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Chapter 320: The Descendant of the Great
The line of Bi Bo was spread to all corners of the world.

Wait, that was from the journalist Bi Bo? People were shocked upon hearing the name "Bi Zhibo", who was the very well-known pilot. So Bi Bo was the son of the great pilot himself? The people were skeptical however, wondering what had made a son of an established pilot headed elsewhere for career, like an ordinary journalist for example, since having such a father would have guaranteed him a head start for a successful career.

Bi Zhibo? The blonde young man had mentioned lots of names, there was one Bi Zhibo as far as Ye Chong could remember. He took a glance at the determined-looking man, "Alright," nodded Ye Chong. "Come with us."

"Wow that is just clever!" One of the audience shouted excitingly, "That excuse had worked! Everyone, we could see more of this!"

Certainly the audience wanted to see more of Ye Chong as they were curious to see a highly skillful martial arts practitioner transforming into a full-time pilot in the field.

The performance of Ye Chong was lasting enough to be remembered by people for a century.

Blaze-III was booting there. Although it was a mere model massively manufactured from a factory, somehow it had become a mysterious model as this mysterious boy piloted it. Could it be a modified mech? The audience wondered.

Blaze-III was in fact a standard close-combat model that nobody really cared due to its average components. There were the Blackgold shield of Ye family, the magnetic blade better than those you have grown familiar with back in the 5 major galaxies.

Parrying spear was also a standard equipment for all melee models. Blaze-III had a balanced attack and defense, only the mobility was slightly an eye-opener which Ye Chong aimed at the beginning anyway.

Blaze-III might be indecently equipped, but Ye Chong did not show any disdain. The design of the main body was still reasonable, the engine was great, the range of movement by its limbs was wide as well. Weaponry-wise, Ye Chong did not see the significance of adding more ornaments to it since the chance of his weapon breaking was pretty slim during battle. Moreover, having more weapons did not translate as being more potent in battle.

Ye Chong held Fei Si and got into the cabin, "Hey boy!" Shouted the elderly down there, "Take great care of her! Don't bother to see me again if she got into something!"

Mi De, Fatty and Bi Bo also entered their own mechs afterwards.

Bi Bo's mech was a spider-model, with 6 gigantic legs holding a flat disc body in green. There were a few ranged weapons revealed on its body, reminding the people that his family, particularly the head, Bi Zhibo was known for his godlike shooting skills, although the people wondered if the son of the legend himself would do as good. The spider mech was a radical design of ranged model, which had totally discarded the ability to fight in close-range.

The mechs both Mi De and Fatty deployed were also the advanced models, which left Ye Chong's mech looking quite shabby among the four of them.

Ye Chong soon realized that those blue lines he saw before had disappeared. He could not even see the palest lining anywhere when he looked at his control panel... but when he took a look at Fatty and the others, those faint blue lines would appear again. The density of blue lines probably were directly proportional to his mental concentration.

Or the blue lines only work on living things?
Speculated Ye Chong in shock, since the ability was really new to him. He had seen similar lines and dots on the Guardian but it worked utterly differently.

Ye Chong the sensitive fighter was very much disturbed by the constant intrusion of these blue lines, that they still felt distracting even at the palest. Ye Chong wondered if he would b

e seeing blue lines on every person or animal for the rest of his life, that they would be his target only awaiting to be killed forever.

If that was the case, it would be horrifying. Ye Chong did not hate slaughter but only would do it when there was a need. He would not want to become an actual bloodthirsty barbarian. And histories had taught him that any strong man would be the public enemy once he was tainted by the name of murderer, and soon his demise would arrive.

"Are you alright?" Said Fei Si, seeing Ye Chong acting odd, "Is there anything wrong?" She was wondering if the fight had fully consumed him just now.

One cabin and two persons felt a little crammed indeed. Physical contacts were practically unavoidable. Ye Chong would have some muscle memory at the bottom usually when the contacts happened, but the blue lines would disrupt him whenever he took a look at Fei Si.

Sigh... what a pain. Is it even good to have such ability? At least it seems to be not applicable on non-living things or I should be swallowing an energy firearm now. I wonder if I could resist the urge of slicing through those lines whenever I saw somebody in future.

The happening was giving Ye Chong chills as cold sweat rolled over his forehead.

"Are you seriously alright?" Asked Fei Si in concern, "Your face doesn't look right." Fei Si thought Ye Chong was a man with great stamina, never she would think that he would be so drained after battle.

"I..." Ye Chong's eyes were wavering, "I don't know the road, guide me."
"Aren't you a student here? How could you not know?" Shocked Fei Si was.
Beep. Ye Chong showed ignorance as he activated the mech. He had been having his own study on history and literature the whole time, how would he know where the other department was?

Upon seeing Ye Chong's lack of reaction, Fei Si zipped her mouth afterwards as she stood behind Ye Chong. There was only one seat in the cabin anyway, so Fei Si had to bow and hold the back of Ye Chong's seat. It was so tiring that Fei Si had already started panting briefly after the activation, with her sweet breath constantly tapping the back of Ye Chong's neck.

It was her first time being this close to a man, she was a little nervous.

Ye Chong on the other hand was feeling nothing other than the itch on his neck. He had a battle to fight in the end.

They were 3000 meters away from the destination, so they had to fly, as they would only arrive at the destination in the shortest amount of time under the assistance of advanced technology. There were also mutated lifeforms in the sky, but not as many as on the ground.

"Testing." Ye Chong turned on the communication channel and engaged with the other 3 members. "Yes, we got it."
"Alright, let's move." The 4 mechs zoomed into the sky, in a formation of diagonal with Ye Chong at the front.

Bi Bo connected the camera to the slot of his mech. Now his broadcast would go in a clear view from his mech.

The audience was anticipating.

A mutated vulture headed towards them upon eye-contact.

Ye Chong was already prepared for his first fight. This was just a birdie compared to the time he fought the Steelbats.

HIs hands gently placed on the control panel. He rose his fingers and... WAIT.
He realized a critical problem as he sweated heavily, his Blaze-III retreated to the center of formation, "I could not attack. Protect me."

Ye Chong was going to start his first barrage of input, but he almost forgot the fact that he was not the only one in the cabin.

Fei Si! She was still in the cabin. He almost killed Fei Si accidentally and failed the whole escort mission.

Fei Si was fragile, with a poor physique not even close to a matured man, and his mech did not come with a pressure-buffering protection system. He could still do those dramatic turns but she would be killed as the drastic change of pressure would rupture her bloodstreams! It would depend on her luck if she would also become a splat of flesh over the floor.

With Ye Chong leading, Fatty and the others were once calm towards the enemy ahead. Unfortunately, their trump card suddenly withdrew himself and pushed forward the two novices who failed to react in time, as they still remained at the back.

Dammit! We are going to crash into the vulture! Ye Chong was sweating heavier. He held the lever carefully as he feared even the slightest acceleration would destroy the beauty behind.

The mutated vulture was approaching and Ye Chong's blood ran cold. Blaze-III had already taken a defensive posture but the collision occurred upon contact could be fatal to Fei Si, with a chance over 80%.

I'm sorry Fei Si. I promise I would avenge you... I would-

A red beam pierced through the center of the vulture's head.
Kiaakkkkk!! The vulture flinched and was grounded very soon after. There was a crater on the ground, with the carcass in one piece. The vulture could be seen as very tough from this.

The beam was fired by none other than Bi Bo at the back of Ye Chong.
Phew... Ye Chong was relieved.

Bi Bo was in fact the descendant of the great.

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