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Chapter 104: Only Han Zhan

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Hearing Han Zhan say this, Song Ci’s messy thoughts finally cleared up.

Du Xueyan was something that happened before Han Zhan got to know Song Ci. Although she felt slightly uncomfortable, she couldn’t be too calculative. Moreover, she knew better than anyone how harsh and ruthless Han Zhan was. Du Xueyan broke up with him during his most despondent period means that she had completely cut off all possible ties with Han Zhan.

Even if Du Xueyan has feelings for Han Zhan again in the future, Han Zhan would never accept her again. The Han Family’s style and Han Zhan’s pride would never allow him to be so cheap.

A traitor was a traitor.

Since Han Zhan was already so honest, Song Ci decided to be more straightforward. Rubbing her nose, Song Ci said hesitantly, “I also have something that I haven’t told you.”

Han Zhan looked at her in surprise. “What?”

Song Ci said, “Actually, I married someone in my previous life.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Come on, let’s hurt each other!

Song Ci revealed the most embarrassing stain in her life and secretly glanced up at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s eyelids drooped slightly, as he gazed at the pattern on the thin blanket. At first glance, he looked calm and composed, but in reality, a vicious rage had already gathered in Han Zhan’s heart.

Song Ci was now his wife, and he had purposely left loving traces all over her body. Thinking of how she had once belonged to another man in her previous life and was also deeply in love with another man, and how that man had also done whatever he wanted with Song Ci, Han Zhan felt slightly…

He wanted to find that man and cut him to pieces!

Han Zhan asked very calmly, “Is that so? Who is that man?”

Song Ci was very embarrassed. She said very softly, “Cheng Ziang.”

Han Zhan knew this person—the legendary Chuan Dong Second Young Master who had been wooing Song Ci for a long time. Although he was rich, he was good-for-nothing. The fact that Song Ci would marry Cheng Ziang was very strange.

“How did you fall for that good…” Han Zhan didn’t say the word ‘good-for-nothing’ for fear of hurting Song Ci’s pride. No matter how useless that person was, he was still Song Ci’s ex-husband. Calling Cheng Ziang a good-for-nothing was the same as calling Song Ci blind.

Knowing what Han Zhan had wanted to say, Song Ci kindly added. “He is a good-for-nothing.”

Covering her face, Song Ci felt ashamed. “I didn’t marry Cheng Ziang on my own accord. It was Mu Mian’s idea. At that time, something happened to Chao Yang Company and there was a shortage of funds. Mu Mian wanted me to marry into the Cheng Family. I didn’t know the reason behind Song Fei’s death then and was determined to repay Mu Mian’s kindness in raising me, so I agreed.”

“But after we got married…” Song Ci felt like a joke talking about that ridiculous marriage.” For some reason, Cheng Ziang was impotent and had a bad temper. A month after we got married, he abused me. I argued with him for six years and finally stabbed him in the gut. The marriage was finally over. ”

After hearing this, Han Zhan felt that Song Ci was really pitiful in her previous life. Her elder sister was murdered by her adoptive father, her husband was a violent and incapable man, and she ended up being murdered by her adoptive father. She was simply the standard female character in romance dramas.

Song Ci had such a pitiful previous life because she was too stupid.

Having been reborn, Han Zhan didn’t know if Song Ci had become smarter or not, but her eyesight had definitely improved. Finding him to be her backer was probably the smartest thing Song Ci had done in her lifetime.

“Why did you stab Cheng Ziang? Are you trying to perish together with him?” Han Zhan felt that something was off. If Song Ci was really so pitiful, she would have stabbed someone long ago instead of waiting six years later.

There must be a reason for Song Ci to stab someone with a knife.

Song Ci was shocked. She thought to herself that Han Zhan was indeed worthy of being called so sharp. Shaking her head, Song Ci said, “It’s because I discovered that Cheng Ziang did something disgusting.”

“What did he do?”

Frowning deeply, Song Ci couldn’t conceal the disdain and contempt on her face. She said, “Cheng Ziang is very perverted and knows many perverts. Those people developed a website and specially uploaded private videos of minors to seek excitement. After I discovered it, I reported all of them.”

She felt good when she reported them, but she was cremated after that.

“Cheng Ziang guessed that I was the one who reported him and knew that he would be found by the police very soon. He hated me and wanted to take revenge on me…” As for how he took revenge, Song Ci didn’t elaborate.” Anyway, his revenge didn’t succeed and Cheng Ziang was stabbed by me. ”

Cheng Ziang was hospitalized due to an injury. After he recovered, he was sent to jail.

Song Ci had caused Cheng Yanmo’s only brother to be jailed, so she had thought that Cheng Yanmo would skin her alive. But under Mu Qiu’s persuasion, Cheng Yanmo only let her sign a divorce agreement and returned her freedom.

At that time, Song Ci was very grateful to Mu Qiu. Now that she thought about it, she finally understood Mu Qiu’s intentions. Mu Qiu probably already knew that her heart was failing. She didn’t want Song Ci to have her freedom; she was afraid that if Song Ci was killed by Cheng Yanmo’s revenge, she would never have a heart left!

After saying all this, Song Ci mocked herself in a self-deprecating manner. She said, “Brother Han, my experience has been turned into a drama—is it even more popular than ‘The Mute Bride’? The story is full of twists and turns, filled with schemes and plots. I’ve even thought of a name—’The Life of Idiot Song’.”


Having been fooled and manipulated all her life, she was truly foolish. Shaking Han Zhan’s arm, Song Ci asked him, “You invest in it and I’ll film it, alright?”

It seemed like she had a rather good mentality to be able to find joy amidst bitterness.

Han Zhan spread out his fingers and pressed them against Song Ci’s face. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Song Ci took his hand away and tilted her head in exasperation. “Brother Han, to be honest, my experience is even more embarrassing than yours. You were dumped by your first love but I married such a jerk…” Song Ci was too embarrassed to continue, so she just kept quiet and fell asleep.

Song Ci used the thin blanket to cover her head. Han Zhan laid down as well. He stared at Song Ci’s short black hair that was exposed outside the blanket and suddenly said, “Six years of marriage must have been very tough.”

Han Zhan didn’t hear Song Ci speak and thought she was asleep. He was about to turn off the lights and sleep, when he heard a sob.

Han Zhan was slightly stunned. He looked closely and realized that the person hiding under the blanket was crying. Song Ci’s body was trembling slightly and her sobs were very suppressed.

Song Ci bit down hard on her lower lip. Tears streamed down her face and onto the pillow, but she was too embarrassed to make a sound. After she stabbed Cheng Ziang, some people called her stupid, some said she was stubborn, some said she was throwing an egg at a rock, and some even hoped that she would be sued by the Cheng Family.

It would be such an explosive news if the once wealthy and famous were all jailed!

Only Han Zhan asked her if she had it tough. Living with a man she didn’t love, being abused by him—she had to endure her fear every single time and fight back with her frail and delicate body. How could it not be tough?

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