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A+ A- Chapter 395: Wei You’s Kindness
Wei You finished everyone's final checkups, ensuring that every crew member was fit for duty, and signed her name on their medical reports. After her long hours of work, she was exhausted. However, this was part of her job. With her job finished, she passed on instructions to the nurses working under her and returned to her room.

She was the medical officer in charge onboard this starship, and was responsible for the health of all crew members.

As the medical officer in charge, she had her own private cabin, unlike the nurses who worked under her. They had to bunk together, with a few of them in each cabin.

She opened the door and headed for her bed. The ship was about to depart, and she missed her own soft bed at home.

Suddenly, she saw a stick, a black colored one, extending out from under her bed.

She could not help but frowned. Who's idea of a joke was this? What a bunch of morons! She felt a little angry.

Space travels were long and dull, and crew members often felt the stress from their journeys, which could lead to psychological issues. Besides, this starship was mostly run by strong and healthy men. This was probably the work of some sex deprived b*stard.

Wei You humphed coldly. She had her standards, and could not care for such vulgar men.

"Come out, or I'll report you to the Captain!" Wei You yelled. The captain was interested in her, so the rest of the crew would usually stay clear of her. While she did not reciprocate his interest, it was still a useful form of protection.

No reply came from under her bed.

"Are you looking forward to the brig?" Wei You said this more coldly, her eyes reflecting her determination.

Still, there was no reply.

Wei You groaned. Could this man really be that bold? Or was there no one underneath her bed at all?

Wei You bent down to look.

"Ah!" She could not help but gasp.

There was a man lying underneath her bed!

Just then, the ship's broadcast system came to live. "Attention

all crew members, attention all crew members, this starship will depart in five minutes."

The man was unconscious. Wei You could tell from her professional experience that he was ill! The countdown for departure had already begun, and she can no longer send this man out of the ship.

Wei Yuan's fear was much diminished when she learned that this man was only a patient. As a professional and excellent medical officer, she immediately calmed down when it came to matters of her specialty.

Wei You pulled the man out from under her bed, and it was not as difficult as she had expected. The man was lighter than she thought. With such a thin body, he must be physically fragile, it was no wonder that he fell sick! Wei You drew this natural conclusion.

"Who's this?" Wei You looked at his face and frowned again. How did he get onboard? The ship's security was tight, she recalled. Besides, her ship was docked right in the center of the Tribe's territory. Outsiders would never be able to reach this place, much less board the ship.

However, Wei You did not worry about it further. She was only a medical officer, and her duty was to tend to her patients. She performed all the routine checkups on the man with ease.

"So he caught a cold?" Wei You nearly laughed out loud after finishing the checkup. Illnesses like this were usually found only in older people. For the average healthy person, it was nearly impossible to catch a cold. Even for women, people seldom fell sick because of the weather.

This man must be really weak! Most people in the free space zone had to undergo combat training since young, and developed strong bodies later in life.

Right now, she was no longer on guard against this man lying on the floor. She was a medical officer, but she had undergone combat training herself, and did well in it compared to other medical officers. She could probably deal with this weakling in no time.

As she administered suitable medication for this weak man, Wei You began to study her unconscious patient.

The man was very

very thin that she suspected chronic malnutrition. His looks were average, nothing eye-catching about him. However, Wei You found it bizarre that the man, even unconscious, was holding tightly onto a wooden stick. "Oh, not a wooden stick," Wei Yuan noted to herself as she found the stick to be a spear.

A combat expert? Could he be a combat expert? However, this weakling combat expert was probably no use at all! Wei You shook her head, laughing at the thought. Her moist, red lips curved up into a thin smile.

With his weak condition, he would probably need a few days to wake up. Wei You pondered to herself.

"Mu … Shang …" The man muttered incoherently. His soft voice broke Wei You's thoughts, and she reached to feel for his forehead. Once again, she frowned. The man had a high fever!

What a stupidly weak man! Wei You looked at the man on the floor helplessly with some condescension, but dutifully administered the necessary medication for him .

The sudden vibration under her feet told her that the ship was already airborne.

"What should I do with you?" Wei You rested her smooth chin on her fair skinned arms as she studied the unconscious man lying on the floor.

