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Chapter 101: Elder Brother is Like His Father

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Mu Qiu hurriedly closed the forum and took a big gulp of alcohol.

The wine was cold and stimulating. However, as the wine entered her stomach, her throat started to feel hot again. Mu Qiu stole a glance at the man beside her, and couldn’t help but look in the wrong direction.

With just one look, Mu Qiu turned back guiltily.

She picked up her glass again and finished the rest of her drink.

Watching Mu Qiu’s frantic actions, Cheng Yanmo’s suspicions grew. What did she just see? 

“Are you feeling unwell?” Mu Qiu’s face was as red as an apple. Cheng Yanmo was worried that Mu Qiu was drunk.

Cheng Yanmo’s voice was so close to her, and his breath seemed to be right beside her ear. Mu Qiu’s mind was filled with thoughts of 19. She shook her exploding brain and answered groggily, “I think it’s a little hot. Oh no, it’s not hot. It’s just that the wine is slightly hot…”

Cheng Yanmo saw that she was distracted and didn’t probe further.

He still had to go on a work trip tomorrow and was about to leave. “Let’s go together. It’s not safe for a girl to be alone in a bar for too long.” Cheng Yanmo stood up.

“Alright.” Mu Qiu picked up her bag and stood up.

The two of them walked one after another through the bustling crowd, and finally walked out of the bar. Standing at the door, Cheng Yanmo told Mu Qiu, “I still have something on, so I can’t send you back. Did you drive here yourself?”

Mu Qiu said, “Yes, I can go back myself.”

However, Cheng Yanmo shook his head. “No, you are drunk and can’t drive.” Cheng Yanmo was also worried about getting a designated driver to send Mu Qiu home. In his eyes, Mu Qiu was too petite and could easily be bullied.

After pondering for a moment, Cheng Yanmo finally said, “Let’s take my car.”

Mu Qiu firmly rejected him this time. “No need, Mr. Cheng. You can go back first. My driver will come and fetch me.”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t doubt the veracity of Mu Qiu’s words. To be able to stay in the Amethyst Gated Community meant that Mu Qiu’s family must be very wealthy. It was very normal for her to have a chauffeur. “Alright then, go home early.”

Cheng Yanmo got into his car and was in no hurry to drive off. He sat down and called Cheng Ziang.

This time, Cheng Ziang actually answered.

“Where are you?”

Cheng Ziang stood on the noisy dance floor. He couldn’t hear his brother’s voice, but just the sight of his brother’s name terrified him. “Wait!” Cheng Ziang walked out of the bar holding his cell phone and stood under a tree to answer the call.

“Brother, I’m at the bar. What’s the matter?”

Cheng Yanmo had already seen Cheng Ziang standing at the door of a bar flirting with girls.

He took a deep breath and hollered. “Get over here!”

Cheng Ziang was stunned. He looked up suddenly and saw the black car at the end of the street. His expression changed slightly, as he gripped his cell phone tightly. “Right away! I’ll go and say ‘bye’ to my friends first.”

Cheng Ziang hung up the phone, turned around, entered the bar, found his friends, and bid them farewell. “I’ll get going first. Have a good time.” Saying that, Cheng Ziang picked up the car keys he had placed on the sofa.

A friend grabbed him and pouted at the DJ. “Are you leaving just like that? Didn’t you say you wanted to meet her?”

Cheng Ziang stared at the female DJ. She was dressed in a punk style, with a loose sweater and ripped jeans. Her dirty hair made her look like a hooligan but also very cool. Although she was dressed up in an exaggerated punk style, she was very pretty.

Her name was Han Wangwang and she was the new girl that Cheng Ziang had been into recently. She was just 20 years old and very hot, but also very hot-tempered. Cheng Ziang had been flirting with her these past few nights and her attitude had been lukewarm. Cheng Ziang was losing his patience.


Thinking of Cheng Yanmo, Cheng Ziang could only suppress the agitation in his heart. “Another day. I’ll get going first.” Cheng Ziang sped away from the bar.

Afraid that Cheng Yanmo would beat him up, he got into the backseat.

“Brother, why are you looking for me?”

Cheng Yanmo was 28 years old this year, and was the eldest young master of Chuan Dong Group in name. In reality, he was already the true power behind Chuan Dong Group. Their father had already decided to step down and officially let Cheng Yanmo take over the position.

Cheng Yanmo was very busy every day. Cheng Ziang was surprised and slightly afraid that he came looking for him. Cheng Yanmo smelled the perfume scent on Cheng Ziang, and looked slightly gloomy. “Ziang.”

Cheng Ziang said, “Ah?” He looked up at the driver’s seat and saw Cheng Yanmo’s exceptionally stern profile.

Cheng Ziang felt uneasy seeing his brother like this.

Cheng Ziang thought that Cheng Yanmo would scold him like usual, but after a long silence, he just sighed. “Ziang, you are already 25 years old and you’ve reached the age where you can get married and have children.”

“Is it fun to continue playing like this?”

Cheng Yanmo felt slightly apologetic as he looked at his frivolous younger brother.

From a young age, Cheng Yanmo had been groomed to be the successor of Chuan Dong Group. He had grown up abroad and received the cruelest and most elite education. His younger brother, Cheng Ziang, was the youngest. At that time, his mother couldn’t bear for both children to leave the country, so she left him by her side to accompany and take care of her.

When Cheng Ziang was 12 years old, Father Cheng had an affair with a female celebrity. In order to stir things up, Father Cheng brought the female celebrity home and fooled around in his wife’s bed, and that female celebrity was Mother Cheng’s best friend.

When Cheng Ziang’s mother came home and witnessed this scene, she was so angry that she stabbed her best friend to death and hurt Father Cheng, before hanging herself. When Cheng Ziang returned home from school and saw his mother hung up and covered in blood, he was utterly stunned.

After Cheng Yanmo returned to China to attend his mother’s funeral, he only spent half a month with Cheng Ziang, before returning to school due to a heavy workload. Meanwhile, Father Cheng was so terrified by the death of his wife and mistress, he had nightmares every night and even ended up moving out of that house.

Meanwhile, Cheng Ziang stubbornly stayed in his mother’s house and refused to move out with his father.

Only when Cheng Yanmo returned to the country after completing his studies did he realize that his obedient and sensible little brother had already turned bad. His father had an affair and his mother had committed suicide. In the days when he was alone, Cheng Ziang had learned to smoke, go to bars, race cars, gamble, and play with women…

An elder brother was like a father, so Cheng Yanmo also had a responsibility for how his brother turned out.

After hearing Cheng Yanmo’s words, Cheng Ziang couldn’t help but laugh mockingly. “What marriage? A playboy like me won’t be loyal even if I get married. In the end, I might even end up being stabbed to death by my wife…”

He was mocking their father. However, Cheng Ziang didn’t know that in his previous life, his devastated marriage with Song Ci indeed ended with him being stabbed in the gut.

Hearing Cheng Ziang’s words, Cheng Yanmo felt slightly upset. He really wanted to apologize to Cheng Ziang—it was Cheng Yanmo who had neglected him—but as the words reached the tip of his tongue, Cheng Yanmo’s heart sank. He just couldn’t open his mouth.

“I am worried that you will cause trouble if you continue playing like this.” Cheng Ziang was a troublemaker. Cheng Yanmo could protect him once, but not forever.

Cheng Ziang pouted. “What could happen?”

“Let’s go back. I am sleepy.”

Cheng Yanmo took off his glasses, rubbed his brows, and put them back on. Only then did he call the chauffeur in and asked him to drive them home.

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