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Ye Chong skimmed through the data on the processor. Yup, he put in the blue chip, which contained some surprises other than some professional statistics, including a way to leave Planet Zhou Jian. Bravo, as expected from Old Xu the wise and cautious as he had already prepared an escape path. Well, he probably never expected the virus leaking to the world while causing such havoc, an apocalypse in the history of humankind.

Rui Bing was meditating. Her eyes were closed.

Fei Si joined the scene promptly and passed Ye Chong a bottle of blue liquid, "This is the antivirus, though the correct dosage still required a few clinical tests." Her voice was so flat that no joy was heard, as if it was a really normal thing for her to do.

"Alright. Let's publicize the formula," stated Ye Chong.

Fei Si stared at Ye Chong in bewilderment, as never she would expect such line coming from a person like him, since visually he would be the typical cold person who would care about the survival of the others. In addition, she was well aware of the value of the formula. It could easily grant the person both fame and wealth. He should not be unaware of such fact.

Yet he was unmoved by it? Fei Si was getting more and more confused of this mysterious boy.

Well, it did not seem like Ye Chong had a choice - he did not fancy the fame, although he was pretty into the points. He had lots of places to spend points on yet he had no time to utilize the formula for the potential income. It would only be a matter of time before the three Aristocrats arrived by Zhou Jian. He would be joining the imprisonment if he never made his runaway now!

You have got to be kidding me. A mere Steel Samurai was already a supreme hard nut to crack. How about those legendary fighters like Ye Yin or Brahmara? Am I going to die? They aren't coming alone, they are coming in an army, of millions!

I would be a dead idiot if I would not make my escape now after knowing the way to go.

"Has the professor taken the antidote?" That was his greatest concern.

"Yes," nodded Fei Si, "he has taken the antivirus. He's feeling better now, there shouldn't be any problem."

Ye Chong returned with a nod, "We are going to leave." And Rui Bing's eyes were sprung open.

"Leave? We?" Fei Si could no longer follow the conversation.

"I am bringing all of you along, both you and the professor. The destination has yet to be determined for now," stated Ye Chong nonchalantly.

Fei Si flinched for a few seconds, then her face reddened, "Who are you!" She raised her voice, "Who are you to take all of us away as you wish? Have you asked our thoughts on this? No! You did not! I am *not* leaving! I am *not* going anywhere!" Her reply was firm.

Ye Chong tilted his head, "Keep the drama." Seeing the intensity of her respirating chests, Ye Chong stated, "I am not seeking your opinion. The plan has been established a long time ago."

"Why you!" Fei Si was so caught up by her rage that she was at loss of words, with tears flooding her eyes, "Sniff... sob... who are you... who are you to determine my future... what am I to you... what am I ??"

Rui Bing gave a glance at Fei Si and turned back to Ye Chong.

The feline's glance was immediately understood by Ye Chong somehow as he promptly clarified, "I required the professor's assistance while she is the sole relative to the professor. To avoid trouble she would be taken along."

Rui Bing's eyes glowed slightly, as she showed her understanding with a nod, while her steps approached Ye Chong.

The statement from Ye Chong was ground-shattering to Fei Si, as she retreated her tears as well as the warmness of her face. Her eyes glared at Ye Chong. For some reason, a piercing pain took over her heart, that she felt difficult to even breathe.

With her hands on her chests, her eyes were soulless. She had no idea what she was thinking, her mind felt blank.

Rui Bing gave a sigh, plus a scowl at Ye Chong. She moved to Fei Si, her clear voice came tingling, "Stop overthinking."

The words of Rui Bing pulled Fei Si back to reality. Fei Si could no longer hold her emotions as she collapsed into Rui Bing's embrace to cry.


Ye Chong could not comprehend the situation. What had happened? Why was Fei Si crying? Why was Rui Bing glaring at me? Weird...

"Oh my Zhou Jian, what has happened?" Susan was stunned by the dramatic happening with Fei Si in the embrace of Rui Bing, as her eyes rolled between all three of them. Well, her life experience had somehow given herself a sound deduction to the situation.

The defeat of Xiong Mocong was a plot twist to her script though. Ye Chong's performance was solid too, so she acted pretty easygoing when she kept her promise. The mine was not much of a big deal but she still had not obtained the formula! She would love to seize it right now, but there was Ye Chong with his godlike skills and his army of 600. Judging by those stares of admiration from those pilots, they would swear to obey every order of this boy probably. The world is realistic as the weak would always submit to the strong.

