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Chapter 338: Mech Duel III
It was a strange fight, an unfair fight if one were to emphasize since both parties shared a drastic difference in size. The Steel Samurai was as if the hulk in rage, ready for destruction, whereas Han Jia was as if the lady in vain, ready for dance-instruction. Interestingly, both pilots were similarly different too, in which Xiong Mocong had the bulkiness of Steel Samurai and Ye Chong suddenly looked so feeble when he stood against Xiong Mocong with that thin body of his.

Bi Bo was ready. His journalist's soul was calling. He would be in remorse for the rest of his life if he were to miss this duel without the camera!

Quickly he took out his camera and was going to give a press on the ON button. Smash. A dagger came from no where and the camera splintered.

"What th-" Nobody could stand their expensive, beloved photographic apparatus being smashed for no reason, even for Mr. Good-tempered like Bi Bo, he lifted his head, was going to throw a tantrum, yet he was stopped, as seeing Susan's sweet smile as she played with the other dagger of hers, "Little boy, it's never a good habit to sneak a shot on others alright?"

"Ha. Hahaha...." His rage had vaporized into an awkward laugh. She was right, Bi Bo even despised the paparazzi-like behavior himself. He zipped his mouth and sucked it up.


Both sides stampeded and jumped into the cabin. Every second in a mech duel counts! The time one took to enter the cabin would be the top determiner in the outcome.

90% of the pilots who died in a fight against the martial arts neglected such brief process.

Xiong Mocong might have a cumbersome looking body, he was truly dexterous for he was nearly as fast as Ye Chong, in a ground-shattering movement however... It felt like a plough machine, except armed with a turbo. Ye Chong was quite the contrary as he moved like a phantom silently.

Ye Chong was slightly ahead of Xiong Mocong, even though Xiong Mocong had butted into the cabin before Ye Chong managed to sit tight.

The first stage of a mech duel ended with a draw. It was no surprise for the Ze Xi trainees to see Ye Chong leading, since they had been well-convinced by his performance during the war, but it was a little distressing to see how the triumph he made was negligible at first stage.

Xiong Mocong thought otherwise however, as his glance convinced him the fact that this punk turned out to be slightly faster in action, which gave him a skip in his heartbeat. He had been a freelancing pilot before joining the organization so he had gotten used to the days of getting into a street fight taken in the form of a duel, which was the main source of his income. To ensure the money flowing, he worked hard on nailing every duel yet it was the first time he encountered someone who got into position faster than him.

So was this punk truly unlike what he looked?

But he no longer had the chance to retreat now. He settled down and skillfully activated the engine.

I guess the punk should also be warming up now. Thought Xiong Mocong as habitually he glanced at the screen, which gave him a flinch.

The screen... is empty?
Wait what?

The first deduction that appeared in his mind was, the foe had hidden himself. But that was not possible, the foe could hide but never possibly this fast. He might be a few seconds ahead of Xiong Mocong but those few seconds were not sufficient to perform a camouflage, not even for a elite pilot.

Is my detection system jammed? Maybe... although I clearly remember the amount of maintenance I worked on this baby. Don't tell me the machine just has to break down at this very nick of time. My body is not ready for this.

Xiong Mocong was experienced enough to know to turn out the photon-detecti

on mode. The arena was not boundless like the space, so it should work, although Xiong Mocong did not see this as a good beginning for a duel.

Right at that moment, a gorgeous-looking mech filled the entire screen, which gave Xiong Mocong a shocker as his hands reflexively bounced on the control panel.

Such speed. The foe has already gotten right into my face!?

He reacted promptly with a standard stance by his Steel Samurai to block the incoming blow.

Thus! The Steel Samurai was pushed a few steps back. Han Jia might have a smaller physique than the Steel Samurai, its featherweight still packed a punch under velocity.

The Steel Samurai slightly tilted its body and repositioned itself into another stance. Thup! The next blow was blocked successfully. The pair of daggers of Han Jia however left two slashes on the shield of the samurai.

Such defense... Ye Chong was amazed as he performed a quick flip at Han Jia. Its butterfly wings quivered frantically and zapped to the back of the samurai.

"Jesus..." Shrieked Bi Bo, even Susan nearly tripped herself seeing the speed. Did the feebly pretty mech just break the law of aerodynamic?!

