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"Leader, have a meal on the mountain today! Look! I seized two rabbits just now."


Buck took rabbits to Li Changfeng and then directly broke their necks.




Noticing Sai Ya's angry glance to him, Li Changfeng twitched his face, "Fuck off! Don't you know I'm only eating vegetables at ordinary times?"


Li Changfeng licked his lips, suppressed his desire and sent Buck away.


Xiaodie covered her mouth and laughed when she saw Li Changfeng's hesitance. In the past two days, Li Changfeng had to eat vegetables because Sai Ya stopped him having meat.


"Oscar, don't be sad. Ruize Land is always your hometown. What do you plan to do next?" Li Changfeng gently brushed his hair and found his hair longer than before suddenly.


"I have no plan yet." Oscar shook his head, "In the past three years, I went many places and met many human beings. The outside world is completely different from the description among my race. Here are many huge changes! But it seems that nobody likes me. I don't know where I should go."


"That's because you have not gotten contact with the outside world for a long time." Li Changfeng grinned. Oscar's golden hair was too dazzling.


"How do you think this? If you have no place to go, why not stay with me?" Li Changfeng threw out an olive branch to Oscar.


"I'm the fourth son of Frontier General of White Tiger City. You can see I'm not lack of strong guards." Li Changfeng pointed to the eighth team members, afraid of being found out, "But after hearing your story, I want to help you. So I welcome you to be my guard."


After these words, Li Changfeng quietly waited for Oscar's response. In fact, he was more nervous than everyone. He observed the loneness in Oscar's eyes, so he wanted to have a try. If he failed, he would change his tactics at once.


"Are you sure?" Oscar quivered because of excitement.


"I swear to your God of War."


Li Changfeng also got excited and made a pledge despite not knowing God of War.


"Under the witness of God of War, I do." Oscar straight knelt down with one leg before Li Changfeng, resulting in holes on the ground.


"Em?" Li Changfeng fell into surprise for Oscar's action.


"Hurry up!" Sai Ya quickly came to Li Changfeng, "This is an etiquette by a follower to his leader. What post can you arrange for him?"




Li Changfeng got dumbfounded. He had no post now. How could he arrange a post for Oscar? After he had suffered injuries in the battle with bandits, he had been removed from the eighth team leader post by first madam with the excuse of safety.


Seeing Oscar going down on his knee before him all the time, Li Changfeng made a decision and followed Sai Ya's instruction to stand on tiptoe and put his hand on Oscar's shoulder.


"Oscar, are you sure?"


"Leader, in the past three years, I swore to God of War that I will revitalize Madox Race. Although you look cunning, I can feel that you're able to help me realize my dream."


Fuck the smart tauren!


Li Changfeng grinned, "Madox Oscar, you're born to be a warrior. Your frank feature makes me shameful. Please believe me! In the near future, I will let your name spread over Ruize Land. Now, I appoint you as my personal guard leader."

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