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Chapter 330: Blazing Like Fire!
Blaze-III joined the battle silently. With its appearance being unsophisticated as the 900 mechs around it, it struck the people as the next movement transformed it into an oddity. Acrobatically its metallic arms were looking elastic out of sudden, they were waving gently, flexibly, making a perfect curve when the container was lobbed beyond the crowd it was surrounded in.

Blaze-III's engine had been activated once the container left its palms. And within 0.6 second, the velocity had been maximized. The manual did mention about the minimum launching time of Blaze-III being 0.9 second yet Ye Chong somehow saved that 0.3 second. Any folk from the spectator's area might assume the insignificance of that 0.3 second, but to any pilot like you and me, that 0.3 second could produce miracle.

As the required time for acceleration decreased, the pressure the body had to withstand would proportionally increase. While 0.9 second was already the quickest a typical Blaze-III could boot - on paper that is, one could imagine how it felt to force-boot within 0.6 second. It would be easily terrifying by just looking at it.

Booting an unmodified mech quicker than the recommended safety duration or making an illusion of elasticity on mechanical arms, either of them was enough to make a few spectators spring from their seats. Now, imagine both of them happening together. Certainly people would be fixed on their seats, while their brains were jammed.

The performance did not end here. Blaze-III, a model to be assumed for the novices that could barely do a thing, had somehow taken steroids somewhere in the dark. And it got into position again.

Super short-ranged quick turns! Speckled Moon Spin! Thomas's Spin!

Ye Chong chained three sets of moves in a distance of less than 300 meters. The formation around Blaze-III had been distorted. The trained pilots were trying their best to hold this pimp up by intuition, yet every quick turn Ye Chong made, they were slightly pushed away. And Ye Chong performed 12 quick turns in a shot, excluding the 6 feints he pulled off to mislead their undertrained foes.

Ye Chong did not spare the next few seconds as the Speckled Moon Spin pretended that he was going to leave. The pilots panicked as they broke through their formation, launching their machineries upon Blaze-III.

To end the show, Ye Chong lifted Blaze-III from the closing crowd with a Thomas's Spin. The container landed right within Blaze-III's proximity and the mechanical arms gave a gentle flip and sent the container right ahead.

The last 10 seconds lapsed in dead silence. No one spoke, the commentators all zipped their mouths. The audience was wordless.

And they began screaming uncontrollably. People were jumping on their beds in their rooms, the hotel had been exploded with hurrahs. No one understood their own scream, nor their friends'. They just screamed, for this moment impossible to be put into words.

Amazement. Pure amazement.

The audience had been overwhelmed by the performance. The world had been dominated by a mere Blaze-III.

The pilot had demonstrated something beyond the beauty of martial arts, that people would pull their hair, jumping in craze.

Meanwhile, the 6 pilots were still unnerved by the last move, so were a majority of the audience before the screen. They could not comprehend a thing that happened, but it would not stop the audience to board on the hype train.

A strong visual impact. It was a mind-blowing scene to the laymen at the spectators' seat, while it turned out to be a mind-dominating view to the pilots. The unwritten rule of the records of history was this simple - an instance or a person would become the classic, a known tale for the following centuries, once they were reminisced,

or they were retold to the following generations of their impeccable doings.

And this very visual was destined to be a legend since the day it was created. This single tape had topped every other downloads in the visual ranking within a year, and was incorporated into more than 50 types of learning materials for piloting. Certainly the number of times it was quoted in academies was simply astronomical.

The few seconds of visual had told many, many stories. That gentle toss leading the entire scene had shown how the entire situation was under the grasp of this mysterious boy.

People had researched it, professionally. They concluded, while the movement seemed to be all graceful and enchanting, the difficulty was of insanity. Based on the outcome of their experiment, technically the number of inputs required per second would be easily gazillions in order to achieve the particular effect. One could already imagine the APM of this mysterious boy when he laid his hands on the control panel.

All these inputs, accomplished within 0.6 second of acceleration, were convincingly inhumane of the boy to the public. Was he even a human?

