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Chapter 398: Predicament

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20 days of flight was not too lengthy. For someone as used to space travel as Ye Chong, it was like a walk in the park. However, the ship was too technologically outdated and he was uncomfortable with the design. He stayed in Wei You's cabin every single day. The rest of the crew were oblivious to the presence of a powerful combat expert on the ship. Of course, that was due to Ren Zeri's cooperation.


Ren Zeri's working hours dropped to its minimum, and the crew members watched him visit Wei You's cabin very often.


It looked like the relationship between their Captain and Wei You was developing rapidly! Of course, this development was celebrated by some, and mourned by others. However, many of them were curious - how did their diligent Captain come to neglect his work out of love? That was not his style at all!


Nonetheless, no one was particularly unhappy with it. They had travelled this route many times, and it was a safe route. Their work was easy, and aside from avoiding the occasional asteroid in their path, there was not much to worry about during the flight.


Ren Zeri did all he was asked of, and did not make any funny moves. Everyday, when he looked into the terrible, emotionless eyes of that young man, any thoughts of betrayal would vanish without a trace. In the face of absolute power, he had no room for negotiation.


A strong person like him would be terrifying to deal with, especially now when they were face to face. He could not make out this young man. He had never heard of anyone like him. All the strong personalities that he recalled were not compatible with the young man. So young, but so strong - could only be the Congregation elite, Luo Shi, who fit the description. He had seen Luo Shi before, and this young man was nothing like him.


Nonetheless, all of this was not important. What was important was his own pitiful life.


The starship finally

docked at Guang Hua, and all the crew members cheered with joy. As they finished unloading all the goods on their ship, they finally earned the three days of free time to themselves. The crew members all left the ship in good spirits, ready to put their time to good and proper use.


Ren Zeri, Wei You and Ye Chong were the last to disembark the ship.


"Do you have any requests?" Ye Chong looked at Wei You and asked calmly, "As long as it is within my powers, I will do it to repay your deed of saving my life."


Wei You replied with respect, "I do not ask for much, I just hope that my family can be safe." After all these days, she knew just how strong this seemingly fragile young man was!


"Oh, that's not too much to ask!" Ye Chong looked to Ren Zeri, and the latter barely suppressed a shudder.


"Eat this." Ye Chong produced a red pill from his pouch. He was not sure if his earlier threats would work. He was too inexperienced in this matter, and felt the need to take precautions.


Ren Zeri took the pill with trembling hands. He knew he had no choice in the matter as he swallowed it in one gulp.


"Come over here," Ye Chong waved to Wei You and said.


Wei You quickly stepped forward to Ye Chong's side, and Ye Chong whispered for a while by her ear.


Ren Zeri could feel his heart palpitate like mad. Of course he knew that the red pill was no candy, and he could already guess what was coming for him.


As expected, Ye Chong said to him, "The pill you took just now is a slow acting poison. It's not lethal, but you'll need to take regular medication to control its symptoms. I've told her the formula for the medicine. She will prescribe it to you every half a year. I'm counting on you two the next time I return to Dankwood planet. If anything happens to her, your entire Tribe will face my wrath."





Ren Zeri's face twitched, and quickly agreed to his terms.


Ye Chong's final sentence was a clear threat. However, only he himself knew that it was pure gibberish. When would he return to Dankwood planet? Possibly never! No one understood better than him the wandering lifestyle that he was soon to embark on! However, for the sake of scaring Ren Zeri, he lied anyway. He believed that, with this degree of threatening, it would be highly unlikely for Ren Zeri to harm Wei You.


Wei You was also satisfied with the current arrangement.


He was a goner now for the rest of his life! Ren Zeri's face was ashen, but there was nothing he could do!


"Farewell, both of you!" Ye Chong disappeared like a ghost, further impressing the fear into Ren Zeri.


Ye Chong did not enter the nearest city, but instead flew Moon King for a few hundred kilometers before he settled down near another city.


In the middle of the night, Moon King landed silently on a clearing about 80 kilometers away from the nearest city. The holographic screen told Ye Chong that there was no one within 30 kilometers of him, so Ye Chong was not worried about being noticed.