Should she hand him over to the Captain? This seemed to be the best solution. However, she did not feel like seeing the Captain. She felt disconcerted every time his fervent eyes met hers.

"I should help him recover first," Wei You told herself. The man seemed so weak. So long as she was cautious, there should be no danger to her.

The man on the floor uttered the occasional incoherent word or two, his forehead still burning unnaturally hot.

Ye Chong's illness was more serious than Wei You had expected. All this while, Ye Chong had been operating under extreme stress, as he always kept his guard up high. Ever since he left the trash planet, he had been living in this condition.

No matter how strong or cold of a person he was, he was only human!

Despite his strong physique, this sudden illness triggered by freezing temperatures had snowballed

had snowballed into a serious condition. The seemingly benign cause of illness had led to a chain reaction, and Ye Chong's mental endurance finally yielded to the pressure.

It was now the fifth day!

The man's fever had subsided, but he was still unconscious. If Wei You was not certain of the cause of the man's illness, she might just begin to doubt her own abilities.

The man's physical condition was deplorable! Even someone who was born weak should have awaken by now. How could this person still be unconscious?

She felt grateful for the fact that none of the crew members were this weak, or she would have to stay as close to that person as possible to monitor his lifestyle. A man like him would be nothing more than a waste of space!

Just then, a knock came from the door.

Wei You jolted in surprise, and quickly stuffed the man back underneath her bed. She wondered what the story was with this man, who still held on tightly to his wooden spear in his unconscious state. Wei You had tried to relieve him of his weapon, but no matter how she tried, she could not get the spear out of his hands.

"Cursed wooden stick!" Wei Yu cursed the weapon, which was difficult to hide one way or another. Sweat began to form on her forehead. If anyone found out that she was hiding away someone in her cabin …

And if they found that person was a man …

Wei You suddenly realized that not reporting her findings to the Captain immediately back then was a terrible mistake, placing her in a very difficult position.

The knock came again.

She looked back at her bed, saw nothing was amiss, and sighed in relief.

Looking into the mirror, she breathed in deeply for a few times, calming herself down, and assumed her no-nonsense face.

Wei You opened the door.

As expected, it was the Captain.

"Can I help you?" Wei You asked coldly.

The Captain was young, at only 29 years old. Usually, an important position like this would not be given to such a young person. a young person. However, this young man had stood out among the other candidates with overwhelming superiority, and had finally gotten the job. The other candidates had all accepted his success without apprehension.

His name was Ren Zeri. Not only was he one of the famous elites of the younger generation in the Renlo Tribe, he was also clear headed and unconventional in his methods, with a wide variety of tricks up his sleeves. Witnessing his handsome presence, Wei You felt an illogical sense of aversion. She knew that the Captain was the dream lover of the nurses on this starship. Every day, past his working hours, the Captain would be surrounded by women for company.

Ren Zeri always had an unreadable smile on his face, with mesmerizing eyes like the stars in the night sky. This was the pair of eyes that many ladies described as "electrifying". This was the pair of eyes that Wei You always felt an inexplicable sense of foreboding every time she looked into them.

Perhaps this was why she could not accept his advances.

Ren Zeri leaned against the door, used to Wei You's coldness. He smiled sweetly as he said, "It's my break now, and my schedule's empty, so I thought of asking our excellent medical officer out for a drink. What do you think?" He then leaned in conspiratorially and whispered, "Mo said that he has some Aoyuzu Fragrantica. It's a rare opportunity, let's go have a try!"

Aoyuzu Fragrantica … Wei You could no help but felt her resolution weaken. As a doctor, she knew that Aoyuzu Fragrantica tasted exquisite, and had cosmetic benefits as well. However, it was a high class luxury item produced in small amounts, and almost impossible to find in the open market.

Every woman has a deep yearning for beauty, and Wei You was no exception.

However, the image of that unconscious man in her room came to mind unrestrained, and Aoyuzu Fragrantica did not seem so attractive anymore.

Just as she was about to decline his invitation, Ren Zeri's expression changed to one of bafflement, tilting his head as though he was listening to something.

She felt her heart skip a beat!

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