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Chapter 331: Battle Royale
No time to ponder!
By classical conditioning, Ye Chong's hands swept over the control panel once again.

Hundreds of beams came from the stampede of mutated lifeforms below.

E-Energy beam?!

Boom! Boom! Crash!
The beams passed by hovering mechs in the sky. They exploded, burnt and fell into a handful of meteorites.

The plot twist was shocking to everyone.

Apparently Blaze-III was the monstrosity's main target as quite a few pillars of light came towards Ye Chong. He reacted quickly with a rough swing and dodged them gracelessly. Nevertheless, the two arms of Blaze-III had been destroyed by the beams. The core of the main body remained intact, most fortunately, or Ye Chong could not imagine himself joining the falling stars.

The beams continued as Ye Chong frantically inputted new commands on the control panel. Blaze-III was carrying out one standard dodge after another while Ye Chong, having cold sweat over his forehead, was slowly being consumed by it. Blaze-III was facilitated with a standard pressure buffering system yet Ye Chong was getting wobbly by the constant drastic turns he made. The beam attack was so ferocious and dense that no matter what he did Blaze-III still got hit on its right leg. One could see the circuits as well as the gears dripping in black revealed at the wreckage. How would the machinery fight with only a single leg left?

The grand debut of Blaze-III was now a memory, as pathetically it hovered. Ye Chong almost saw himself becoming part of the memory too, if it was not for his quick action. The audience was still in the aftermath of the plot twist, unable to react.

The sudden raid had demolished most of the mechs in the sky. More allies had fallen in the next few minutes. Ye Chong could foresee a hundred of them had gone into debris. "No! The mutated lifeforms can't be firing!"
"Humans? There were snipers?"

The pilots of the three teams realized the cold fact to their demise.

"This is unforgivable! We are fighting for men and we get hit by them?" The pilots were enraged as they removed themselves from the stampede of lifeforms and headed towards the source of firing. They fired up all their ranged weaponry and drastically looked for that very damned target to launch a barrage.

It was hard. The snipers were lurking within the lifeforms. Their disguise was great as well.

The stranger thing was, despite being within the bunches of mutated lifeforms, the snipers seemed to be unnoticed by them.

The pilots wondered, of what kind of relationship both the snipers shared with the mutated lifeforms, that they could avoid being attacked by them. The snipers had ascended into the newest enemy of humanity.

Little did they know, that there was Bi Bo's camera capturing everything the whole time. The happening had been broadcasted throughout the galaxy and these little assassins had become the public enemy.

Ye Chong was unnerved, as he realized strength would not be his safety charm, since luck would also be part of the account. At least he was not part of the major misfortune.

The beams showered again and Ye Chong zoomed towards one of the landing sites of the near building. Blaze-III did not decelerate even when approaching, not because it did not intend to, it was because the situation forbade it to. The beams were chasing it and Ye Chong carried on his insane APM to perform clumsy dodges to survive. He could guarantee that he would become ashes the moment he turned down his gear.

The strength of these snipers was stronger than he thought. It had been a while since he last met pilots that could push him to the corner like this. Moreover, the snipers after him were not one or two, but literally seven of them!

Right whe

n he was 3 meters away from the parking site, he opened the cabin of Blaze-III and quickly ejected himself! Ye Chong made a peculiar twist with his body, dodging that very beam millimeters away from his waist. He could almost hear his heart pumping, his body shivering, as the twist was made out of his habitual caution, never would he expect they would fire at him even at brief second like this.

The tip of his toes touched the ground, the muscles of both his legs contracted dramatically. Boom! A crater was made below as he launched himself like a fired arrow, all the way deep into the connecting tube.

Another beam followed 5 centimeters from his back as he made a new twist to dodge it. The beam missed him but landed on a poor mech in the air instead. Boom! The mech swallowed its debris.

His back was wetted by cold sweat. His neck was stiff, warning him to never turn back. A few tips he made with his toes again, zigzagging his way into the darkness of the tube.

Was it safety? He thought.

He was panting heavily. The brief inhumane execution consumed a majority of his stamina. His nerves were wrecked. Feeling lightheaded, he almost fell. He was drained as sweat fell off his fringe. His clothing was soaked by his sweat of fear.

Within the last 3 minutes, he had experienced the dead-or-alive for countless times.

It's been a while. He thought.

At some point of time he got so strong that he was no longer concerned about the tricks the foes seemed to know. He had always been the leading person in a battleground, unlike today.

Blaze-III was still crappy as I thought! Oh my Fal galaxy... I would have died with this piece facing the real deal.

The 7 men were true killers. While 6 of them seemed to have a shabbier shooting skill than Bi Bo, the strongest one of them all - the seventh man, was giving Ye Chong most fears, as the last few shots that trailed Ye Chong to the building, were by none other than him. Lady Luck was by Ye Chong's side today but not sure if she would be, on the next battle they faced again.

Leaned against the wall, Ye Chong could not stop panting.

The war had gotten more chaotic. The remaining pilots were certainly not outnumbered by these few snipers. But from the aspect of skillfulness, it was battle between a whole bunch of novice and a handful of adepts.

The pilots were angered by the sudden attack at first. But they quickly calmed down and tried to regain control of the situation. After losing around a hundred of mechs, the figure seemed to have stabilized. There were still mortality from their sides, but not at a rate as horrendous as before, while mechs of those pesky snipers seemed to have decreased as well.

The fighting mechs zoomed towards the mechs facing the army of mutated lifeforms below, showing no fear, no retreat on their side.

Nobody could witness the death of their teammate one after another with folded arms.

Dead or alive. To battle or to die. The spirit was kindled among the men. They no longer feared those terrifying beasts stampeding right before them.

In the dim sky, different kind of beams were exchanged, with occasionally flames of the explosion of a fallen ally. The cruelty of war had just been blatantly presented to the world.

Bi Bo's face was calm, yet his eyes were convincingly wild, as filled with a kind of untamed rage of a wolf in sheepskin. He was not a blind-shooter, neither he was a blockhead, soon he could already distinguish the potential relationship between these pesky snipers and the mutated lifeforms.

The Spider was on full fire!

As trained by his father the great, his shooting skill was impeccable!

His sequence of shooting only consisted of lock-on and fire, all within a matter of split second, while aiming every fatality of the target mechs. He had smashed 4 mechs so far.

Rui Bing in the Guardian was observing the warfield under the guard of Dimming Blue. Her man was certainly a risk-taker, a super risk-taker too, that on a few occasions he just had to gamble his life performing acrobatics to scare the soul out of her. "At least he is safe." She was relieved. All mutated lifeforms inside the circle of Dimming Blue had been cleared. She had started getting familiar with the first toy Ye Chong gave her - the Guardian.

And nobody seemed to have noticed there was also a godlike expert here.

Her eyes aimed those nasty mechs who tried to strike her man just now, as her body lowered, her feet sank to the ground. She made a leap, hurled herself over the boundary of blue flames, into the wave of mutated lifeforms.

The golden figure weaved in and out of the monstrosity. The Guardian was the perfection for quick, small movements, while speed was the bread and butter of Rui Bing. She zapped her way under the enhancement of the Guardian, none of the mutated lifeforms could even catch her sight.

Soon she approached one of those mechs. Yes. That mech was the one who tried shooting Ye Chong.

Within the scope of darkness, countless fine white lines formed a three dimensional model of the target, rotating and enlarging quickly. Rui Bing was then flushed by the data stream of infinity, with the surrounding fading out and only the three crossing lines of target remained!

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