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Chapter 243
Donald stared fixedly at Ye Chong, and the latter felt like something weird must have grown on his face. Qiu Man was still all smiles, and the middle-aged man behind her that she called Guang was still wearing a stale expression.

Ye Chong did not know that this beautiful, sophisticated woman was actually feeling very conflicted. It was obvious from Old Donald’s face that the man was a genius, and not a talent to be missed. However, the young man did not seem like any ordinary person. Somehow, she was wary of this man whom she could not read clearly.

Ye Chong seemed unaffected as he stood silently at his place, looking very calm.

Qiu Man took another glance at him, and could not help laugh on the inside. Why was she so troubled all of a sudden? Even if this man had his own hidden agenda, wasn’t the situation still under her control? As long as she increased surveillance on him, there would be many ways for her to deal with his movements. It was safer to keep this kind of people under her watch.

Was she really getting old now? She was growing timid! The woman absently traced her smooth profile.

This feminine gesture attracted

the attention of almost everyone in the room. Even the aging Donald stared at Qiu Man. When he came to himself, the old man blushed.

Only two people kept their expressions unchanged. One was Ye Chong, and the other was the middle-aged man standing behind Qiu Man, Guang.

Qiu Man knew how much her actions could influence the people around her. Her looks were her most dependable weapon. That gesture just now may not be entirely done consciously, but she knew that it was this kind of careless show of emotions that really moved others.

"When had men ever been able to defend themselves against lust?" She laughed in her own mind.

When she saw that even someone as old as Donald would blush, she could not help but chuckle. This made Donald feel like burying his head in the ground. However, when her glance swept across the young man’s face, she paused.

What she saw was a calm and expressionless mask, the kind that made people feel uncomfortable.

The woman’s sudden chuckle had startle Ye Chong a bit. Ye Chong was now better at reading people than before. He could see that this woman was not easy to handle, and she was far better at controlling emotions than him.

However, Ye Chong faced his adversary calmly. He was confident of his

his own strengths. The current circumstances were advantageous to him. If the other party balked, he was sure that he could escape unscathed. Even if the middle-aged man, Guang was a skilled combat expert, he was not afraid of him.

In terms of combat, Ye Chong believed that even if Lan Yixing were alive right now, the man would not be a match against him.

The woman quickly resumed her peaceful composure, still smiling cheerfully. However, Shang had once told him not to let his guard down, even when the other person was smiling at him. Ye Chong could not agree more.

Seeing that Ye Chong had no intention of speaking, Qiu Man gave another laugh and said, "Welcome to Prometheus Group!"

Donald was overjoyed. This beautiful and fatal woman was a mystery to everyone in the research center. Everyone was aware that she had a complicated background, but no one knew of the details. However, none dared to disobey her. Experience showed that those who did all ended up

ended up with horrible consequences. Since Qiu Man had decided, it meant that this young man that she had his eyes on was definitely hired.

Donald’s overjoyed expression was a deep contrast to Ye Chong’s calm face, as if Donald was the one hired, and not Ye Chong.

Before Ye Chong could react any further, Donald grabbed his arm and ushered him towards his laboratory.

Qiu Man watched the backs of the two figures as they left, her mouth arching up meaningfully as her large, pearly eyes gleamed. Her mind was still occupied with the reflexive movement of that young man earlier.

Just when Donald reached for the man, she saw his right hand jerking away in reflex, but the young man quickly reacted and pulled his hand back and towards Donald’s. The movements were so fast that she almost thought it was a trick of the eye, and Donald himself did not seem to even notice.

"Takano," Qiu Man muttered, looking at the information in her hands.

It was a pity that she did not see how the eyes of the motionless middle-aged man behind her glowed with ferventness when Ye Chong’s right hand jerked.

When she turned back, Guang’s eyes had already resumed its typical hollowness.

The events today seemed to be out of her control, and that made her feel uncomfortable. Even feel uncomfortable. Even the usually obedient Guang had acted strangely today, and that surprised her more than anything.

Seeing Guang now as his usual self, Qiu Man’s delicate eyebrows knitted together.

"Guang, do you understand me?" Qiu Man probed carefully.

Guang stood unmoving.

"Strange, what’s with Guang today?" Seeing Guang looking like his usual self, Qiu Man muttered to herself, but her eyes were discreetly looking for Guang’s reaction.

Guang did not move, his eyes hollow as always.

Qiu Man gave up, and went to the door. Guang immediately followed closely behind her.

Donald’s laboratory was so messy that Ye Chong found himself surprised. It felt like returning to the trash planet.

All sorts of mech parts were scattered across the floor, and moving around proved difficult. Some of the parts were even rusted. Ye Chong even suspected that the living conditions here may be even worse than on the trash planet.

Donald was obviously used to the place, and did not seem embarrassed.

"Get familiar with this place. From today onwards, you’ll be my assistant. Hmm, don’t simply move the things around here. If you questions, feel free to ask me. Remember, don’t disturb me when I’m working," Donald explained.

Nonetheless, Ye Chong was currently focused on a light purple ongoing project on one of the laboratory workbenches.

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