Well, it seemed like she would have to make a detour on this, which was why she was trying her best to stay back at Ze Xi academy, "I could help defeating the mutated lifeforms!" She kindly offered, a perfect excuse it was while being able to approach Ye Chong better after sending Xiong Mocong back to hospitalization. Ye Chong on the other hand was puzzled by her advancement.

And there she was, getting caught into a drama. But nobody seemed to be interested enough to spare her some attention. Well it was not like she cared, as she walked towards Fei Si with a kind smile.

Her life experience told her that going with a roundabout would be the most effective treatment to the situation, as she always had her own way to lower the caution of the foes to achieve what she needed. Although the pesky boy whose name was Chen Mu was acting like a stone of a dump, she did not intend to give up, as she had faced the more stone of a dump before.

Ye Chong decided to not give her a second to act, as he took a look at the time, "We are leaving," he said to Rui Bing.

Rui Bing gave a nod. To where they would go, she would not care, as long as it was with Ye Chong.


"Leaving? To where you guys are leaving?" Susan was alert.

The question was given the silent treatment as Ye Chong preferred to save his words. He made a leap right to the side of Susan, which scared the soul out of her. She was going to move reflexively yet Ye Chong forbade that, his hand grabbed the side of her neck and a crack was heard crystal clear. He was immune to beauty after all, that he would not spare someone just because of her physical appearance, although that snap was only a trick to keep her on ground for 10 days which were the only amount of time he would ever need.

He signaled Rui Bing to stay as he left the room to look for that old Jalopy man.

It did not take him much time before he discovered the good old man was leaning against the corner, dozing off, salivating. And Ye Chong just lifted the sleepyhead all the way back to Rui Bing.


"Oh my Zhou Jian!" The Jalopy elderly was shocked awake, his arms were waving, struggling within Ye Chong's grip.

Ye Chong calmly got the man to the room and placed him down, "What you fella doin', spoiling my nice little nap?" He seemed displeased.

"We are going to leave," replied Ye Chong concisely.

"Leave?" The old man was astonished, "Are you kidding me? Don't mess with the old man. Why are you thinking of leaving now, of all times? Geez, clearly you have not seen the world enough, boy. Zhou Jian has been quarantine, the entire planet is locked away from the world. They won't even let us to lift a toe outside if they could not find a way to cure the virus... man boys these days with their hectic attitude...," he muttered.

Ye Chong was too lazy to brief the angered elderly. Action speaks louder than words anyway.

He gave Rui Bing a nod, "Let's go." And then he lifted the Jalopy old man to the outside, "Hey! Hey! Hey! What do you think yer doing boy? You can never get out! They would crash all the escaping craft! You nuts or something?" Towards the kind advice, Ye Chong showed negligence while he took one last check in his bag, on the three chips which would be the key to their survivals.

Rui Bing took Fei Si by her waists and caught up.

It was midnight and almost everyone was a deep asleep. So the escape was carried out quietly, nobody had noticed how the two long shadows had vanished at the street of Zhou Jian.

They headed to the port, the corridor to be exact. Nothing had changed. The spaceship was still there, which was the greatest relief to Ye Chong. He opened up the gate and raised his ears.


... ... He walked in.

Well, if anyone still remembers, there remained 13 captives inside the ship which technically should be unconscious and in fact they were.

The moment when Old Jalopy saw the ship, he was at loss of word. Fei Si had also stopped weeping in the meantime, as her face was stiff. Rui Bing was calm, seemingly already immune to whatever surprise Ye Chong could bring.

Ye Chong began working right after the gate was sealed tight. The first thing on his list was to smash every communicative device on the passengers. Then he would wake them up.

"Good morning. I guess all of you have already waken up," stated Ye Chong indifferently. "All of you should understand the situation now."

"W-who are you? Why did you attack us?" The bodyguard of the child asked grimly.

Towards the pilot who once sniped him, Ye Chong gave a glance. The bodyguard's scarred face was dull in expression, so were his eyes, apparently unconcerned of his own situation.

"I lacked men to run the ship," Ye Chong answered with honesty.

"Just..." Everyone was shocked, "Just because of this?"

"Yes." The reply was firm.

The little boy seemed unafraid, quite the contrary actually, that he looked at Ye Chong with total interest, "You are great," he commented as he glanced at his bodyguards who lowered their heads in shame, except for the one with a scarred face.

"Where are we going?" The little boy lifted his head and asked in the naive curiosity.

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