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A+ A- Chapter 396: Coldness Underneath His Disguise
"Who's in there?" Ren Zeri asked in a low voice.

"What are you talking about?" Wei You spoke with forced calmness, but was betrayed by the panic shown in her eyes.

Ren Zeri forced his way through the door. He heard it clearly, the sound of another person's breathing in the cabin. As an elite of the Renlo Tribe's younger generation, he was confident of his hearing.

He saw no one else in the cabin, but Wei You's panicked expression told him that there must be something amiss.

He stood at ready and focused on listening. Immediately, he heard a soft sound of breathing from underneath the bed.

"Humph!" He exclaimed coldly. To think that someone else would dare to aim for his target! He felt a rising anger in him. Ren Zeri's interest in Wei You was not announced in public, but mostly everyone on the starship knew about it. That was why no one dared to make their advances on Wei You.

How dare he!

"Don't hide now! Come out!" Ren Zeri said to the person underneath the bed. His expression was grim, and his eyes were now chilling instead of mesmerizing.

How dare you! Ren Zeri felt his fury rising even more. What angered him most was the fact that Wei You had chosen to protect this man. He had always treated her well, but she never cared for him, and now she was protecting another man! How could he not see red?

No reply came from underneath the bed.

Ren Zeri ridiculed him further, "What's the matter? Getting cowardly are you? I'd like to see how it is who'd dare to steal my woman!"

Wei You, who was panicking as she watched from the side, now blushed at his words and cried, "Please mind your words!"

Ren Zeri ignored her protest and fixed his eyes at the bed.

There was still no response from underneath the bed.

Ren Zeri could stand

no longer and bent down to look underneath.

A man, as expected! Ren Zeri nearly went berserk. Wei You had hidden a man in her cabin! The sight pained him deeply. Reality had delivered a huge blow to Ren Zeri's ego. That was why he did not notice that the man was actually unconscious.

Ren Zeri dragged Ye Chong carelessly out from underneath the bed.

"What are you doing?" Seeing Ren Zeri's rough treatment of her patient, Wei You could not help but protest loudly.

Ren Zeri noticed then that the man was not actually a crew member, and he was in an unconscious state.

"Huh?" He gasped, and asked lowly, "Who is this?"

"I don't know." Wei You hated Ren Zeri a lot, but considering he was Captain, she still answered truthfully.

"You don't know?" Ren Zeri returned the question mockingly. "Then why are you hiding him under your bed?"

Wei You did not know herself. "I don't know how he got onto the ship. He's caught a cold, and is currently unconscious."

"Haha! Knocked out because of a cold?" Ren Zeri was first stunned by her words, then laughed at them. "Why are you hiding a useless weakling like him under your bed like he's someone precious?" Inhabitants of the free space zone were all strong and healthy, and would never catch a cold like that.

Wei You agreed with his assessment of the man's weak condition, but Ren Zeri's words grated on her still, and she humphed coldly and looked away.

Ren Zeri continued mocking, "What a piece of trash. Without your help, how could he have boarded this ship? I didn't think that our respectable medical officer, Wei You, would fall in love with such a useless man! Tsk tsk, what a surprise!"

Ren Zeri's degrading words about her patient and his assumption of her patient's relationship with her angered Wei You. "Please mind your manners. My taste in men is none of your

your business."

Wei You feel threatened by her Captain's craziness. She decided then that upon completing their current mission, she would make a formal request to leave this ship.

Ren Zeri laughed as he anger peaked. "Haha, none of my business, none of my business indeed!" He stopped laughing abruptly and switched into a nastier tone as he said, "My dear medical officer, don't tell me you've forgotten that anyone who did not board this ship by proper procedure can be killed outright by crew member! And you, hehe, have hidden away an illegal stowaway, and assisted a terrorist in boarding this ship. Oh, right, this useless trash can't be considered a terrorist."

"You …" Wei You's face paled. She would never be able to clear her name. The consequences of the charges against her were severe. Once Ren Zeri reported this to the ones upstairs, she would face a terrible fate.

