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Li Changfeng didn't insist on finding out who was to blame for the previous accident. He just led people to climb to the top of Pig Head Mountain. On the way, he told Xiaodie and Sai Ya the truth when suppressing bandits without anything to hide. The eighth team members were his good buddies for they had ever experienced a cruel battle together while Xiaodie and Sai Ya were two most reliable women for him, therefore, there was no need to hide the fact.


Xiaodie's eyes became red again when she heard the truth - Liu Wuneng had teamed up with bandits to send about 100 people to ambush Li Changfeng. Her childe had fought against them with only 23 people! If Liu Wuneng was still alive, she would kill him!


Different from Xiaodie, Sai Ya didn't show excitement. But her sight to Li Changfeng changed. She really got startled, because she knew how terrifying the worgen under bloodthirsty status would be.


Li Changfeng considered Sai Ya's astonishment as worship, so he indicated that he understood Sai Ya because virgin would have the impulse to devote herself to a strong man.


Because of his words, Sai Ya picked up a stick and chased after Li Changfeng for almost half of the mountain top.


When they reached the top, they saw many people in bad health due to the heavy injuries. Sai Ya and Xiaodie instantly began binding up their wounds.


The several eighth team members, who had followed Li Changfeng to climb the top, were clear that Sai Ya and Xiaodie had a close relationship with Li Changfeng, so they served the two women with the exclusive fruits on the mountain.


"Tauren, what's your name?" Li Changfeng took over the fruit from Xiaodie and sat in the sun.


"My name is Beyinsa·Capuletdo·Oscar Bedin…"


"Stop!" Li Changfeng interrupted the tauren at once. He wondered how the simple tauren to remember the long name.


"You look special! Can I call you Oscar?"


"Oscar?" The tauren raided his head and thought for a while, "Okay."




Xiaodie and Sai Ya, who were busy in binding up wounds, couldn't help laughing.


"Fine. Oscar, where are you from? Why you come here?" Li Changfeng waved his hands toward people behind him; immediately, silence hit the top of mountain.


"I'm from the north."


Li Changfeng looked at the direction Oscar pointed to, and continuous mountains entered into his sights.


"Why did you leave your hometown?" Li Changfeng crossed his legs and thought how to make Oscar stay beside him. It was no doubt that Oscar was a formidable tauren and Oscar could help him greatly.


"Ah…" Hearing Li Changfeng's question, Oscar lowered his head in depression, "Madox Race has lost hometown already. Three years ago, my father died. I become the only member of Madox Race. So I have gone on a journey towards the south. I stayed in many places on the way. In fact, I come here unintentionally. I don't have malevolence. Please believe me!"


"Alas! It's so sad." Sai Ya shook her head slightly, "I can't imagine that I'll witness a formidable race disappearing gradually."


"Leader, he didn't lie. When we met him yesterday, he has followed us all the time. No matter what we say or do, he persists in staying with us. But he is not a bad guy."


Suddenly, a muscular man got close to them. The man's shoulder was covered by bandage and two fat, big rabbits were in his hands.


The man was Buck, who had ever been beaten up by Li Changfeng in their first meeting. In the jungle battle, he behaved very well. The guard leader of Liu Wuneng had been killed by him.

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