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Chapter 244
This must be an unfinished mech engine. It had a light purple alloy shell, with a complex mesh of intricate photon circuits inside. The light flowing within the circuits looked like something from another world. All the parts seemed exquisite. While it was still unfinished, Ye Chong could already sense the power it would one day be capable of.

Ye Chong was not proficient with engines; that was up to Lian Yue, the real expert. However, before Lian Yue had joined Coxcomb, Ye Chong did his own studies in mech engines. His earliest experience was with Black Cove’s mech engines, and later the ones from the Sanctuary. He had dismantled the Dawn mechs a few times himself. However, the one he was most familiar with was the MPA’s mech engines. In Mu and Shang’s database were plenty of mech schematics of MPA’s, including their mech engines.

In terms of knowledge in engines, Ye Chong had much to catch up with Lian Yue, but when it came to exposure to different mech engine models, Ye Chong held the advantage.

The mech engines from the Three Forces all had their own unique characteristics, and were based on vastly different principles. However, their performance were about the same. Ye

Chong at least noticed that mech models of the same level from the Three Forces moved at about the same speed. On the other hand, for mech engines of different levels in the same organization, the engine designs did not differ in design principle, but only in the quality of building material and detailed structure.

Ye Chong had thought that these three mech engine principles were the foremost in the world today.

However, looking at this unfinished engine, Ye Chong felt like he had just been struck in the head, and felt a little dazed. This was a completely new design, completely different from the three principles he knew of!

At a certain level, Ye Chong was similar to academics. When he saw this original mech design, his rational mind took a back seat momentarily, astonished as he was.

Four support chambers stretched out from the engine body like legs, an odd sight. Mech engines with support chambers were not unheard of, but usually only one or two were used. This was the first time Ye Chong saw a mech engine with four support chambers. He was getting a little too eager to see what was inside the engine.

However, he did nothing, and his expression remained unchanged. He did not even give another glance at the workbench. After Donald finished

finished with the induction, his back was to Ye Chong as he worked, so Ye Chong’s minute changes in expression went by unnoticed.

Everything was just beginning.

Ye Chong began to tidy up the laboratory. This was a difficult task, but one that Ye Chong was most familiar with. On the trash planet, Ye Chong was solely responsible for the cleanliness of his home, so the routine was natural for him.

Donald was definitely a workaholic, oblivious to the world once he started working. When he was done, he was surprised to find the laboratory looking very different. All his stuff was arranged in categories around the room, and the lab now looked neat and tidy.

Donald did not think much of these things. He took a glance at Ye Chong and said, "You should be spending your time on work, and not waste it on cleaning up the lab. You have talent, but this doesn’t mean you have time to waste. Workbench 2 has a modification outline, go and calculate

and calculate the grinding value."

Ye Chong acknowledged. He was not discouraged with how Donald ignored his labor, since he knew that researchers like him often do not place importance in things over than research work.

Of course, Ye Chong did not reorganize the lab for cleanliness, or for comfort. To him, an organized place would make work more efficient. However, he had no intention of explaining himself to Donald.

Ye Chong was always decisive in his actions. He immediately turned towards Workbench 2. Behind him, Donald’s eyes flashed with approval, but he quickly returned to his own work.

The grinding value was a troublesome calculation. While it was not difficult, the nitty-gritty details involved were often enough to drive someone crazy. This was also one of those calculations that demanded a good fundamental base of knowledge, since the steps of calculations were too detailed, encompassing almost 80 percent of all basic calculations related to mechs.

To Ye Chong, however, it was not too difficult a task. He had patience, and his foundation was solid, to a level that even Donald would not have expected. Back in the days, he studied mech foundations intensively at Aurora, and the elderlies’ unceasing attention to him made him very knowledgeable in mech principles. These days, the younger generation would never spend time on something like this.

Ye something like this.

Ye Chong could even identify places where the mech modification schematics seemed unreasonable. Mech modification was his specialty. With his rich combat experience, he knew better than most mod technicians on ways to better improve combat performance. The schematics he was studying now had a balanced design, but there were many details that Ye Chong thought could be improved. Whichever mod technician drew up this mech modification schematics must be quite capable. There were a few new ideas in there that inspired Ye Chong.

Nevertheless, Ye Chong had no time to study it closely. He dived right into the work of calculating the grinding value.

"Hmm, not bad, it’s close to what I expected. Err, let me see, this is Rigg’s modification schematics, not bad at all. Hmm, you’ve learned about mech modification before, right?" Donald suddenly turned to Ye Chong and asked.

"Yes." Ye Chong replied.

"Your foundations are not bad, quite solid, it’s rare to see that in young people nowadays." Donald continued, "Hmm, try to improve his schematics and reduce the grinding value by 0.05."

With that, Donald turned back to his work and ignored Ye Chong.

"This is information on Takano?" Qiu Man looked at the brief and simple information in her hands. Her brows knitted together, her alluring profile turned dignified.

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