"Well?" Ren Zeri raised his brows and walked to Wei You. He lifted her beautiful but unnaturally pale face and said, "Am I right? It's not just you, but your parents and your siblings will all be involved. They will face strict interrogations, and have a bleak future ahead of them. They will never rise in their ranks again. They will be treated with disgust and ridicule by the masses. All of this, just because of you, my beautiful medical officer!"

Shedding his everyday disguise, Ren Zeri's words came through cruelly and without emotion. His every word hammered down onto Wei You's heart. Her face grew paler as she listened to his grand speech.

With his fingers tracing her smooth chin, Ren Zeri saw the fear growing in the woman's eyes and felt a rush of ecstasy!

His long hunt for his prey was finally over. Coldness and madness flashed in his eyes!

He knew that this woman would never escape from him again. From now onwards, she would always be his! He laughed madly inside at the thought.


However, he was not going to let her off so easily.

"You must realize your situation fully now. That's right, why keep a useless trash like him? You have your family and your bright future to think about! A trash like him is of no value to you, so just kill him! It doesn't matter how you do it. As long as you kill him, it will be like nothing ever happened!"

Ren Zeri stoked her smooth chin, his gentle voice radiating cruelty.

"No …" Wei You declined out of instinct. She was a doctor, trained to save lives. Killing someone, and an unconscious patient at that, was impossible for her.

He felt Wei You's vulnerable body quivering as she struggled helplessly. Ren Zeri smiled a thin, cold smile.

"Don't worry, it's but an easy matter. He's unconscious now. When you kill him, he won't feel a thing! Besides, as long as you kill him, I won't tell on you, and you'll be free." Ren Zeri's words were full of persuasion.

Wei You trembled even more. Ren Zeri did not speak as he savored the results of his efforts.

Wei You closed her eyes, losing her last bit of hope.

"Kill him!" Ren Zeri uttered these two words slowly but clearly, and Wei You shuddered.


A muffled sound came without warning. Ren Zeri felt a sharp pain on his side, and his body was flying backwards in the next moment like he was hit by a hammer. He crashed loudly on the wall behind him, and slumped to the floor.

Wei You only felt the hand lifting her chin slid away through her closed eyes.

She opened her eyes wide and saw another pair of cold eyes.

Ignoring Wei You's surprise, Ye Chong shook his limbs, testing them. After staying down for so long, it was only natural for him to feel unnatural to movement.

He heard the conversation between the two clearly, and could make and could make out the situation they were all in.

"You saved me?" Ye Chong asked, his voice hoarse.

Wei You dumbly stared at Ye Chong , entirely caught off guard.

No quick answer was going to come from Wei You, so Ye Chong directed his attention towards the man who had tried to persuade her to kill him.

He had attacked with the blunt end of his wooden spear, but it was a heavy blow. The man would not survive without a broken bone or three.

Ye Chong walked to Ren Zeri, who was now lying in an unconscious heap against the wall. Ye Chong's attacks always ended in some form of injury or death. He did not intend to kill Ren Zeri yet, so he did not go all out. However, it was enough to seriously injure the man, for he did not have Ye Chong's strong physique.

"Ah!" Wei You gasped, awake from her daze. Ye Chong frowned as he looked to her, and Wei You quickly covered her mouth.

Her bright eyes were not filled with surprise and curiosity, mixed with lesser bits of fear and loss.

To think that a weakling like him could be so strong! It was unthinkable!

Ye Chong trained his eyes away. The woman was his savior, after all, and he would at least be courteous to her. He looked back at Ren Zeri and began to search him.

Wei You watched as the man searched Ren Zeri and removed all of his belongings. She suspected that this seemingly fragile man was actually a thief by trade.

Poor Ren Zeri. He had nothing on him now except for his underpants.

Just below his chest, a part of his body collapsed inwards, where his rib cage suffered some broken bones. By Wei You's professional assessment, Ren Zeri had at least three broken ribs, and they were probably reduced to numerous fragments.

Ye Chong's blow had nearly killed Ren Zeri.

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