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Chapter 340: Departure II
Ye Chong, again, showed ignorance towards the enquiry of the others, as he turned away and smashed the remaining communicative devices in the ship. After that, he returned to the room and untied the red strands on them.   

"All of you should know what you are supposed to do. Now, get back to your respective positions, and you...," he said as he pointed at that scarred bodyguard, "You will be leading them." Everything once under the possession of these guardsmen had been scrapped and they had transformed into the typical unarmed men in the ship. And in terms of an unarmed hand-on-hand, they would never overcome Ye Chong, especially when they had to also take care of young master's safety.

Their only "option" was, to cooperate.

"I do hope there won't be anything funny from you guys, or else..." The consequence sounded severe enough that it gave chills to everyone even when it went unmentioned.

"What the hell are all of you standing there for? Go go go! Do you want to move only when I'm captured with a knife next to my neck?" The little boy's words rang impatiently. He did sound a little too old for his age.

The bodyguards took a look at each other, shrugged, they headed to the commander's room.

The little boy got up and rubbed his wrist, "Hey, don't you think you're a little too harsh sometimes? How could you be so mean to a cute little boy like me?" he muttered.

People were giving off stares at this expressive boy, confused.

And that was when he spotted both Rui Bing and Fei Si. He whistled, as a form of compliment for their appearance, while his eyes mischievously rolled over Ye Chong, "Hmm, not bad. Never thought a dull-looking man like you could get such beauties, are those lassies your wives?"

"Nope," Ye Chong said as he shook his head in disagreement. The answer went so naturally for some reason... Ye Chong felt pretty familiar with this boy. Something of this boy... was giving off nostalgia. But Ye Chong was very sure he had never met such flashy, dramatic boy before. Weird, why the sensation though?

"Well then, which one of them is?" The little boy went on inquiring.
"Uh uh uh, I'll make the guess." The boy interrupted, as his eyes weaved between Rui Bing and Fei Si. "Hmmm..." And he pointed at Rui Bing, "She's your wife!" Affirmatively he gave his answer.

"How do you know that?" asked Ye Chong in bewilderment. He was pretty accurate, ahead-of-time-kind-of accurate. Between Rui Bing and Fei Si, Rui Bing did have a gazillion times greater chance of being his wife if a marriage were to happen. Probably she would also be the only candidate Ye Chong would ever consider.

And Rui Bing's icy cheeks was tinted with heating scarlet. That was the first time Ye Chong admitted their relationship between both of them, even though Ye Chong was too ignorant to be aware of the meaning of his gesture.

"Tsk. One glance and I could tell you're some bum from the countryside. Dull and boring, missing whichever essential of a real man. Sigh, what a waste to the white-garbed lassie..." Shook the boy. It formed a pretty hilarious contrast when a young boy like him giving off comments like some elderly.

The scarred bodyguard was sitting by his side. And Ye Chong shifted his stare. The little boy noticed the changes in Ye Chong's expression, "You could save your stare." Stated the boy, "This dork knows only to murder, nothing else." And he brushed his sleeves, "But I must say you're quite something, that you could defeat him easily."

Ye Chong was quiet.

"Oh and do you happen to have the latest issue of the Playboys?" asked the boy naughtily.
"Yeah, playboys, as in socialite, womanizer, Coxcomb, whatever you call it."
The Coxcomb? And Ye Chong was

reminded of his good old spaceship... as well as his mechanical partner, he missed them. But he understood what the boy wanted, the boy probably was referring to some exotic visuals that Shang used to be a maniac collecting them.
"Nope," said Ye Chong.
"How about Snow White?"
Is that the fairytale?
"I know what you're thinking of, but no. I meant the film 'Schneewittchen... und die schwanzgeile Königin', the classic from a planet called Earth on 1995... I forgot what corresponding year is that in our calendar but you get it."
"No," replied Ye Chong.
The name did sound like the one Shang once shouted when he was in the room alone. That was his favorite too, he kept recommending it.
Man, this boy is seriously like a carbon copy of Shang.

The thought flashed in Ye Chong's mind and he stumbled.

Fei Si looked Ye Chong in his deep ponder. Towards this mysterious young man, her feeling was complicated.
Is it love? No! Way! I don't not believe she would fall for someone so easily. What is it then? Why would I cry? Why would I feel so terribly sad? Why the heartache back then?

For someone who had never experienced relationship like Fei Si, these were so difficult, not even the most professional psychologist could give her the definite answer. Admiration? Worship? Intensity? Pride of a woman? What was it? Who knows...

The little boy was feeling strange upon seeing Ye Chong's sudden silence, as his fair hand waved before Ye Chong, "Galaxy to Big Boy, Galaxy to Big Boy, do you copy?"

And Ye Chong returned to his dimension.

