”

Li Yao went to the office alone and left the entire place to Han Zhan and his wife.

After Li Yao left, Song Ci released her true self. Due to her relationship with Han Zhan, Song Ci looked at Han Zhan with admiration. “Brother Han, you’re so mean. You never told me that the richest woman in Asia is your godmother.”

No wonder Han Zhan was so good at doing business—he had a powerful backer.

]Han Zhan said, “I planned to tell you when I have the chance in the future.” Afraid that Song Ci would be unhappy, Han Zhan explained further. “These three godmothers of mine are my mother’s good friends. We’ve known each other since I was in junior high school. They treat me like their own children.”

“I learned all my business tactics from my Godmother Mo Yao. Sheng Hui Technology, East Ying Real Estate Group were also started when I learned from my Godmother at a young age, so I built businesses to practice… I didn’t expect them to be so well done.”

Han Zhan’s tone was rather puzzled. Song Ci was stunned. She sighed. “As expected of the richest woman in Asia. With just a wave of her hand, she brought up Wangdong City’s richest man.”

It was rare for Han Zhan to be slightly embarrassed. “It’s because Godmother Mo Yao is too awesome.”

Song Ci wanted to ask more questions, but Li Yao pushed over a model rack wearing a gorgeous gown. “Song Ci, come and try this gown.”

Song Ci stared at the gown on the rack, her eyes full of astonishment and fondness.

It was an asymmetrical purple gown with a deep V-neck collar that reached into her navel. Her breasts were designed in a pleated arc. The waist of the gown was embroidered with silver threads in a beautiful pattern. From the waist down to the hem, it was decorated with three-dimensional flower patterns.

It was a bold and absolutely beautiful gown!

Song Ci’s heart was racing.

Li Yao pulled her into the changing room.

As a designer, Li Yao had seen many beauties—men and women, both dressed and naked. But Song Ci was Han Zhan’s wife, so Li Yao had to avoid her.

He pulled up the curtain and said to Song Ci, “You can change yourself. Call me if you need any help.”


Song Ci quickly took off her clothes and put the gown on. She needed Li Yao’s help with the zipper on her back. “Uncle Li, can you help me with the zipper?”

“Okay.” Li Yao was about to draw the curtains when Song Ci recalled the marks Han Zhan left on her body last night. She suddenly exclaimed and hurriedly said, “Uncle Li, can you just reach your hand in?”

“Are you afraid that I will take advantage of you?” Li Yao smiled teasingly, but he didn’t open the curtain and just slipped his hand inside.

Song Ci replied, “No way. It’s just that there are some things that are not convenient to be seen.”

Li Yao raised his brows and smiled. “Very loving.” He didn’t expect his godson to be so passionate.

With Li Yao’s help, Song Ci changed into a gown and walked out carefully with the hemline.

Li Yao saw how careful she was, as if she was afraid of damaging the gown, and felt amused and comforted at the same time. “Why are you so nervous? It’s not like it’s some tattered fabric. It won’t break so easily.”

However, Song Ci said, “Everyone says that every piece of work is like the designer’s child. Since Uncle Li made this child yourself, how can I not be more meticulous?” Song Ci was not trying to flatter Li Yao. She really liked this dress. Such a beautiful piece of art should be treated with care.

Hearing this, Li Yao looked at Song Ci differently. “You are the second person to treat my work like a child.”

“Who was the first?” Song Ci asked curiously.

Li Yao said, “My lover.”

Song Ci was not surprised to hear this answer. She smiled and said, “She has good taste and found you. I have good taste and found Brother Han. It seems like I have something in common with the richest woman in Asia.”

Li Yao was once again tickled by Song Ci.

“You are a good girl.” Li Yao looked at the alluring and graceful beauty in the gown over his glasses. He continued, “Zhanzhan is also an outstanding child. Before his accident, he was also a boy who was sought after by girls. But later… To put it bluntly, even a fallen tiger will be bullied by dogs. Everyone is realistic.”

Upon hearing Li Yao’s words, Song Ci said, “They don’t even know what they have missed out on.” Han Zhan had all the power, status, and money that all those people spent their entire lives pursuing, but they had willingly given up on it.

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