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Chapter 102: Doggy Ci

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After saying goodbye to Cheng Yanmo, Mu Qiu went home. While she was showering, she washed her hair. She took off her hair towel and found an electric hairdryer to blow dry it. Pulling open the drawer, Mu Qiu reached out to take the electric hairdryer, but her eyes were attracted by the soft ruler beside it.

Recalling the post she had seen previously, Mu Qiu took out the soft ruler and pulled it open to compare.

Mu Qiu tossed the soft ruler aside as her heart thumped wildly.


Song Ci had taken off her neck brace today. On the way home, Han Zhan kept glancing at Song Ci’s neck while waiting at red lights. I can easily leave my marks on such a white neck…

Han Zhan’s gaze was too aggressive and Song Ci felt uneasy. She knew that it would definitely be midnight, before she could sleep tonight. Thinking of what was going to happen later, Song Ci was both afraid and expectant.


Brother Han had good skills and good stamina. Song Ci liked to be close to Han Zhan, but it was not a good thing to have too good of a stamina.


The car drove into the basement. Han Zhan and Song Ci unbuckled their seatbelts, alighted, and entered the lift one after the other silently. Song Ci stood near the lift door, while Han Zhan leaned back slightly.

Song Ci stared at the reflective wall of the lift, and saw Han Zhan staring at her from behind, as if looking at his own possession, with a domineering and deep gaze. The lift slowly rose. Song Ci and Han Zhan still didn’t speak, but there was an invisible flame burning and roasting inside the lift.

The longer they remained silent, the more frightening the later explosion would be.

The lift finally stopped in front of Han Zhan’s house.

The house that Han Zhan bought was a one-floor apartment. The lift connected directly to his house, and all the entrances that came out of the lift belonged to it. The two of them stepped out of the lift, with Song Ci in front and Han Zhan behind.

Song Ci took out the keys from her bag to open the door. Just as she inserted the keys into the keyhole, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. Han Zhan bit Song Ci’s ear in his mouth.

Stimulated, Song Ci’s scalp went numb and her hands trembled slightly. Shivering, she unlocked the door and was just about to open it, when Han Zhan pushed her into the house from behind.

Song Ci nearly fell but Han Zhan’s long legs grabbed her by the waist. After a rush of dizziness, Song Ci’s back was pressed against the wall. She looked up and met Han Zhan’s lust-filled eyes, secretly shocking her.

“Brother Han.” She instinctively swallowed and pointed to the second floor. Song Ci said, “Shall we go to the second floor?”


Han Zhan suddenly carried Song Ci up and brought her to the French window in front of the living room’s camera. He placed Song Ci down and opened the curtains. The bustling night scene slowly appeared under their feet.

Han Zhan said beside her, “Baby Ci, I will definitely play with you tonight till your heart’s content.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s legs went weak…

Song Ci looked at the gorgeous night lights and felt her heart heat up slightly. She couldn’t help thinking of the first day when she followed Han Zhan home and stood by the French window, teasing him like an old driver.

At that time, Song Ci was confident that Han Zhan wouldn’t really touch her, but now that it was time for a real fight, Song Ci was terrified.

“Scared?” Han Zhan purposely asked.

Agitated by Han Zhan, Song Ci suddenly turned rebellious and said fiercely, “Whoever’s afraid is a dog!”

After a long while, her passion gradually subsided. Every bone in Song Ci’s body exuded a lazy, weak aura. Her head laid on Han Zhan’s pillow, and her ears were slightly red under her short hair.

Han Zhan brought a cup of warm water and coaxed Song Ci to drink it. He teased her. “Doggy Ci, drink some water.”

Song Ci was speechless.

“Before you sleep with me, I am your Baby Ci. After you sleep with me, I am your Doggy Ci. Brother Han, you are too realistic.” Song Ci glared fiercely at Han Zhan, before opening her mouth to take a big sip of water.

After crying and shouting, her sore throat was moistened by the warm water and she felt much better.

Han Zhan chuckled.

Song Ci felt that her lips were slightly dry. She pouted and asked, “Where’s my lip mask?”

Han Zhan asked her, “Which one is it?”

Song Ci said with her eyes closed, “The most intricate one. It’s dark green.”

“Let me take a look.” Han Zhan put down the glass and went to Song Ci’s dressing table. He searched in the drawer and found two dark green jars. He said, “There are two of them. They are both dark green in color.”

Song Ci said, “One is eye cream and the other is a lip mask.”

Han Zhan took both of them over. Song Ci opened her eyes and pointed at one of them. Han Zhan handed that one to her, but Song Ci stuffed the lip mask back into Han Zhan’s right hand. She said, “Help me apply it.”

Han Zhan took off his gloves and prosthetic fingers. He could only pinch the lip mask with his thumb and his remaining two fingers. He glanced at Song Ci and agreed. “Okay.”

Song Ci laid directly on Han Zhan’s lap. Still not satisfied, she said, “Your muscles are too hard. It would be better if they were softer.”

Han Zhan told her, “Many men, who don’t focus on physical fitness and exercise, will start to gain weight after 30 years old. Do you like those who are slightly fatter?”

Song Ci thought about how Han Zhan would look after gaining weight.

He’s already tall, and if he becomes fat…

If he sits in the car, the tires would probably buckle and break. If he crushes her, she would probably die.

Song Ci quickly shook her head. “It’s better if you’re sturdier.”

Han Zhan chuckled.

He carefully dabbed Song Ci’s lips with the lip mask. Although it was the first time he did this, his movements were not clumsy. After that, Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s lashes. Her eyes were closed and her curly lashes cast a fan-shaped shadow under her eyes.

Han Zhan’s fingers brushed past Song Ci’s lashes.

Song Ci said, “It’s all your fault. There’s so many things you can dislike, yet you hate long hair. If my long hair is still here, it would be so much more comfortable to touch.” Song Ci felt very stifled at the mention of hair.

]Han Zhan also knew that he was in the wrong. He didn’t quarrel with Song Ci and praised her genuinely. “You look good like this too.”

Song Ci snorted proudly and said, “Of course. I am Song Ci. From high school onwards, I was the school belle. A few years ago, the university had voted for the most beautiful school belle. I was always at the top.”

Han Zhan pretended to be shocked. “Oh? So strong?”

“Yes, Brother Han, you should be laughing in your sleep at the thought of marrying such a beautiful and young girl like me.”

Han Zhan was amused by Song Ci. “Yes, I am a toad that has eaten swan meat.”

Although she knew that Han Zhan was just teasing her, Song Ci felt uncomfortable hearing him belittle himself.

Song Ci suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Han Zhan seriously. She touched Han Zhan’s face but said, “I am the one who is below your league.” Song Ci knew very well what she was worth. With Han Zhan’s status and wealth, how could Song Ci be worthy of him?

It was only after she was reborn and knew Han Zhan’s true identity that she intentionally tried to get close to him, which allowed her to get him before others. If not for her rebirth, Song Ci and Han Zhan would forever be strangers.

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