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Chapter 329: The Annoying Pimp
The mutated lifeforms are coming!

They had raided the entire sky - a larger wave than before.

Were those the beast stampedes from Archipelago? Thought Ye Chong.
The leading force was obviously still the mutated rodents, since they were the typicality of reproduction itself the whole time. The new members to the army were those gigantic organisms, looking hideous with their distorted appearance. Among them, those gliding in the sky were the most harmful and aggressive as unpredictable their movements were.

The war took place again.

And people understood what they had to do. Less talk, more work, survival be at top priority. They were the trained pilots of military units, they were well-informed of the thumb rule on war field.

The 900 standby units zoomed into the sky, as they arranged at 3 complete formations. The professionals were still different than those greenhorns down there. For starters, their mechs were already far superior, since the Aristocrats were very generous on military. Moreover, every formation was led by a highly experienced pilot.

The trainees were frightened by the waves of mutated lifeforms. The battle they had before looked like a warmup now.

The pleasing news was, at least the nameless boy brought 900 professional pilots to join their force. The building of alchemy department also provided a sturdy stronghold for their safety.

All openings of the building had been shut tight.

People gathered inside, hiding at the storage deep inside the building specifically, with only one corridor opened up to another storage containing their living resources. The food could last them easily half a month, and technically most of the the materials prepared for alchemy classes were edible by nature as well. The security cameras at the exterior allowed them to remain connected to the world outside.

Fei Si was producing something. She was the only person who had clearly comprehended the every step of Ye Chong when producing the Bluefire solution. She was, an experienced and well-supplied alchemist after all. She certainly could reproduce the same solution after one observation at Ye Chong's hands.

Bluefire solution would be their sole defense now. She did not ask for assistance from the trainees however, she was doing it all by herself. She had to, since one could imagine what a disaster it would be if everyone was aware of the methods to produce such horror.

Ye Chong joined her the moment he saw her moving. Rui Bing was still standing at the side, with her eyes attracted by the man in work.

Both of them acted quickly as a massive amount of Bluefire was produced in the end. Ye Chong planned to make a drain and pour these in to build an effective wall, but they did not have the time, unfortunately.

The army had already arrived by the academy itself.

Ye Chong and Fei Si had produced about 30 containers of Bluefire, 3 tonnes each.

The war was intense when they transported the containers to the parking lot.

Every entrance to the building 50 floors and below was shut. The rodents were no longer an issue, they only had to watch out for the flying ones. What all the galaxies shared in common was the fact that there would always be a landing port and connecting tube at every floor of every tall building. One might be warned about the intrusion of these unknown flying pests via the connecting tube, but man, the people simply did not have the time to do so.

900 mechs were assigned to every corner around those tubes. Well, it was a saving grace indeed for Ze Xi academy was just an average school, with a budget that looked as shabby as its own school building when compared to the fancy 800 floor tall alchemy department building of Engradie Academy. The school building of Ze Xi academy had on

ly 200 floors, so the amount of defense required to cover up the entire building was much lesser than they imagined.

Under the instruction of their own respective leader, they guarded every of that transparent corridor connected to the building. The mutated avifaunas had insane vitality, one would not even see a scratch on their wings if it was not a critical hit. They were fearsome and aggressive as ever, while they came in flocks and retained their mobility and agility as their former entity, which were not something a machinery could compete, a painful issue.

And these were the starters, it would be a true horror if one would look upon the ground.

The ground was rumbling. The ground was shaking. The waves of mutated lifeforms shuddered, the waves of mutated lifeforms went silent.

Scarlemender was hardly 7 meter long before and with the power of the virus, it had grown into size of a mech, while becoming more belligerent than before as it landed its few tonnes of weight upon the cracking ground, leaving craters behind its every step. The iron fortress of the alchemy department might not last under its attack.

The gigantic monstrosity was not limited, they were scattered around the army and would crush any foe with the enormous impact they made on every move. At least one group of their allies lost the climbing ability with the overwhelming weight gain after mutation or it would be nasty business to deal.

Thump! Crash! Thup! The mutated lifeforms were charging towards the alchemy department building, knocking into the walls again and again. Dents began forming on the surface, but as far as the budget of Engardie Academy guarded, the walls were not cracking yet at the moment.

The wave this time was greater than before.

Ye Chong deployed Blaze-III while Rui Bing took out the Guardian almost immediately after. The monochromic vision was very much foreign to her eyes. Bi Bo also jumped into action with his spider machinery.

Most pilots were disappointed when Ye Chong deployed - of all mechs - a Blaze-III, which was a typical model for the greenhorns to be given a disdainful stare on.

Sigh, newbie was being newbie again, let him be, let him be the hero he tried too hard to be. Thought every pilot from Mi family and Bibiqi. The guy probably was the Mr. Richie Rich they had grown up hearing. Well, that made sense when the two young masters of the families called them to take care of him. It was unbelievable for the families to waste the resources on a pathetic Richie Rich like him. Oh, look, that journalist boy called up a spider mech, must be an expert. Oh, was that a Miniature mech? Those got to be the bodyguards for this little novice there. Meh. Who else could he be? Some legendary warrior from another galaxy?

Guys, look at that eager face of his, he wants to join us.

The pilots were alarmed.

Oh please, someone keep him at the garbage place.

"Sir, it would be very helpful to head back to the storage if you could. Let the men do the war for you," announced the leading pilot of Mi family air force promptly.

"Yeah, sir, it's safer there. We could do all the work," added the leader of Bibiqi family pilot force.

"Fight your own war. Don't bother me." Mi De and Fatty did once mention these forces would listen to his orders but deep inside he knew, he was not the person to give sensible commands in war, it would be better to let the experienced do their job. Moreover, these men were not the Sangs and because of that, it was very unlikely they would listen fully to his orders.

He made up his mind to let them do their job as they said, till the moment they began working on their formation, and Ye Chong was shaking his head violently as one of the aggressive rodents on the street.

What is this? Are you sure they are trained?! Thought Ye Chong, although feeling uncomfortable to send his disdain directly as if discriminatively. Compared to the Sangs, these pilot forces were looking like a fresh graduate from military pilot school. G-nat* would have been simple to defeat if one of them, with their intelligence, realized they could have lured the G-nat to be killed by their allies and not having an endless dance from Waltz to Tango with the flying insect in the air for the last 3 minutes while being unable to take it down.

I am not sure how potent the Sangs are in He Yue galaxy. But logically, these 900 men should have been above-the-average pilots. So why? What's all these kindergarten hide-and-seek nonsenses?

Ye Chong was determined when he hopped into the cabin. The leaders of the 900 pilots began cursing silently. "Quick, stop him!" Sent they, a few of their allies to hold up and "kindly" escort that restless pimp back to the building.

Bi Bo's camera had been switched on ever since Ye Chong returned from the classroom with Fei Si and Rui Bing. The audience got worked up upon seeing their hero getting into action again, as they anticipated the next surprise from him. He was finally alone this time, without anyone to hold him back in the cabin.

The 6 mechs zoomed from the army and hovered near both sides of Blaze-III, with a plan to seize Blaze-III first to force him grounded, so that they could get off and capture that mischievous boy back to the building. Bi Bo did not intend to come forward, instead he adjusted the angle quickly, expecting something epic soon.

Blaze-III was holding a container as it flew, looking like a tortoise in front of those standard war machines. It seemed like it had been destined for the pimp to stay as a pimp.

"It looked like the end... Sigh." The audience was disappointed.

Ye Chong frowned and muttered, "What the heck are they doing?"

And the moment he began, people were stunned for the next 10 seconds.

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