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A+ A- Chapter 397: The Power of Useless Trash
Wei You looked at Ren Zeri, and could not help but felt pity and sympathy for him.

However, it was obvious that Ye Chong did not share her sentiment. This was the b*stard who had coerced the woman to kill him. Still, Ye Chong did not want to kill him, since it would be more troublesome. He reached for the collapsed part of Ren Zeri's body and poked.

Wei You's face twitched at his action.

Ren Zeri felt it immediately and cried out in pain.

"If you don't want to die, please stay quiet." Ye Chong's voice was as cold as a winter breeze, which made Ren Zeri understood his situation immediately.

He looked at the seemingly fragile young man before him in fear, his face drained of blood. The pain in his side told him exactly how strong this young man was! Funnily, he had thought the man was but a useless piece of trash!

He decided to do exactly as told and shut up. He did not want to die, and from the cold look in the other party's eyes, he knew that the man would have no qualms in killing him.

Who was this young man? Was he from the the Tribe? He had never heard of such a strong person in the Tribe! Ren Zeri was not quite as strong as Ye Chong, but he could at least read his opponent's ability well.

"Are you the captain of this starship?" Ye Chong asked.

Ren Zeri nodded quickly and said, "Yes!" He knew which way the wind blowed, and that his life was in the hands of this man. They were not an even match at all. This man was so strong that it was almost unimaginable. In this closed space in the starship, the man could obliterate every single crew member onboard single handedly.

He was certain that the man was not out of his mind. From the look in his eyes, the young man had an extraordinary calmness in him. People like these are terrifying. They could always analyze their surroundings, taking into account

all the factors at play, and would seldom make mistakes out of being emotional. The truth was, this kind of coolness was something Ren Zeri had always strived for. Unfortunately, he realized that he was light years away from this young man in this regard.

If this young man killed everyone onboard, he would only condemn himself to being trapped in outer space all by himself. Ren Zeri believed that the man was definitely aware of this.

Hence, what he had to do now was to cooperate. Only then would he be able to increase his chances of survival, even though it was still ultimately out of his hands.

"What's your flight destination?" The question was important, and at the top of Ye Chong's priority list.

"Planet Guang Hua," Ren Zeri answered honestly.

"Guang Hua?" Ye Chong frowned in contemplation. The name was familiar, but not one he could put a finger on immediately.

Good thing his memory was excellent, and he quickly remembered where he had heard of it. On the chip Lunatic Guan had given him, Lunatic Guan had asked him to visit her home village once he finished his syllabus. Lunatic Guan's home village, May's Night Ridge was in a city called Line Shaft on Guang Hua planet. This Guang Hua planet that Ren Zeri was talking about might be the same planet as the one Lunatic Guan was referring to.

"Is there a city called Line Shaft on Guang Hua?" Ye Chong asked Ren Zeri.

"Line Shaft?" Ren Zeri looked puzzled. He shook his head and said, "I'm not sure. We always docked at Guang Hua for a very short time. If you're going to any place on Guang Hua planet, I can find you a guide once we've arrived on that planet."

Wei You currently looked Ren Zeri and found it hard to believe what she was seeing. It was like a dream to her. This cool and rational Ren Zeri was completely different from the one moments earlier. The cruel and mad Ren Zeri had vanished without a trace.

"How many days until then?"

then?" Ye Chong asked again.

Ren Zeri heard the young man's voice relax, and he knew that his life was spared for the moment. He replied respectfully, "Our flight will take another 20 days."

Ye Chong began to do his own calculations. Just then, Ren Zeri asked, "Please, may I have my wounds treated?"

Ye Chong could not help but look at him in a new light, and nodded in assent.

Ren Zeri turned to Wei You and spoke earnestly, "Doctor Wei You, sorry for the trouble!"

For some reason, Wei You was deeply unsettled by this Ren Zeri. The young Captain's expression had always been cold and emotionless, but somehow Wei You found this polite version of Ren Zeri a lot more dangerous.

Ye Chong took a glance a Wei You and spoke to Ren Zeri plainly, "Don't have any funny ideas of your own, or I will kill you." Ye Chong spoke without intonation, but one could discern the chilling threat behind his words.