"So where are we going again? Seriously you don't bump into the armies of the Aristocrats. Not even the greatest saint could save you if that happens." The little boy's tone was laid-back, "Meh..."

The action was warming to Ye Chong, since it reminded him a lot of Shang. "I have a plan in mind." Shook Ye Chong as he squinted his eyes. He got to focus.

"Good. Call me up when it's food time, okay?" The little boy waved again and melted into slumber.
"Okay," Ye Chong replied concisely.

Okay, did I just see two extraterrestrial entities communicating with each other? Thought Fei Si, as her large eyes fixed at Ye Chong and the boy, not even the Old Jalopy could compute the situation.

Seeing the boy asleep, Rui Bing frowned as she walked to him silently and placed the blanket over him. His eyes were suddenly wide open, giggled he, "It must be a chore to get your man, right?"

"Hmph!" Rui Bing blushed again and gave a little knock on his head.
"Owww..." The boy rubbed his head, "It's so painful that my little heart broke. I'm a little boy you see, can't take even the slightest violence." And he grabbed Rui Bing's hand and brushed her palm, fingers, "Such tender hands..." He seemed mesmerized...

Rui Bing's frozen eyes were looking a little ridiculed. She quickly withdrew her hand and gave a flick on his forehead. "Sister... Sister..." Rui Bing was walking away, "Speak to me little bit more pretty please..." Rui Bing did not care.

"Man, a cold girl to a dull boy," he mumbled. "Such perfect match." And he went back to sleep, snoring this time.

Fei Si grabbed Old Jalopy to one corner, she glanced at Ye Chong's back once and whispered, "Jalopy man, where do you think he's taking us to exactly?"

"Like heaven I know." Shook Old Jalopy helplessly, "But it shouldn't be a dangerous place. He does not seem to be a bad guy to be honest."
"Then why did he capture us?" Fei Si was really disturbed by this. Ye Chong's utter ignorance of coldness was more heart-piercing than anything else to any girl in this world, especially like a brainiac and independent woman like Fei Si who got more easily agitated over little gesture like this.
"Like hell I know," stated Old Jalopy indifferently, with a gentle rub on Fei Si's head. "Sigh, it's a pain to see a girl like you getting involved in this."

The spacecraft was traveling at the asteroid orbit round Zhou Jian. As the location suggested, countless of asteroids hovered at the area, which were the hazard that any spacecraft would love to avoid. But there was this someone called Ye Chong who favored the contrary of praxis, that the moment he gave the order, the guardsmen were giving the galactic look of confusion at him.

The orbit was silent with only the specks of asteroids floating in the space.

"Take caution and dodge them," ordered Ye Chong.

The guardsmen panicked, they never expected this young man asking them to fly into an asteroid orbit for real. It's suicidal!

The spacecraft had been decelerated drastically as they held the steer carefully. They were skillful, still occasionally they would crash into some pebbles around and caused a quick quake in the craft. The boy woke up when his head hit the wall.

"Dammit! Did somebody curse my forehead today?" shouted the boy.

Ye Chong's eyes fixed upon the screen of asteroids. "Go on." His expression unchanged. The guards were going to explode. If it was not the fact that Ye Chong was unbeatable, they would have swarmed upon him and given him a good smash.

"Eh?" The little boy was bewildered by the happening.

"Stop right there!" Shouted Ye Chong out of the blue.

The steering men's hands twitched, almost led the ship into another crash as they stopped in front of a giant asteroid with a length of 3 kilometers - a rare size of the asteroids to be honest.

And Ye Chong deployed his mech, was going to enter the cabin, "Everybody else stays." He suddenly turned his head to Rui Bing, "If anybody does anything funny, you could do harm." He ordered his most trustworthy member of the ship. Rui Bing had already ascended as a partner of his and towards a partner, Ye Chong would show total trust.

Rui Bing's eyes lustered, as if a kind of joy or passion bladed through the hopeless darkness, "Mhm," she replied. Her white garbs were pure, so were her gorgeous eyes and her chivalry, as if the legendary goddess of war.

Fei Si covered her mouth in disbelief.

"Wow, that's so cool!" The little boy was excited, with his right hand on his chin, acting like he was pondering, "Hmmm, right. If both of them... with their stamina... position in bed... must be interesting, innovative, the greatest of humanity."

It was relieving that the boy knew to have hedging in his words. Imagine if Rui Bing ever caught on his words, he probably would have been lifted in the air to be given the capital punishment of domesticity.

Rui Bing had added some solemnly to the atmosphere, that no man would dare to challenge her by doing something funny. A Jie expert was the formation of dignity themselves, especially for one of the psychic attacking master like Rui Bing.

Ye Chong piloted his Han Jia and went around the asteroid.

Back in the ship, people were stunned. The screen was empty the moment Han Jia left the ship.

And Ye Chong found a dent on this piece of rock as he stopped.

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