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Mi De and Fatty were suddenly grabbed back to reality from that blast of Bi Bo, as they inched towards Ye Chong gracelessly.

"I don't get it, why can't he attack out of sudden?"

"This is ridiculous."

The audience was having a fiasco, as they found the sudden withdrawal of the hero strange.

And Ye Chong gave a brief explanation, which sent chills to everybody. "Did he say there's a lady bowing right behind him?" They could not imagine how Ye Chong could keep a straight face when a beauty was there, but well they could imagine how they would hate themselves if the beauty died because of their carelessness. People did fear if Ye Chong, as the last resort, would eventually neglect the beauty's fragility and went straight ahead to avenge her by shooting down that mutated afterwards.

Because of Bi Bo's camera connected to the system, every exchange occurred in their communication channel was broadcasted through Green Plant channel. So the audience received a lecture about safety of others and how heroes like Ye Chong could be helpless sometimes.

Nevertheless, the audience was a little underwhelmed by the nameless hero's premature end of his show, as his Blaze-III was actually the fragility itself, since with Fei Di in, it could not take neither the slightest collision nor a sudden acceleration, which had taken all its avoid-ability away.

The unexpected guest to save the show was, however, the son of the great pilot, Bi Bo himself.

There had been statistics on the forum board, stating the fact that Bi Bo - in the 21-time-attacks he delivered - had shot down 23 mutated lifeforms, technically meaning that he had literally killed two birds with one stone, twice. The marksmanship was amazing.

"Are experts so common these days?"

"We already have 2 aces out of 4 strangers, man!"

"This is not even an official military team!"

Back at Green Planet Media Corp., the director's back was wetted by cold sweat as the director seemed to be unable to stop the shudders he was making himself. Bi Zhi... Bi Zhibo! Oh my He Yue, Bi Bo's father has been Bi Zhibo the whole time? No... what have I done? If Bi Bo really could not make it back here alive... his father could be wiping out the entire Green Planet... I had heard stories about his insanity...

"So that's who Bi Bo actually is..." The colleagues stoned upon the visual, as they could not picture that Bi Bo who could hardly harm a fly being the expert of marksmanship. The hostess herself was also stupefied at the happening on screen.

Bi Zhibo, with his eyes calmly at the screen, was watching his son taking up this sudden trial of his life. There was no pride on his expression, rather, there was worry, as he sighed, "Bo, please, make it back alive..."

Some experts on forum also stated that Bi Bo was using merely a standard model of energy shooter according to what they had observed. It was not the sniping model as one would have expected, yet Bi Bo was dealing significant amount of damage on the foes. The accuracy, the skills, the mentality, with three combined, he was the most frightening silent killer one could imagine.

Thanks to his contribution, the journey to the building was hassle-free. Those vultures were knocked down the moment they came towards the formation.

To be honest, Ye Chong was also surprised by the Bi Bo's skills, till a point he got to admit that ranged weaponry was far more efficient than melee strikers, and Bi Bo was the first perfect representation of that ever since Ye Chong viewed Mu Shang's performance on Recursion.

Ye Chong was wondering what could possibly happen if he had a fight with Bi Bo, he might share bit of possibility winning but well that was a meaningless thought, since when one's combined force reached a certain point, there would be too many factors that could alter the outcome of their battle.

At least there was no blue lining on the visuals. Ye Chong sighed in relief, as he realized there was, luckily, still few limitations to his new ability. Sadly he did not have the leisure to test on his new ability just yet.

"There!" Fei Si pointed at the building on the screen, in all hope and joy she asserted, "There it is!"

"All units prepare to land!" Commanded Ye Chong.

The surrounding of that building was rather empty compared to the disaster out there. There were mutated lifeforms, but only a few of them, which were shot down by Bi Bo promptly. They made their landing immediately and gathered at the entrance, which seemed to closed. The building had been fully evacuated, seemingly.

Fei Si went to the entrance, "This is where all the chemicals are stored, the security level here is high." She then took out her identification. The group was feeling thankful of not seeing any more of those mutated lifeforms coming.

The security level is high indeed. Thought Ye Chong as he saw Fei Si performed the verification process, five times, at least.

Tick. Beep Beep Beep. The gate was opened.

"Okay, we're in," stated Fei Si. "Relax, the walls here are made out of super strength alloy, while the interior is completely shut out to the outside world with its own ventilation system." Those descriptions were more than comforting to the team, especially Fatty and Mi De who both collapsed to the ground, being glad that they somehow had found a fortress to catch their breath.

"Wait." Fei Si was curious about the plan, "You haven't told us what the plan is in your mind." The gazes of the team gathered upon Ye Chong, so were the audience before the screen.

"Gather things." There was no direct answer from Ye Chong, "Get me Berlin's Solution, Powdered Emerald, Powdered Seedling, also..." He listed around 7 more items and shut his mouth completely right after.

So he knew alchemy after all?!


Bi Bo and the other 3 were looking at Ye Chong in bewilderment.

"Holy Lunaris! He knew alchemy!"

"Could he stop giving himself more character settings, we are getting a headache over here!" The audience boomed, discussion exploded like fireworks, especially those professional alchemists as they began putting on their thinking cap, figuring out what those items would combine into.

"Oh..." A random reply from Fei Si, her mind was more interested on the product of the listed items, but she had never heard of such formula in her student's days. Is he... a real talented alchemist after all? Thought Fei Si, her eyes looking at Ye Chong in disbelief. Well, those materials he mentioned are common enough to be all inside.

