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A+ A- Chapter 394: Falling Sick
D*mn! The room was actually a freezer. He was inside an actual freezer! Ye Chong quickly rummaged through the boxes in the room, and found them all to be filled with food.

The temperature was dropping fast. Ye Chong felt like he was in the dead of winter.

No! If he did not leave this place soon, his body will quickly lose warmth. Having a strong body did not mean he was immortal. Ye Chong had studied biology before, and knew that if he stayed put, he would not be able to hold on for long. The cells in his body would die from losing too much heat.

He walked towards the metal door carefully, and listened for any sounds outside. No one was outside. It seemed that the situation was not too severe yet.

He pushed the door with his hand, but the metal door did not even budge.

Ye Chong felt his heart turn colder, and not because of freezer. The door was locked from outside! Ye Chong tried pushing harder, but the door did not move at all.

It looked like he would need his dagger. Ye Chong took out his dagger and operated on the metal door. The dagger's edge was very sharp, and cutting his way out should not be too difficult.

Just as the dagger's sharp edge touched the metal door, Ye Chong abruptly stopped. His mind was racing!

Using brute force to make his way out would not be too difficult, but it would leave tracks. This was a food storage room, which meant that the crew would definitely visit the place some time during their journey. They would notice the damage he caused and be alarmed, possibly even conducting a full search on the entire starship.

Ye Chong had intended to leave Dankwood planet undetected. If he forced his way out, that would be definitely achieved. If he left any tracks, the Ye Family's absurdly powerful intel would definitely allow them to find him easily.

After a long moment's thought, Ye Chong returned his dagger to its sheath. After all, he could always use it later when the situation demanded it.

This was a freezer storage room for food. The crew would come here to get more food when the time comes. He could wait for a better opportunity to escape, instead of forcing his way out.

With this decision in mind, Ye Chong calmed down and returned to his corner to sit down, with the wooden spear by his side. The alchemy materials and raw ingredients in the wooden box were already mostly exhausted from recent battles. After giving some to Guang Wei, there was also not much medicine left. In the end, Ye Chong bundled everything into a pouch he bought in Abyss City, together with the reward that Han Yue had given him.

When Ye Luo saw him producing so much money from the box, the man was stunned. Han Yue had rewarded Ye Chong with a huge sum that even someone as wealthy as Ye Luo felt envious about it. Ye Luo had teased Han Yue for being unfair by paying Ye Chong so much and paying nothing to him, despite both of them helping Han Yue.

There were 30 small green metallic rods, all thick as a thumb, with their surface etched with some intricate patterns. Aside from the emerald colored exterior, Ye Chong did not find anything particularly valuable about these metallic rods. He had never seen this kind of metal before, but he had no devices at hand to analyze them.

Ye Luo called them tilia crystal rods, and each of them represented a huge sum of money. As for how much they were really worth, Ye Chong had no idea. The tilia crystal rods were made of very hard material, it was no wonder they were a form of high value currency. When Ye Chong took out half of the tilia crystal rods and offered them to Ye Luo, he grinned and declined them.

If only Mu and Shang were here, then he could just pass all these things to them for safekeeping, and not worry about them himself.

Now that he

thought about it, Mu and Shang were the only mech Ye Chong had seen that could store objects in the alternate dimension.

As Ye Chong sat down, feeling more composed, he began to think.

Once he escaped, he would once again be separated from Rui Bing and the rest. Reuniting with them would not be so easy anymore. He felt a sense of loss, but there was nothing he could do about it. Ye Luo was right. Staying on Dankwood planet was too dangerous for him. Besides, he could not find out anything about their current situation and whereabouts, and it was almost impossible for him to sought them out.

On the other hand, if he could really find them, it was not necessarily a good thing. Against a strong force like Ye Yin, Rui Bing and the rest would constantly be in danger, and he would also be more restricted in his options. It was after considering all these that Ye Chong finally decided to leave Dankwood planet.

In any case, he should prioritize on surviving first, so that he may live to meet with the rest in the future. Ye Chong made his plans with cold calculations, unaffected by his emotions.

