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Chapter 103: Confess, Brother Han

Han Zhan thought that Song Ci was feeling inferior, and was about to comfort her when he heard Song Ci say with relief, “Luckily I am good-looking. Otherwise, I would really be useless.”

Han Zhan knew that he had underestimated Song Ci. He didn’t need to worry too much about her. Song Ci had the most beautiful and graceful appearance, as well as a rock-solid heart. She was a real tough rose.

Song Ci flipped over and laid on Han Zhan’s lap. She narrowed her eyes. “I am going to sleep.”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s short hair gently, and said in a hesitant and solemn manner, “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Song Ci was really sleepy. Her tone became lazy, as she asked in a low voice, “Can’t we talk tomorrow?”

Han Zhan was certain again. “I want to tell you now.”

“Tell me then, I will listen.” Song Ci forced herself to perk up and waited for him to continue.

After pondering for a moment, Han Zhan spoke again about the same old topic. “I dated once before.”

Upon hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t even be bothered to open her eyes. She shut her eyes and interrupted Han Zhan in a low voice. “You’ve already said this before and I don’t mind it. Moreover, I’m not such a petty person. I can’t control your past relationships.”

It would be too boring if she had to dig into Han Zhan’s past.

Who hadn’t had an ex before? Song Ci had been courted by countless people, and in comparison, Song Ci had much more romantic gossip than Han Zhan.

However, Han Zhan wasn’t as relaxed as Song Ci. He said hesitantly, “You also know my first love.”

Hearing this, Song Ci finally opened her eyes and looked at Han Zhan in astonishment. “I know her?” Song Ci compared all the women she knew with Han Zhan in her mind, but realized that she and Han Zhan didn’t have any mutual female friends.

There is one…

Mu Qiu.

However, Mu Qiu was too young and didn’t know Han Zhan in the past, so she could be ruled out. “Who is it?” Song Ci really couldn’t figure it out.

Han Zhan didn’t have the courage to say that person’s name. He said in a roundabout manner, “You saw her today.”

Song Ci looked even more puzzled. “We met today?”

Song Ci slowly got up and sat down. She tilted her head to lean on Han Zhan’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “I’ve been with Mu Qiu the whole day today, and only accompanied her to meet Du Xueyan. After meeting Du Xueyan, I didn’t see any other friends…”

Returning to the main topic. “Who is that person?”

“Du Xueyan.” This was Han Zhan’s answer.

Song Ci sat up straight in shock, her eyes wide open.

“Du Xueyan?” Song Ci couldn’t believe it and felt uneasy for some reason.

How complicated was that feeling? It was one thing to know that Han Zhan had an ex-girlfriend, but another thing to know that Han Zhan’s ex-girlfriend was Du Xueyan. After all, she treated Du Xueyan as her idol.

Song Ci felt like a fish bone was stuck in her throat at the thought that her husband’s ex-girlfriend was the female celebrity whom she had liked for so many years.

Her idol was no longer impressive.

A deep, magnetic male voice sounded beside Song Ci’s ear. “Du Xueyan and I were high school classmates. We started dating in our third year of high school. We dated for five years. When I was 22 years old, I amputated my fingers and destroyed my future. Coincidentally, her career was on the rise and for the sake of her future, she took the initiative to break up with me.”

At the age of 32, Han Zhan was sufficiently calm, when talking about his love and abandonment from his youth. “I did love her. She was also the woman I wanted to marry, but not every relationship has a perfect ending.”

“After breaking up, I was also sad and resentful. But time soothed my unhappiness and also diluted my feelings for her.”

Han Zhan had been taught by Han Aoyu to be very conscientious and devoted from a young age. He had also truly loved Du Xueyan when he was younger, and dated her with the intention of marrying her. But they still parted ways in the end.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan was also a proud and decisive person. His pride didn’t allow him to miss a woman who had kicked him into hell when he was at his lowest.

From the moment Du Xueyan broke up with her, all the sweet memories between them vanished like smoke into thin air.

All these years, seeing the dazzling Du Xueyan on television, Han Zhan had never thought of rekindling their relationship. In this life, Du Xueyan would only be his ‘ex-girlfriend’, a ‘woman who once truly loved’.

When they were in love, Du Xueyan was Han Zhan’s beloved queen. After their breakup, eight years later, Du Xueyan was just Du Xueyan, the same as Liu Xueyan and Su Xueyan, nothing special at all.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and turned to look at her with a solemn expression. “Baby Ci, I’m telling you all this not to show off or to hurt you. I just want to be honest with you about my past. I see that you really like Du Xueyan, so I felt that I can’t hide this from you. I have to tell you in detail.”

Telling Song Ci about Du Xueyan was a decision that Han Zhan made after careful consideration. When Zeus Corporation was established in the future, Han Zhan would have to step up from being the boss behind the scenes. Once his identity is exposed, his relationship with Du Xueyan would most likely be dug out.

At that time, if Song Ci were to hear about the past between him and Du Xueyan from someone else, it would be a form of deception to her. Han Zhan would never lie to his wife—this was his honesty toward marriage.

From the moment Song Ci heard the name Du Xueyan, she had remained silent. No one could tell what she was thinking. Seeing this, Han Zhan couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Pinching Song Ci’s finger, Han Zhan said, “You are very right about one thing.”

Song Ci finally glanced at him. She raised her brows and asked, “What?”

Leaning over to press Song Ci’s forehead, Han Zhan said, “She is just my past, and you are my future and home.” This was what Song Ci had said to him personally on the first day that Han Zhan brought Song Ci home to live together.

Han Zhan kissed Song Ci’s forehead and said very seriously, “Baby Ci, the men of the Han Family will never remarry. We take marriage as seriously as our lives. Don’t worry, Du Xueyan is really just an ex-girlfriend.”

He only had one life and one marriage. If he married Song Ci, she would be Han Zhan’s Mrs. Han for life. From the start, Han Zhan agreed to date Song Ci not because he wanted to make a deal with her.

Song Ci had a beautiful face and an interesting soul. The first time they met, Song Ci’s words left a deep impression on Han Zhan. In order to get close to him, Song Ci had purposely played tricks. How could Han Zhan not see through that? Even so, he just felt that this person was interesting.

Song Ci was just like a little kitten, thinking that she could fight the entire world with just her claws and paws. Little did she know that in front of this tiger, Han Zhan, her bared teeth looked funny and adorable.

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