Ye Chong stared at Fei Si zoning out. He frowned. What the hell is this woman doing right now? Is she actually wasting precious time standing there? How long is she going to th- "So where's the material?" Ye Chong could not help but to interrupt her session.

"Oh... OH!" Fei Si was grounded back into reality, her face reddened, "Berlin's Solution is around ... here..." She was very familiar with the building itself so she would guide the team, while Bi Bo and the rest would be the free labor of the day.

The next moment was confusing to Fei Si, for she saw Ye Chong carrying the entire cabinet of those mentioned items to the outside. "Do we really need all these?" Wiped her sweats, she asked softly.

"Mhm." Ye Chong did not give a proper response as he began the alchemy process.

Berlin's Solution, as mentioned, was a highly common reagent and the academy had about 300 tonnes of them in store.

But obviously it was impossible for Ye Chong to carry out the entire 300 tonnes of them, he took 3 miniature containers, which was labelled to store 3 tons at once and he did not seem too happy with the negligible amount, as he continuously added all sorts of materials into the solution, skillfully. Those skills, he was an alchemist? Really? The doubt remained in Fei Su's head. And seriously, what in Zhou Jian he's making??? Could anyone tell me?

Bi Bo took his camera and aimed at Ye Chong's face.

Ye Chong's solemn expression was projected throughout the galaxy, with no longer the cold cruelty he had during the battle, but the inner focus of a craftsman. Men always look the most charming when they do their work. Absolutely, again, his expression had become the model of the youths afterwards, as they would remember the legend.

Ye Chong was having his first time combining reagents of such sizable amount. He got to be cautious since the final product could be very harmful, if his formula was right.

It lasted for quite sometime. Ye Chong's expression remained still, so was Bi Bo's camera.

Then he got up and tightly screwed the cover.

"Alright, we are heading back," said Ye Chong to the 3 men, then he looked at Fei Si, "While you, stay here." The building was evidently safe from the mice's attack. The structure was clearly for the security of those medications.

"No!" Shouted Fei Si, "I am going back with you guys!" What does this guy mean I'm staying here? What I'm going to do? And I haven't know what he had just made! So, I'm not staying here!

Ye Chong's brows tightened again. Sang Ling is way stronger than Fei Si. Both are females but why there has to be such a difference between both of them? Does this woman lack intelligence or something? If she could use her brain for once... Ye Chong did not intend to carry her along, as he was feeling unpleasant being tied by someone on the battlefield.

If it was not the condition the elderly had made, he would have dumped this woman. As long as he wanted to take this elderly away, he would have to consider about Fei Si, but that did not mean he would spend the next few precious minutes to have a talk-to with her. Her feelings were never part of his consideration, on condition that he could carry both of them away.

Ye Chong then deployed Blaze-III, displaying ignorance.

The remaining men looked at each other, bewildered.

"Prepare to take off. We each take a container. Bi Bo would ensure the course being clear." Ye Chong had someone attained the charisma after leading the Sangs, his words somehow were very convincing and pressuring, especially with his cold gazes and how he could murder gazillion rodents without a skip on his heart.

They deployed their own mechs immediately, nobody dared to lift their head and take a look at Fei Si.

Hmph... Fei Si's eyes were wet, as she bit her lips, while Ye Chong carried on with negligence.

The 4 mechs took flight in roars, with Bi Bo leading this time. "Man, Bi Bo is the man of the show this time, his spider mech has weapons everywhere!" Exclaimed one audience.

They might be amazed but wonder if it was because of Ye Chong's godlike performance before, those shootings had only won over a handful of applause.

So the audience was more attentive on the containers they carried.

What are those?

They seemed to be extremely careful about it. Mi De and Fatty were behaving as if they were embracing a timed bomb. Bi Bo was hitting on his final gambit, as he shot down every single enemy approaching right away.

The flying disc was firing at all corners, like a shooting stronghold.

Ye Chong was feeling great with such a strong aid.

Under the cover of such potent firepower, they arrived by the sky above the main school building gracefully. Bi Bo had shot down everything, that those mechs formerly clearing the sky finally had the opening to land themselves to help their allies on ground.

Pant... Pant...

Bi Bo's eyes were red, his breath was heavy. The shooting was stressful, the aiming was tiring.

He should be joining the professionals with his skill. That was what everybody else thought.

"My gosh! Is he hacking?"

"Is he really a reporter?"

"Only if he's my teammate in County Struck."

"Like father's like son!"

The audience was fortunate enough to view the show today, as two super experts had emerged from the crowd, with one being the king of marksman, another being the lord of lancer. Both of their backgrounds were also unknown to the audience as well, although most of the spectators were more concerned on the lord of lancer, since it was rather logical for the son of Bi Zhibo to be this great.

The lord of lancer, one who triumphed over a wave of mutated creatures, who also knows how to do alchemy?!

The ground around the main school building was densely covered by rodents and insects.


"Oh stop!!" The audience felt like throwing up, it was very disgusting.

"Stay here," said Ye Chong at the channel. "Ye-Yes sir!" The two members quickly replied while Bi Bo remained highly cautious.

Ye Chong piloted the mech to the ground carefully, right above 100 meters, the floor was suddenly open, and the container got off from his grip.

Like a meteorite, it crashed to the ground.


3 tonnes of liquid spread throughout the ground.

People were expecting something, but to their disappointment, the rodents seemed to be unaffected by the solution, as it just slipped through their toes.

"FIRE! Bi Bo! Now!" said Ye Chong.

Bi Bo was stupefied, "There's no target for me to-" He realized something as he raised the gun again and pulled the triggered.

A beam of light hit the container accurately.

And the next moment was again, historical, memorable, impeccable.

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