Fate was unpredictable. Comrades who were with him today might be forever out of reach the day after. Ye Chong was not a sentimental kind of guy, but he could not help but sigh. Usually, such emotions were impossible to find in him, since he was already used to being strong and alone. However, he was still human, and a young 20-over-year-old one at that.

Ye Chong sighed quietly, and thought of Mu and Shang. Abruptly, he was struck with a deep feeling of longing for Mu and Shang!

"Mu, Shang, where are you?" The young man's weak mutterings resonated clearly in the cold freezer.

Ye Chong was falling sick! He was sure of it. This was already the 15th hour in the freezer! His patience had led him towards this quandary.

He had been to many planets, but none of them as cold as this freezer. In the Five Galaxies, any decent clothing would have thermostats, and people rarely fell sick because of the weather. Now, Ye Chong was only wearing clothing made of plain plant fibre, given to him by the Mayor back in Emerald City. Dankwood planet did not have seasons, but was comfortably warm throughout the year, so Ye Chong did not wear thick clothing.

Instead, Ye Chong had chosen light clothing for convenience.

As for temperature, Ye Chong was not quite familiar with the idea of it. He only knew that it was very, very cold right now! If no one visited soon, he would decide to force his way out.

He may not be a doctor, but he was quite sensitive of the condition of his body. He could feel his himself growing weaker, and his stamina was depleting very quickly.

If this continued, his situation would become very dangerous!

Ye Chong had always taken his health seriously. Back on the trash planet, he lacked medical supplies, so falling sick was risky business. Moreover, since Ye Chong's body was always robust, he seldom fell sick.

Even so, he had never spent so much time at such a low temperature. His emotional troubles did not help him too. All of these factors finally led to him falling sick!

Cold! His entire body was cold! Ye Chong shuddered. His situation was at an absolute worst. His body was weak, and he could no longer remain clear headed. Ye Chong's strong body did not help him against the extreme cold.

Just when Ye Chong was about to force his way out, he heard footsteps from outside.

Ye Chong could feel his body weakening, but his mind was still working. He quickly hid back into his corner. He could feel his movements slowing down, but could only smile wryly at himself.

Ching! That was the sound of a mechanical door unlocking, and the door opened.

A man stepped inside, and shuddered as he entered the freezer, muttering, "So cold! Who turned down the temperature so much?" He shook his head and headed towards one of the metallic boxes in the corner. He opened the lid and bent over to rummage over its contents.

The man had his back towards Ye Chong.

How could Ye Chong miss this hard won opportunity? Despite his clouding mind and shaking body, Ye Chong's rationale told him that this was not an opportunity to be missed!

Ye Chong bent down to pick up his wooden spear, and tried his best to control his numbing legs as he tiptoed past the man and escaped from the d*mn freezer.

As he exited the freezer, the sudden rise in temperature nearly made Ye Chong stumble.

His vision was becoming blurry, and Ye Chong could feel his mind slipping. His body was weak, and he could not find his usual strength. He believed that even an average nobody could kill him easily right this moment.

His legs were so tired he could barely move them!

He must find a safe place quickly! Even with his condition, Ye Chong's mind still retained a small degree of consciousness!

With his blurring eyesight, Ye Chong felt like he was flying!

If anyone saw Ye Chong right now, they would be very much surprised. Ye Chong was not moving as slow as he felt. On the contrary, he was still agile, and would even react evasively when he heard any sound around him.

However, Ye Chong was not aware of this.

He was focused on only one thing - finding a safe place!

He was now operating entirely on autopilot, and his evasive measures were only the result of his long honed battle instinct!

Ye Chong saw a door through his darkening vision, and made his way through the door without hesitation. He could feel himself almost at his limit!

Ye Chong tried to open his eyes to study the room he was in, but his eyes would not respond to his beckoning. No matter how he tried, his vision was gradually slipping away.

Darkness! Total darkness! Ye Chong found his vision completely engulfed by darkness.

Ye Chong did not know how he managed to hide himself in this darkness, but as he felt his whole body enveloped in this darkness, he finally felt relieved! He lost his final moments of consciousness, and blacked out with the wooden spear still firmly in his grip.

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