The more intriguing was the intelligibility demonstrated by this boy. Super Short-ranged Quick Turn, Speckled Moon Spin, Thomas's Spin... all were not the most indigenous moves utilized by a senior pilot today, yet the boy had applied them creatively, within a brief 300 meter range... The condensation of movements chained by the intense quick turn had once again verified the speculation that the boy possessed an inhuman physique, while it also had successfully fulfilled the goal of holding the enemies thanks to the peculiar shifts cleverly disguised by Blaze-III.

Speckled Moon Spin was a shocker. A Moon Spin was typically identified by the orbit made by the mech during the travel, which formed a virtually perfect circle like the moon, whereas a speckled one would be a consecutive repetition of these rapid spins. Speckled Moon Spin was known for its minimal changes of spatial pattern during the performance, as it would almost seemingly creeping its way, in an intense velocity which was perfect for runaways. Thomas's Spin was... quite the contrary, the movement was large while being comparatively slow.

The conventional sequence would be an alternation between Thomas's Spin and Speckled Moon Spin, but this Blaze-III was preferring being the deviant, as it actually attempted a runaway using the slow Thomas's Spin while using Speckled Moon Spin as its cover.

Convention? Yes! That's why!
It was a little puzzling to most pilots out there at first, yet their eyes went wide open when they thought it out. Since it was a convention, the foes would assume the mech running away whenever it performed a Speckled Moon Spin, yet in actuality it was taking a cover. That would be a method to disrupt the formation of the foes! The deception would work, the formation would loosen and then the pilot would use Thomas's Spin to drastically remove himself! Thomas's Spin was slow but the range was more than enough to overcome the opened gap!

The boy had completed 3 typical techniques within the range of 300 meters, evidently telling the foes that he was not giving them any second to ponder on counters. That would be the key to succeed in a fight.

Moreover, the timing of he escaping the siege and grabbing the falling container were impeccable. Assuming it was no coincidence as he managed to do that, that would be a rather frightening standard of deducing prediction.

The last move of Blaze-III was an actual technique of martial artists, though performed via mechanical limbs, which seemed so graceful however, proving the extreme APM of the mysterious boy.

It did not sound that it lived to the crowd's craze but it was pretty logical for Ye Chong to be this phenomenal, as he was born in an age of those who wielded great skills despised their visuals being publicized, where all of them refused to be a research material for they never wanted to risk having their weaknesses identified and thus eliminated. So an actual visual of mech performance was a hard-find. Of course the crowd would go crazy over a once-in-a-blue-moon high-quality visual in high-definition.

The pilots who were watching the performance had been stoned, including those in the flying mechs who almost got gashed by the flying mutated lifeforms.

The pilot of Blaze-III was feeling otherwise however, as lethargically he tossed the container, like a hardworking construction worker.

And all containers had finally been launched, Bi Bo immediately ignited the Bluefire reagent.

Dimming Blue, the phenomena of a chemical reaction had once again bloomed, gorgeously!

The flames of Dimming Blue were a warning sign to all the pilots who were again astonished by its overwhelming vigor.

Soon the flames formed a complete circle, protecting the alchemy department.

A golden figure rapidly zapped across the wall. In a winding golden line Rui Bing travelled in the Guardian. It was not her usual velocity but she was getting used to the Guardian.

Certainly, those mutated lifeforms trapped within the circle would be the best dummy for her to practice.

The afterimages of golden threat stacked up quickly as Rui Bing's movements accelerated. That pair of daggers sliced through the weakness point identified by the system skillfully. Rui Bing came attacking wildly like a feline with honed claws. Unlike Ye Chong, she was truly the descendant of martial arts. And a close-combat model like the Guardian was a perfect match for her, especially with the strength-enhancing mechanism which could overcome the weakness of her naturally low vitality as a woman.

The monstrosity flinched, as desperately the mutated lifeforms looked for ways to escape. Their compatriots rapidly decreased as Rui Bing swung her blades.

The audience was feeling relieved, as the pilots seemed to be regaining the control of the situation.

And that was when Ye Chong's pupils shrunk drastically, upon seeing the screen.

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