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Chapter 110: Evil Rich Bitch

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Song Ci smiled and gave Han Zhan a flying kiss with passion and vigor.

Han Zhan was momentarily stunned, before a smile spread across his face.

“Come up,” he mouthed.

Song Ci understood him. She twirled the hair by her ear pretentiously, before striding into the building. Seeing Song Ci enter the building, Han Zhan turned around, walked up to the row of manequinns standing by the wall behind him, and chose tonight’s suit.

At this moment, a mature male voice with a hint of amusement sounded beside Han Zhan. “Zhanzhan.”

Hearing this voice, Han Zhan hurriedly looked up.

Standing in front of Han Zhan was a man who looked to be in his thirties. He was wearing a dark green suit and had exquisitely styled hair that appeared slightly exaggerated. His wheat-colored skin made him look healthy and sexy.

But in reality, he was already over 40 years old.

The man was holding a white coffee cup in each hand. Seeing Han Zhan look over, he raised his right hand and smiled. “I made you a cup of green tea according to your preferences.”

The cold expression on Han Zhan’s face was gradually replaced by intimacy. He took the green tea and sipped it before saying, “Uncle Li’s green tea is delicious.”

Li Yao replied in a mocking tone, “Only a good green tea bitch can brew high-grade green tea.”

Han Zhan could hear the hidden anger in Li Yao’s words. He remained silent obediently. No matter what he said, he would be inviting trouble.

Li Yao stirred the coffee in his hand and said mockingly, “Just because a business partner sent me a flirtatious message, your godmother called me a green tea bitch. Hah…”

After taking a sip of coffee, Li Yao said mockingly, “I am a green tea bitch, but what kind of bitch is she?” With a pause, Li Yao’s eyes turned slightly cold. “Evil, rich bitch!”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Han Zhan’s godmother was called Mo Yao. She was Li Yao’s lover.

All these years, the two of them had led a lively life. The combination of Li Yao and Mo Yao was very much like “The Spy couple” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. One second they might still be flirting with each other, the next they would be holding knives at each other’s necks.

Knowing that Li Yao would definitely be enraged if he allowed Li Yao to continue, Han Zhan hurriedly changed the topic. “When did Uncle Li come to Wangdong City? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Li Yao had indeed forgotten about this. He said, “I just arrived this afternoon and haven’t been to this shop for a long time, so I came over to take a look.” Actually, seeing the shop was fake and wanting to meet Han Zhan was real.

Li Yao sized Han Zhan up from head to toe. In the end, his gaze landed on the ring finger of Han Zhan’s left hand. “You’re really married?” Although the design of the gold ring on Han Zhan’s left ring finger was simple, it was obviously a wedding ring.

Li Yao had just heard about Han Zhan and Song Ci’s marriage yesterday. He was very shocked and couldn’t wait to fly over to Wangdong City to find out more.

Although Song Ci was the top socialite in Wangdong City, as an internationally-renowned fashion designer, Li Yao didn’t know her.

He knew that Han Zhan got married through Jin Luolan. Jin Luolan was Han Zhan’s other godmother and an internationally famous Chinese diplomat. However, she was still a loyal fan of Yan Jiang.

Jin Luolan frequently paid attention to Yan Jiang, and naturally knew that Yan Jiang had a female friend called Song Ci. One night, Jin Luolan was bored out of her wits and found out that Song Ci was married. Jin Luolan went to Wangdong City’s forum to see the post about Song Ci’s marriage, but saw her godson Han Zhan!

Jin Luolan was certainly dumbstruck.

Knowing that Han Zhan and Song Ci were married, Jin Luolan told Li Yao immediately. Coincidentally, her lover, Mo Yao, was away on a work trip and Li Yao had nothing to do at home, so he flew over to Wangdong City to see what exactly was going on with Han Zhan.

Li Yao was still very shocked to see Han Zhan’s wedding ring.

Why did he suddenly get married?

Han Zhan was about to tell Li Yao that he was already married when he suddenly heard footsteps outside the door. Li Yao also heard it and raised his brows at Han Zhan. Han Zhan couldn’t help but smile and said, “Uncle Li, my lover is here.”

Han Zhan turned around and met Song Ci’s eyes.

“Baby Ci, come here.” Han Zhan stretched out his left hand to Song Ci.

Upon hearing the words “Baby Ci”, Li Yao shot Song Ci a meaningful look. Song Ci was wearing a pinkish-purple dress that accentuated her snow-like skin and her lovely eyes were filled with passion. She was indeed a wonderful person standing beside Han Zhan.

“Uncle Li, this is my lover, Song Ci.”

As soon as Song Ci saw Li Yao, she felt that he was somewhat familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen him before. Han Zhan introduced Li Yao to her and said, “Baby Ci, this is my Uncle Li, a fashion designer.”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up.

Li Yao! 

She finally remembered where she had seen Li Yao before. He had appeared on countless magazines and fashion websites.

Twelve years ago, Li Yao had used a fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week to shine. At that time, the famous luxury brand C Family had given an invitation to Li Yao in hopes of hiring him as their chief designer.

But Li Yao rejected it.

The reason was that he liked China and wanted to spend the rest of his life with his lover, Mo Yao, there.

So willful!

But Li Yao had the right to be willful. This was because his lover was part of the earliest batch of strong female CEOs in China, the richest woman in Asia, Mo Yao!

Recognizing Li Yao’s identity, Song Ci was very emotional. Li Yao was the designer she respected the most.

Li Yao was born in the I Nation in the South and received advanced education from the west. Although he was an Indian man, he didn’t have the egotistical notion that men were born to be respected and women should serve men. Moreover, he didn’t agree with the existence of the caste system. In order to overthrow it, Li Yao had put in a lot of effort.

Perhaps because he was too influential and stubborn, he was once assassinated at the age of 28 and thrown into the sea.

With the blessing of the Goddess of Luck, not only did Li Yao not die, he even got to know Mo Yao.

Mo Yao rescued the dying Li Yao out of the sea, and gave him a new life.

At that time, Song Ci was still young and didn’t pay attention to such matters. But as she grew up and frequently came into contact with the fashion circle, Song Ci naturally heard about Li Yao’s sensational past. Song Ci admired and respected Li Yao.

Never did she expect to see Li Yao in person. Excited, Song Ci couldn’t resist grabbing Han Zhan’s arm and whispered to him. “Li Yao! Brother Han, it’s Li Yao! I see a living Li Yao!”

Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless.

Li Yao had good hearing. Hearing Song Ci’s words, he couldn’t help laughing. “I’m alive. Do you want to touch and see?” Li Yao reached out his hand and handed it to Song Ci.

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