Impossible, how? Bi Bo who was well educated by his father believed his own insight in the law of physics.

Xiong Mocong lost the sight of the mech. The back! His instinct shouted and intuitively he made a front tilt, a graceless self-tripping.

A slash of shadow swung right pass the neck of the samurai, a split second before the samurai was nearly beheaded.

Such opponent. Xiong Mocong went fully alarmed, as realizing the skills of the foe being way beyond his imagination. It was as if the outcome had been determined from the very beginning. The two simple blows from the foe could be very well defined as blows by a phantom. He would have surrendered if he was not at his very prime today.

The Steel Samurai lifted itself by the arms on the ground, with the additional engines all turned on, as it began rolling away like a pinball.

I would be shredded if I did not pull myself away from this punk.

His plan was overthrown as Ye Chong did not intend to spare him, being a person uninterested of the Tom & Jerry he was. His hands flipped through the control panel. All engines of Han Jia were on as it zoomed towards the Steel Samurai.

Thup! Thump! Thup! Thump! Wham! Bam... a barrage of attack rained upon the guard of the samurai, about 16 times.

It was a miracle that he could take down every hit, even the audience exclaimed with few rounds of applause heard.

It was also a miracle that one could make a barrage of attack in such speed. It could have been the maximum of humanity! Be it the timing or the angle, the attack was impeccable, whereas the samurai - despite being put under such a terrible situation - still was able to perform a perfect guard.

The sturdiness of the foe had stimulated Ye Chong, as his hands stormed upon the control panel, into countless afterimages the input was punched. Han Jia's next shower of attack followed, a frenzy one too, tracing the escaping samurai.

Han Jia would be a killing machine when put into a close-ranged fight.

The giant wings of Han Jia had been withdrawn, while the 12 tentacles were fluttering.

Ye Chong's eyes were glued upon the screen. He too was at his maximum. The APM was so high that one could barely see the lining of his hands on the control panel. The afterimages seemed to have disappeared. It was this fast.

Pair of daggers, 12 spiked tentacles, kneecap attack, elbow blow, diving kick, soccer strike, the moves were chained after one another, as they raided upon the Steel Samurai.

Xiong Mocong was somehow excited by the battle, as instinct seemed to have fully taken over his mind since the continuous attack of Han Jia was already beyond the maximum of his his reaction speed, only intuition could save him. In layman's term, he basically had lost the control, he had no idea what was going on.

Every spectator there, including Bi Bo and Susan were hardly able to witness the scene, as the Steel Samurai was being thrashed by a delicate-looking mech, like a punching bag.

Ye Chong was feeling pumped as he seemed to be breaking the APM cap. Unfortunately he was so engaged in the battle that he did not notice it at that moment.

Terrifying attack, yet also a terrifying defense there were.

Both mechs were monstrous in the eyes of the witnesses.

Xiong Mocong's nostrils felt warm, bleeding had occurred as he had overclocked himself throughout the battle. Physical damage could be seen happening on his body.

Ye Chong's eyes shone the moment he discerned the weakening of the foe. Smash! The APM cap had been broken!

That was the very first time in history Ye Chong broke the speed cap after so long being bogged down by it. The barrage of attack by Han Jia had been enhanced, both strength and speed. The expression of Bi Bo and Susan was priceless as it was so ever-changing. The pilots around knew what it meant to break the speed cap.

The leaders of the respective teams were getting regretful of their foolish behavior.

Hush, shush, slash. The daggers of Han Jia danced in the air, leaving 12 afterimages.

The Steel Samurai was still sturdy at first, till crack was heard. The elbows, the knees, the crotch and the neck were disengaged! The samurai was only able to guard 5 blows, while chewing the remaining 7. The bulky samurai had been dismembered, as the parts splattered.

It was a mind-blowing scene as the place got dead silent.

The duel ended.
And Xiong Mocong left the cabin, on a stretcher, being unconsciousness, with blood tainting his mouth and nose - a horrible sight if one may ask.

Xiong Mocong had demonstrated enough skill as a super expert, both bi Bo and Susan knew that. His defeat was not because of his lack of skill or lack of performance but the fact that he had encountered an anomaly.

The sylphlike Han Jia was no longer as gracefully frail as it looked before, while that frail-looking pilot of such great machinery was given the look as if a great man he was.

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