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Chapter 245: An Expected Disappointment
The underling was terrified, and quickly replied respectfully, "Yes, this just came in from the Intelligence Division."
The Intelligence Division was a reliable source of information. Had she not been very familiar with someone on the inside, it would have been impossible to obtain this dossier. The Intelligence Division would not have wasted their efforts on something so trivial.
Takano was not a fake identity - this was apparent from the dossier. The Intelligence Division had one of the longest histories of existence, having been set up over two decades ago. Besides, she knew the boss of the division, and what that boss specialized in.
On the surface, this person’s background was sparkling clean. However, Qiu Man thought otherwise. The content of the dossier was too simple, not enough to even derive anything useful out of it.
For the moment, however, she had run out of moves. Behind her, Guang still stood with a wooden expression. Due to his odd reaction that day, Qiu Man had gone out of the way to bring him to that mysterious laboratory, but the man did not behave any different than usual, which made Qiu Man gave up in the end.
Ye Chong did not know that he had caught Qiu Man’s attention. Everyday, he worked in Old Donald’s laboratory, from early morning till late at night, without much rest. He was beginning to think that he would begin to forget why he was there in the first place.
Ye Chong had always yearned for this kind of plain but fulfilling life. He was no longer as curious of the world as he was when on the trash planet.
Old Donald would always come up with all sorts of crazy ideas. When he saw Ye Chong successfully reducing the grinding value of the mech modification schematics by 0.05, he began to delegate much harder tasks to Ye Chong. This was exasperating to Ye Chong, but he could not help but also felt intrigued by those new ideas.
He was not aware, of course, of how surprised Old Donald was at this stage. Some of the problems he had delegated to Ye Chong involved some relatively unknown fields of knowledge. He was sure that even those so-called advanced mod technicians would not be able to solve them. However, this young man with the title of intermediate mod technician had surprised him again and again to his delight. Moreover, his ingenuity also impressed him.
As expected, he was not wrong! Donald felt thankful that he insisted back then, or he would have missed his chance with this genius. All this while, he had always been lonely. Now that he was growing old, he wished to find a capable student, but did not want to start teaching from the basics.
In this hiring session, Qiu Man may have been the decision maker, but anything related to his field of knowledge would be left to him. Ye Chong was such an example. His solutions were different from the ones stored in the photon processor, so they were sent to Donald himself. Ye Chong’s demonstration of his talent made Donald so excited that he immediately rushed to see the young man.
The hiring session was still going on for now, but none of the candidates’ responses had required his attention anymore.
By the time the hiring session ended, Ye Chong had already been working there for close to half a month.
In this half a month, Ye Chong had also began to have a rough understand of the organization. Mech Research Center 76 was a subsidiary mech research center of the Prometheus Group. There were many research centers like this under the Group. From the products of these centers, it was clear that they were not involved with the core products of Prometheus Group.
What Ye Chong thought was strange was that a subsidiary organization like this would have someone as good as Donald. Donald was a master of his field, and should not be here. He should be at the core of the research work. Ye Chong believed that the Freedom Alliance would not make such a careless mistake.
After spendi

ng time so much time with Donald, Ye Chong believed that he could judge his abilities quite well. The man was another master level mech expert that he had met, the second he had met in the Five Galaxies, with the other being Fred the Great. Fred’s Yu Di was an excellent mech with crafty designs, limited in power only by the materials available to him.
In terms of mech knowledge, these masters from the Five Galaxies were not so far off from the masters of the Sanctuary or Black Cove. It was a pity that the Five Galaxies were lacking by a wide margin in terms of fundamental research compared to the Three Forces, such as in metal alloys.
Ye Chong did not know how the Freedom Alliance fared in terms of research, but he believed that no organization would leave such a master level expert outside of their core research team. Besides, the research center’s director was the woman he met that day. From the gossip flowing around him, Ye Chong came to know that the woman had a complicated background. Everyone in the research center was wary of her. Even Donald, who acted arrogantly in front of others, would behave himself before this woman.
While the woman had always smiled at him whenever they met, Ye Chong always felt a chill inside him. The puppet-like middle-aged man behind her was also someone to watch out for - the man was no amateur!
This seemingly ordinary subsidiary center was not as innocent as it seemed to be. However, Ye Chong did not wish to look further into it. He was here because of the man who shared his Papa’s name; there was no need to complicate things.
However, Ye Chong was disappointed to find that he had found out nothing about Gao Shichang so far. Fortunately, Ye Chong was not in a hurry. He knew exactly how difficult this operation was going to be, and his disappointment was only to be expected.
During his time here, Ye Chong had contacted Mu, but only through the comms device. Ye Chong described his situation briefly. Mu had no issues on his side. Careful as he was in his disguise, he had not invited the attention of that super hacker yet.
Coxcomb still operated as normal, and the people onboard all behaved themselves, staying out of trouble. Without Mu’s permission, no one was allowed to open the hatch. However, Mu reported that Zhu Ling seemed to have reached a bottleneck in her training. Mu asked Ye Chong if he should pass over the information about mentalist training extorted from Mr Yin last time to her. According to Mu, this could increase the chances of her breaking through her bottleneck by 53 to 60 percent.
Ye Chong gave it a moment’s thought, and agreed with Mu’s suggestion. After all, he had given Overwing to her anyway, and the information about mentalists was useless to him. Ye Chong knew that he was not suited at all for mentalist training. If he could not even get pass the most basic meditation training, then the rest of the training would be wasted on him. Giving the information to Zhu Ling, who had a solid training foundation, was the wiser choice.
With this, however, the gap between Ye Chong and Zhu Ling would grow even larger. He was no match against Zhu Ling with her Overwing. Now that he passed the mentalist training information to her, the disparity in their abilities would further widen.
When would he finally be able to own a mech that was on the same level as Overwing, but more suited for himself?
That day seemed so very far away! Ye Chong looked at the mech parts in his hands. The designs were exquisite, but the thought of Overwing dampened his mood.
"Takano, come with me for a moment," Donald interrupted Ye Chong’s musings.

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