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Chapter 109: Brother Han has a Family Member
Song Ci had inadvertently found out about this. At that time, she had been shocked by the fact that her father had killed someone, but she also didn’t want him to commit another crime. As a result, she had secretly saved Su Beibei, who had nearly been poisoned to death by Mu Mian, when he wasn’t looking.

As a result, Song Ci was certain that Mu Mian hid his evidence somewhere!

After hearing Song Ci’s analysis, Su Beibei also felt that it made sense. “I will go and look for it. If there is such a thing, I will inform you. If not, I will think of another way.” She also finished her cigarette.

Su Beibei wrapped the cigarette in a wet tissue and tossed it into the dustbin.

Song Ci noticed her actions and couldn’t help glancing at the wet tissues in the dustbin.

Noticing Song Ci’s gaze, Su Beibei suddenly said, “When I was young, my rubbish bin caught fire for no reason and my family of three was nearly burned to death. From then on, I didn’t dare to throw away any fire seeds.”

As Song Ci was smart, she could tell what she meant. “Was that fire an accident or…”

Su Beibei smiled bitterly. “There is always a way for a person to make you die.” Since setting fire didn’t work, he would create a car accident. Humans only had one life, but there were countless ways to take it away.

Song Ci was shocked.

She couldn’t help thinking of herself. She was so much like Su Beibei when she was young. She had survived the accident the other time, but Mu Mian wasn’t someone who would give up so easily. He must have other tricks up his sleeve!

Just then, Song Ci’s cell phone suddenly rang. It was a message from WeChat.

Song Ci took out her cell phone and glanced at it. After that, she smiled apologetically at Su Bei. “I have something on, so I will take my leave first.”

Su Beibei also said, “What a coincidence. I have something on too.”

“In that case, I look forward to our next meeting.”


After Song Ci left, Su Beibei’s WeChat suddenly rang. She opened it and saw that her online romance partner with the name ‘Ah Li’ had sent her a message. [Beibei, I got off work, and I’m driving over to find you.]

Today was the day that she had agreed to meet her online romance partner in real life.

The person who had suggested meeting in real life was Ah Li. Su Beibei was very worried that Ah Li was still underage. Which adult would be interested in online romance and do such a thing?

However, after Ah Li repeatedly stated that he was an adult, Su Beibei finally agreed to meet him offline. Knowing that they were in the same city, Su Beibei couldn’t help feeling curious about Ah Li.

She didn’t know if this Ah Li was a handsome or ugly guy. As she gathered her thoughts, Su Beibei looked down at Ah Li’s message. She thought for a moment and couldn’t resist asking again [Are you really an adult?]

Ah Li: [Almost 29 years old.]

Su Beibei: [Don’t lie to me. I won’t sleep with a minor.]

Noticing that Ah Li had stopped replying, Su Beibei packed up her things, grabbed her car keys, and prepared to leave.

Li Li and Han Zhan arrived at the basement together. Standing beside the car, Han Zhan called out to Li Li, who was on the other side, and asked hesitantly, “Are you really going to meet your online friend?”

Li Li’s heart warmed at the thought of his online girlfriend, Beibei. “Mmm, yeah. Actually, she is not only my online girlfriend, she is also my favorite mystery novel author. We have known each other for two to three years.”

Han Zhan had wanted to advise Li Li not to meet his online friend. After all, online romance was risky and he needed to be cautious. Upon hearing Li Li say that the other party was a writer he liked, Han Zhan stopped this thought. If the other party was a writer, she probably wasn’t a liar.

“Alright then.” Han Zhan got into the backseat and the driver started the car.

Only after seeing Han Zhan’s car drive off did Li Li get into the driver’s seat. After putting on his seatbelt, he was in no hurry to drive. Instead, he unhurriedly opened his cell phone and checked Beibei’s reply.

Li Li was stunned when he saw his girlfriend Beibei’s reply: ‘I’ m not sleeping with a minor.’

I-is she going to sleep with me?

Coming back to his senses, Li Li couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. He had the feeling that he wasn’t going to meet his female online friend but to send himself away.

Downstairs, Song Ci called Long Yu, who was sitting under the air-conditioning, and left the cafe.

After getting into the car, Song Ci hurriedly took out her cell phone to call Han Zhan. Just now, Han Zhan had texted her to ask if she had a gown. She didn’t know why Han Zhan was asking about this—she had to get to the bottom of it.

Song Ci called Han Zhan. At that moment, Han Zhan crossed his legs and was looking down at the contract on his lap.

The cell phone in his trouser pocket vibrated. Han Zhan felt it and took out his cell phone. Upon seeing the name “Baby Ci”, Han Zhan’s eyes instantly turned gentle. Closing the document, Han Zhan accepted the call and placed the phone beside his ear. His voice subconsciously became gentler. “Baby Ci.”

In front, the driver couldn’t help pouting when he heard this affectionate greeting.

My teeth hurt.

Song Ci’s alluring voice could be heard. “Brother Han, you asked me if I have a gown. Are we going to attend a banquet?”

“It’s not a banquet, but a birthday party. Today is Old Madam Cheng’s 80th birthday party. Li Li should be attending today’s party, but he has something on at the last minute, so I have to go.” After a pause, Han Zhan added, “I already have a family, so of course I have to bring a family member.”

This was a very intriguing feeling. In the past, when he attended parties and saw others dragging their family members, Han Zhan only felt that they were boring and thought to himself that he would definitely separate work from his family in the future. But now…

Ouch. My face hurts.

Upon hearing it, Song Ci smiled. “Sure, this is your first time bringing me to a party.” Thinking of something, Song Ci asked, “Which Cheng Family is Old Madam Cheng from?”

Han Zhan said, “Cheng Ziang’s grandmother.”

Song Ci’s smile instantly dimmed.

Thinking that she might meet the jerk Cheng Ziang tonight, Song Ci’s good mood was greatly ruined. “Oh right. I heard that the Cheng Family’s Old Madam is holding a big party for her 80th birthday this year. Looks like it’s true.”

“Mmm. Do you have a gown?”

Song Ci answered, “I do have a gown, but it’s at the Mu Family residence.”

“Don’t keep those anymore. We will go and choose new ones again. I will send you the address and you can get Long Yu to send you to meet me.”


After hanging up, Song Ci opened her WeChat and received Han Zhan’s location. She opened her cell phone’s location and turned up the volume of her voice message. “Send me to this shop, Brother Long.”


By the time Song Ci and Long Yu arrived at the dress shop, it was already dusk. The sun was setting in the west and could fall into the darkness at any time.

The clothing store was on the second floor, and Han Zhan was standing by the French window on the second floor, watching the sunset. From the corner of his eye, he saw a car coming downstairs. Han Zhan looked down and saw Song Ci bending over to alight from the car.

She was wearing a pink and purple waist-length dress with golden high heels. Her waist was slender and sexy.

Her short hair swayed in the wind and landed on her pink lips. Song Ci brushed her black hair away and looked up to see Han Zhan standing by the window on the second floor.

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