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Chapter 319: What way?
The crossing lines of his lance reflected in his sharp eyes. It looked like as colorful as hallucination when Ye Chong sliced through the insects of all kinds of color crowding upon him.

What are these?

There were blue linings over the bodies, which were pale and obscure. Ye Chong realized if he focused on one of them, the blue linings would turn clear, the dots and lines would become extremely bright.

There were mice?

The mouse's eyes were bloodshot, the whiskers were as honed as its fangs. Its limbs were firm, while its dark gray fur were like rustling stiffly.

4 lines and 3 spots to attack! On the dancing blue lines over the body of the mouse, the few lines shone bright.

Ye Chong waved his lance which sank into one spot quietly.

Kikkk!!!! The mouse squealed and collapsed. Ye Chong exerted one last force to take his lance out, which then blood was spilled over the place.

Ye Chong was surprised. Could it be...

He took a look around, as his lance jerked, aiming those blue spots that shone the brightest in the crowd.

The creatures around shattered! Blood was spilling sky high.

The camera of Bi Bo had captured this epic moment and everybody else saw it with their own eyes.

In the rain of blood, the boy stood still with his lance.

The place was soon dead silent, with everybody behind Ye Chong looking zoned out in disbelief.

Martial arts was a well-established field in He Yue, but the potency of a practitioner had been long undermined by the emergence of pilot, where at one point people began treating martial arts as a mere form of physical training, while the Jie experts had hardly demonstrated their skills. As scarce as visuals of their performance were, Jie experts remained as a myth in the heart of the people despite their living existence.

Their identity had been redeemed today however, as people once again beheld such amazing performance of his nameless boy. People did not know where he was from, they were not sure if he was a Jie expert himself, but his skill was an eye-opener, an epic execution convincing enough to make people pick up the knuckles and blades again.

As they realized, martial arts could be so great.

Ye Chong was not expecting to be this influential, reality was however, if it was not his performance, the martial arts in He Yue would soon decline to a stage like its counterpart in the 5 major galaxies. He was not only the savior of humanity, but also the salvager of ancient martial arts. His performance eventually became the silver bullet that prolonged the existence of martial arts for the next 500 years, whereby this very boy would be the most significant as well as the most mysterious character in the historical record of martial arts development in He Yue galaxy. Teachers of the following generation would also play the visual of this boy's performance as a motivating source at the beginning of their course.

Over ages, people had almost forgotten martial arts, it was the first time they had seen such intensive performance.

The world exploded, in excitement and passion.

The hostess, as well as the guests at Green Planet channel had their mouth open. A few of them were quivering over anticipation, as they gave comments in slurred language. Bi Bo was also overwhelmed on spot, as on a few occasions he nearly dropped his camera. The visual was shaking, "What the hell! Hold your camera right! You Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo!" Cursed one of the annoyed audience.

Ye Chong was full-indulged in his new ability, he did not notice the gazillion gazes coming from the outer space.

His style had changed! A menacing strike, under the guidance of those bright blue lines, as the fleshes of the creatures fle

w again. The audience was stunned, seeing the striking contrast of massacre being conducted by an expressionless boy.

Slowly Ye Chong realized the meaning of the new addition. The shining point would be the weakness of the creature, which could cost its life if pierced; the blue lines on the other hand, would be the dissecting direction, which would lead to a perfect slice if the lines were followed, causing a devastation on its body.

Ye Chong was feeling this new ability being identical to the analytical system on the Guardian.

He pondered so much that he did not notice the weakening attack from the creatures as he jumped into one of the crowds, into action again.

And soon Ye Chong, in the midst of his hunt, noticed the reality.

The carcasses were everywhere, and he could see the tails and the legs, coated in green fluids and blood, while the screams echoed within his ears.

People were amazed. The boys were enthralled, the girls were captivated.

That coldness of Ye Chong's face was no longer fear-inducing, rather it had formed a marvelous portrait of one lonesome hero, whose mind was clearer than the water, stronger than the beasts as he stood upon their carcasses with pride, wielding the lance in metallic glow.

"Ye, is that you?" At another corner of He Yue, everyone on the Coxcomb was stunned, while Mu's mechanical eyes blinked frantically.