He decided to enter the city the next day.


Out in the darkness of night, as he sat alone in the grassy plains, Ye Chong felt a deep sense of loneliness. He laughed out bitterly. Loneliness was something he had gotten used to. Despite the fact, he still felt strange every time he was alone.


He quickly suppressed this bout of emotions. He was used to employing the rational side of his mind to handle his sadness most of the time.


Could his episode of sickness caused him to grow weaker in the head?


Ye Chong laughed mocking at himself, and dismissed the thought. It was better to deal with more practical matters now. However, he soon found that he could not plan anything ahead, since he had no useful information at all.


Be it his aim to finding Mu and Shang, or searching for Rui Bing, he had

he had no idea where to start with them. He did not even know how to return to the He Yue Galaxy, much less the Five Galaxies.


He should focus on surviving! That was the only aim that he could work on and plan ahead for now, and something he should definitely do first. He did not understand why the Ye Family would treat him like this, but he would not allow anyone to control his fate, not even the Ye Family, despite the fact that he was probably very closely related to the Ye Family!


He and he alone would determine his own fate!


Ye Chong analyzed his situation carefully. While the future was very much unclear, Ye Chong knew exactly what he must do now.


It was simple! He must prepare for any possible encounters with the Ye Family troops and fight for his own fate!


On the other hand, Ye Chong would never expect that the Ye Family was facing the same predicament. In fact, it was not just the Ye Family, but all the Three Aristocratic Families were having a tough time cracking their heads.


In the study of the Ye Family Patriarch, a few of the most important members of the Family were gathered. Ye Juxing, Ye Guangxing were there too, and the atmosphere was grim.


"I believe you all understand our current situation. There's no need for pleasantries now. The reason everyone is gathered here is to discuss the matter of allocating more manpower to Black Cove," Ye Family's reigning Patriarch looked around him and cut to the chase.


Ever since setting up Black Cove, the Ye Family had never sent out any large scale combat support to the place. Not only the Ye Family, but the other two Aristocratic Families had also followed this unspoken rule.


Deploying large scale combat support to the Five Galaxies in recent times was unprecedented. More importantly, it would affect the Ye Family's long term battle strategy and the Family's very future. Hence, the Patriarch had treated this decision with great care.


"Has Black Cove not uncovered anything about the anything about the matter?" One of them asked.


The Patriarch shook his head. "No. They have suffered heavy losses in this matter, without the results to show for it. The Five Galaxies have always been an important military base of operations, and we will not lose it." The Patriarch's words set the foundation of their future plans - they must not give up on their resources in the Five Galaxies!


No one seemed to object to his words. The importance of the Five Galaxies as a strategic military base had been established a long time ago, an idea that was impressed deeply upon everyone present.


All of them kept silent, for no one knew how to quite handle their current predicament.


Reallocation of combat personnel was not as easy as it seemed. After so many years of fine tuning, an acceptable balance of powers was achieved not only in the He Yue Galaxy, but on every planet, and in almost every city.


Any relocation of combat personnel would affect the local power balance greatly. Moreover, the other aristocratic families led by the Shi Family had been more aggressive recently. Disrupting the power balance now would have imaginable but undesirable consequences.


The He Yue Galaxy would enter a new age of chaos!


For the Three Aristocratic Families, stability was of utmost importance. Chaos in the He Yue Galaxy would not benefit them in any way. On the contrary, their powers would be greatly diminished due to the chaos, and that was something they must avoid at all costs.


"What if, Ye Yin is ordered to return?" One of them suggested.


Ye Juxing shook his head and explained, "Ye Yin's return will not help much with the situation. What we need now is a sizable military force. Currently, we have only 15 thousand mech pilots available."


Everyone except for the Patriarch and Ye Guangxing inhaled in surprise. 15 thousand mech pilots was a strong military presence, but it seemed that the Patriarch believed that it was not enough.


Had the situation in the Five Galaxies reached the point where such drastic measures were necessary?

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