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Chapter 112: A Man’s Possessiveness

“Before the incident, there were countless women wooing him, but so what?” Song Ci stared at the beautiful girl in the mirror, a domineering look on her face. “So many people failed to get Han Zhan, but in the end, he still became my Han Zhan.”

Upon hearing this, Li Yao narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Song Ci. He could see the possessiveness and scheming look on the young lady’s face. Indeed, the top socialite was no fool.

“Song Ci, since you have decided to be Han Zhan’s wife, I hope that you can support each other forever.” Li Yao didn’t care about the reason behind Song Ci and Han Zhan’s marriage. He only cared about the outcome.

He only hoped that Song Ci would treat Han Zhan well and never let him down.

Song Ci turned around and looked at Li Yao seriously. She said with a stern expression, “As long as Han Zhan doesn’t betray me, I will definitely not disappoint him.”

Li Yao was reassured by her words.

After changing into the gown, Song Ci started styling herself in Li Yao’s studio. When she was done, Li Yao looked at Song Ci with satisfaction and said, “Alright, now you can show Zhanzhan your most beautiful side.”

Song Ci looked at herself in the mirror and looked forward to Han Zhan’s reaction.

Han Zhan was sitting at the coffee table in the main hall making a call. He was speaking in German and was probably discussing Zeus Number 1 with his German partner. Song Ci waited for him to finish speaking before coughing.

Han Zhan turned around in surprise to see Song Ci standing behind him. “Are you done?”

Song Ci circled her fingers around her collarbone. She stared at Han Zhan with sparkling eyes and asked Han Zhan expectantly and anxiously, “Brother Han, how is it? Isn’t it beautiful?”

Han Zhan’s attention was on her gown.

“Not very nice.” As if he didn’t see the gloominess in Song Ci’s eyes, Han Zhan lied blatantly. “Old Madam Cheng’s 80th birthday is a formal occasion. I think you should wear a more demure and conservative gown…”

Although his words were righteous, Han Zhan’s gaze lingered between Song Ci’s collarbone and her chest.

After hearing this, Song Ci also felt that it made sense. She was about to nod when Li Yao, who was beside her, stared at Han Zhan as if he could see through everything and said expressionlessly, “What nonsense are you talking about? Aren’t you just worried that she will be remembered by others if she’s too good-looking?”

Which man isn’t possessive?

Having his thoughts exposed, Han Zhan was embarrassed for once, but Song Ci’s eyes lit up. She tilted her head and asked Han Zhan, “Is what Uncle Li said true?”

How could Han Zhan admit it?

He said with a serious face, “Change into another one. I think that one is quite good.” Song Ci followed the direction of Han Zhan’s finger and looked over. It was a red, slanted shoulder sleeve style fishtail dress. Not too revealing, and also very solemn.

Deep down, Song Ci wanted to dress beautifully and flaunt her figure, but she still took into account Han Zhan’s possessiveness and changed into that red fishtail dress.

Before leaving, Han Zhan said to Li Yao, “Uncle Li, I want that purple gown too. Someone will come and get it later.”

Li Yao raised his brows and said angrily, “Hurry up and leave!”

Song Ci heard Han Zhan’s words and was slightly stunned. How can this person be so capricious?

Standing in the lift, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “I thought you didn’t like that?”

Han Zhan said, “You look good in it.”

“But you don’t allow me to wear it.” Song Ci sounded slightly annoyed. At this point, the advantage of being single was shown—being single meant that no one could control what she wanted to wear. But after marriage, Song Ci had to listen to Han Zhan and please him.

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was unhappy with his decision, and also knew that she was willing to change into a gown because she wanted to please him. He leaned over and whispered into Song Ci’s ear. “You can wear it at home. I like it a lot.”

Song Ci thought of a hot scene and gave Han Zhan a meaningful look. She suddenly smiled and said, “Brother Han, I am only 22 years old this year. You are already 32 years old. Although you are in the prime of your life and are very energetic, you can do whatever you want…”

Seeing that Han Zhan was attracted by her words, Song Ci had the urge to take revenge. She said in a coquettish manner, “It’s said that a woman in her thirties is like a wolf and a woman in her forties is like a tiger.”

Patting Han Zhan’s stomach, she could feel the vigorous strength hidden under the material of his shirt. Song Ci was thinking about how tough his muscles were, but she said something she didn’t mean. “By then, I’m afraid your muscles will become fat and you will turn from an uncle to become a grandfather. It will be problematic if your stamina can’t keep up with us.”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched violently as he resisted the urge to beat Song Ci up.

The lift reached the first level. Han Zhan strode out and suddenly turned back to stop Song Ci who was about to exit the lift.

Song Ci looked up at him and saw Han Zhan’s dark expression. “Baby Ci is right, so I should use up all of your energy first. That way, you won’t have the energy to play tricks when you’re 30 years old.”

Song Ci was speechless.

She felt her legs turn to jelly.

On the way to the Cheng Family’s villa, the two of them didn’t speak, both harboring ulterior motives. Han Zhan’s driver had left early and it was Long Yu who was driving now. Long Yu noticed the strange atmosphere in the car, but didn’t dare to say anything, so he just drove quietly.

The car arrived safely at the entrance of the Cheng Family’s villa.

Han Zhan averted his gaze from the window, and turned to see Song Ci staring at the Cheng Family residence in a daze. Her expression was dark, as if she had recalled something unhappy.

Han Zhan suddenly said to Long Yu, “Brother Long, find a place to rest first.”

Long Yu knew that Han Zhan had something to tell Song Ci and wanted to send him away. “Okay.” Long Yu got off the car and walked towards the main street, planning to find something to eat.

There was no one in the car. Only then did Song Ci turn sideways to look at the Cheng Family villa’s door. Her eyes were dark and insidious, and there was no smile on her face. “I’ve lived in this villa for six years. The Cheng Family is wealthy and there are many people in the villa, but strangely, they just can’t hear the cries of despair.”

It was not that Song Ci had not cried during the years, when she was beaten up by Cheng Ziang. However, when the servants downstairs heard it, they pretended not to hear it.

Eyes and ears were like sensor tubes when you needed them. When you didn’t, they were just decorative items. There were many people in this world whose hearts live a deaf and mute person.

Song Ci pointed at the plaque above the main door. She stared at the words “Cheng Residence” and said, “The first time I was beaten up by Cheng Ziang was at the main entrance.” She created trouble for herself because she had smiled at the courier.

“When the servants saw it, they all lowered their heads and pretended to be blind.”

Han Zhan’s heart ached slightly. He grabbed Song Ci’s hand and told her, “You are Mrs. Han now. No one would dare to hit you.”

Song Ci smiled at Han Zhan and suddenly changed the topic. “Do you know how Cheng Ziang took revenge on me after I reported him in my previous life?”

Han Zhan frowned. He instinctively wanted to refuse to liste, but wanted to know more about Song Ci.

Han Zhan remained silent as he heard Song Ci say calmly, “He hired a homeless person and told him that as long as he can cripple me, the man will get 500,000 yuan.”

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