Ye Chong was still unaware of the hidden cameras, as he approached the students and staff, seeing how all of them collapsed on the ground out of extreme fatigue. The trainees of the alchemy department were weaving in and out of the group, giving those injured a good bandage and cure.

The creatures at the academy had retreated, yet the war remained roaring out there. Ye Chong's brows furrowed, there were other places being attacked and it would be bad if this would carry on. Their forces were weakening while the waves of creatures seemed endless. In the midst of worry, a few female trainees scurried out of the building, in their drained faces they screamed upon Madam Fei Si, "Madam! Madam! Something... something was making noises at the building..."

"Something? What something?" Everyone had their attention on the girls, as the madam asked worriedly.
"Ah... Uh..." The girls seemed very frightened as they tried to squeeze that very word from their trembling lips, "Mice! I think it's the mice!" And one of the braver ones shouted, "They seemed to be chipping the walls."

Other than Ye Chong, the people flinched, realizing the horrible ability of the rodents, it would be a terror if the mice had bitten through the walls. More people would die...

It seemed hopeless, although Ye Chong did not look regretful, as he had done everything he could. A single man was still a single man against a war of millions, at least he had unlocked a new ability. He walked to an elderly, "Sir, may I ask if you still have any relative here?" The elderly was apparently the professor of ancient mechanics. While he appeared to be worthless to every other staff, he was the priceless individual that Ye Chong needed, Ye Chong would be taking him away, by hook or by crook.

"What a strange question," muttered the elderly while he scowled briefly. "I had been alone the whole time, I do not have any other relative than Madam Fei Si, my mate. So I wasn't bothered by death either." Oh no, one extra person to hold. Thought Ye Chong as he glanced at Fei Is, now how in the Zhou Jian do I lift two persons away safely.

Madam Fei Si, as witty as she was, caught the undertone of Ye Chong.
"I am not leaving without everybody," she said firmly, although the people were confused as hell. Her statement did not shake Ye Chong even the slightest though, as he never intended to escort these two persons the gentle way. He already had a few tricks in mind to get Fei Si moving if she was being resistant.

Without a word, Ye Chong began walking towards the outside, with the people clumsily followed, including Bi Bo.

The rodents were taking up every last corner of the academy. Nobody would have imagined such horror in the past. The citizens thought the rats never existed in their life, they had hardly seen them even at the valley, till they saw the entire infantry of the pest. "I can't believe it." Nope, I believe it - Ye Chong was not surprised, he had seen the similar infantry back on Trash Planet. They were naturally adaptive and highly reproductive that's why.

Unless... if I... If...

A crazy idea came into the light of Ye Chong out of the blue, as his schemata ran rapidly on the logical chain, he then had a drastic U-turn, heading back to the building.

He came to Fei Si at the end of the queue, "Where are the chemical stored by the alchemy department?"

It was logical for an academy to have a storage as alchemy was a study that would require a shocking amount of reagents daily.
"Huh?" Fei Si was bewildered, "There, not very far ahead." She pointed at one direction and said.
"How far is 'not very far'? Be precise!" Ye Chong seemingly did not fancy the vague reply.
"Uh..." It took a moment of ponder, "3000 meters? I guess?"

3000 meters... that's 3 kilometers, I would need a mech. Thought Ye Chong as he hmmed at her reply, "You, me, there, now." Concisely he stated, "Both of you as well." He pointed at Mi De and Fatty. He knew their capabilities, they were quick catcher too, just a little timid sometimes.

Both Mi De and Fatty of course were paralyzed by the cold gaze and stern finger of Ye Chong, they nodded their heads repetitively and walked to his side.

This unnamed boy probably had an idea to solve the issue somehow. But why the alchemy department? Does he know alchemy? Madam Fei Si, as an alchemist herself, could not picture the relationship of Ye Chong's plan and the alchemy studies.

Ye Chong deployed Blaze-III and pinned his lance on the wall, then he led Fei Si to the cabin, "Please, allow me to come along." A voice rang behind.

It was Bi Bo, who also deployed a mech, courteously stating, "Please believe in my ability, as the direct descendant of head of the family himself, Bi Zhibo."

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