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Li Changfeng had already heard of the "Era of Gods" from Xiaodie. 3,000 years ago, Ruize Land had been fulfilled with formidable races before being invaded by the Alien Race; at that time, human beings had not been significant like now.


Sai Ya deduced that the tauren belonged to the Madox Race. This race was very notable in the Era of Gods. However, after the battle with the Alien Race, the Madox Race had gradually disappeared in the public.


According the historical records Sai Ya had read, the Madox Race, whose member was covered by golden hair and enjoyed super physical strength, was a strong race in the Era of Gods. The strongest Madox could make its opponent fall into a brief coma just by roaring and could remove mountains and drain seas. It was one of the rare races who could parry the Alien Race head-on.


Moreover, there had no "orc race" name at that time. Every mighty race had its own race name. The unification of the orc race had been completed after the land had been invaded by the Alien Race and those formidable races such as the Madox Race had vanished. Now, the Madox statue could be found in the temple of orc race; the Madox Race was regarded as the "ox god" by many ox races.


Li Changfeng had to admit that although the history record was a little exaggerative, it seemed to describe the simple and honest tauren before them. He must be the Madox because he had whopping physical strength and golden fair.


"Are those vanished ancient races not dying out indeed?" Sai Ya ended her description, but Li Changfeng couldn't hold back his shock. This was normal! Nobody could maintain his composure when he saw a member of an ancient race.


"Of course." Sai Ya patted Li Changfeng's chest, "Some of those strong races merely suffered heavy injuries in the battle. In the past 3,000 years, they have stayed in little-known places."


"It's troublesome now." Xiaodie slightly frowned.


"What's the matter?" Li Changfeng got surprised.


"Several days ago, castellan brought the strongest cultivators of White Tiger City to go to imperial city. Now, there is almost no one can defeat the tauren in the city. How should we do if he breaks into White Tiger City?"




Sai Ya couldn't help laughing, "You think too much! What's wrong with the ancient race? They are not homicidal bandits! They are also a part of Ruize Land. They are not terrifying as you think."


"Well, I got it. Heh heh…" Xiaodie let out a shy smile, "But I still think we should go back and pass on the message. After all, the Madox Race belongs to the orc race. Now, the race turned up in the world again. It's important!"


"No!" Li Changfeng directly refused Xiaodie's suggestion.


"I found him first! No one can compete with me! You'd better keep the secret for me." Li Changfeng gently pinched his chin, saw the Madox debating with his soldiers and let out a meaningful smile.


"…" Looking at Li Changfeng's expression, Xiaodie and Sai Ya inadvertently quivered almost at the same time. What a strange expression!

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