"Please don't worry, I would not dare to risk my life!" At this moment, Ren Zeri was still able to manage a natural laugh, but this pulled on the muscles in his side, and his face contorted in response.

Wei You approached Ren Zeri cautiously. Too many things had happened today. She was only a medical officer, unused to situations like this, and now her mind was all over the place. No longer was she in her professional calmness. Now, she was just like a shocked little girl.

Ren Zeri smiled gently and said, "Doctor Wei You, please don't be scared. I will not harm you, and besides, I can't really harm you the way I am now!"

With that, Wei You made her final few steps towards her new patient.

Everything on Ren Zeri was removed by Ye Chong. It was a precaution, and to prevent Ren Zeri from communicating with anyone else.

Perhaps it was due to her professional side taking over, but Wei You quickly recovered from her fright and began to inspect Ren Zeri's wounds.

What horrifying strength!

horrifying strength! As Wei You studied his injuries, she was very much surprised. It was hard to tell from external symptoms that the injury was caused by a stick. Perhaps even a hammer could not do so much damage!

Three of the ribs were broken. The center one was nearly reduced to dust, while the other two were also broken at a few places. Wei You believed that the other bones in the vicinity probably suffered a few cracks as well, but that would have to be verified with professional equipment.

Fortunately, Wei You's cabin was stocked with plenty of medicine, and Wei You herself was gentle in her treatment. Nevertheless, Ren Zeri was still white as a sheet from the pain, sweating profusely and groaning occasionally.

Soon, Wei You completed the treatment. By then, Ren Zeri was at the edge of collapsing, but he still maintained his composure.

As soon as she finished with her work, Wei You hid behind Ye Chong instinctively. This brought Ye Chong's train of thought.

"How long was I out for?"

"Five days," Wei You replied in reflex.

Ye Chong looked straight at Wei You and asked, "You saved me?" This was the second time he asked this question.

"Yes." Wei You's quiet answer was almost imperceptible.

Ye Chong turned back to Ren Zeri.

The Captain was in pain, but he was focused entirely on Ye Chong. He was surprised by the killing intent he saw in the man's eyes. Was he going to kill him?

However, his sharp mind informed him quickly of the reason for Ye Chong's killing intent.

From their conversation earlier, Ye Chong could tell that the woman had saved his life, and killing Ren Zeri would save her a lot of trouble in future. However, that would also leave a trace of his presence in the ship. The Renlo Tribe would never figure out who he was, but if the Ye Family found out about this incident, they would.

This was something Ye Chong was trying to avoid.

Understanding Ye Chong's concern, Ren Zeri quickly made a quickly made a vow, "Don't worry, I will never threaten Ms Wei You again, I swear this in the name of my grandmother!"

Wei You felt a huge weight lifted from her chest. In the free space zone, swearing in the name of one's grandmother was something inviolable, and no one would go against their word in this case.

Ye Chong, however, did not believe in words. He believed in power. He would use his own methods to deal with this problem.

He remembered a trick Shang had taught him back on Blue Ocean. Perhaps he could try it out now. Unlike his previous experience, however, Shang had already learned all about the opponent back then.

"Where does your family live? How many are there? What are their names? …" Ye Chong's series of questions made Ren Zeri pale even further. He understood what Ye Chong was trying to do, but dared not utter a lie. Whenever he looked into the man's cold eyes, his heart would squirm.

Ye Chong asked for every single detail. Since he was not exactly experienced in interrogation, he could only ask based on his experience. Ren Zeri spilled the beans, giving everything he knew about all his relatives, including their names, addresses and whatever tiny details he could think of.

After double checking his information for completeness, Ye Chong faced the two people around him and repeated every single piece of information that Ren Zeri had given him, word for word. Ren Zeri could no longer keep his calm, looking at Ye Chong like he was seeing the Devil himself.

"I will crosscheck all of them." Ye Chong's flat announcement shattered the last ray of hope in Ren Zeri. He was now so infinitely grateful for not lying earlier. Many of the crew members on this ship could attest to the authenticity of the information he provided, and that was why he did not dare to lie. On the other hand, there was also Wei You right there, who knew much about him.

Now, he had completely given up on exacting revenge on Wei You.

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