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Without gathering strength deliberately, as the tauren roared, a beam of brilliant golden light flashed on the tauren's body. Li Changfeng stood beside the tauren and felt a kind of strong energy appearing at once. Then, he saw the huge stone rolling down and smashing everything in its way. After breaking two large trees consecutively, it finally stopped moving.


"What the hell!" Li Changfeng got dumbfounded when he witnessed a big way being created on the mountain by the stone. The tauren's physical strength was amazing!


"It's too heavy to pick up, so I have to push it." Turing round and gazing at people in astonishment, the tauren gently scratched his head.


"Errr…" Li Changfeng couldn't help quivering.


"Changfeng! Changfeng!" Sai Ya, who was in Li Changfeng's arms, jumped up with excitement.


In fact, when Sai Ya had seen the tauren at the first sight, she had fallen into surprise. After watching he pushing the huge stone down, she confirmed a fact in the end.


"Don't be afraid!" Noticing Sai Ya's actions, Li Changfeng thought Sai Ya was frightened by the tauren, so he hugged her firmly.


"Usually, if a man has strong physical strength, then he will be slow in movement. Don't worry. If the tauren provokes us actively, I will destroy him." Actually, Li Changfeng was not confident to make such a promise. Although his body had been intensified two times and he had potent physical strength, he was clear that it was difficult to defeat the tauren. If they were in a battle, he couldn't enable himself to be touched by the tauren; otherwise, he would die or suffer serious injuries.


"Ah! Don't talk nonsense." Sai Ya exerted all her strength and shook off Li Changfeng's arms.


"Follow me!" Sai Ya seized Li Changfeng and took him to a devious spot; Xiaodie also followed behind them.


"What's wrong with you? Are you scared?" Sai Ya had led them here and didn't say a word, merely taking a deep breath in tension. Seeing the scene, Li Changfeng got a little unhappy.


"Wait! I call him to apologize to you."


"Hey! Hey! Are you crazy?" Sai Ya immediately stopped Li Changfeng when she noticed him taking off the upper outer garment and planning to go back for a fight.


"Do you know the tauren's race? You can't hurt him!" Sai Ya picked up and patted the clothes, putting it on Li Changfeng's body.


"He is just a tauren." Li Changfeng curled his lip.


"Yeah. He is a tall and strong tauren. But he really boasts strong physical strength." Xiaodie also nodded.


"What? He is not simple as you think!" Sai Ya shook her head and denied Li Changfeng and Xiaodie's view.


"Not the tauren? Is he a pigman?" Li Changfeng showed a roguish expression, because he hated Sai Ya's excitement for other men.


"Hey! Hey! Listen to me, okay?" Sai Ya pinched Li Changfeng's shoulder and let out a smile, "Human beings have a short history because you have risen too late. So you have no inheritance of Era of Gods. This is why few people can recognize him. But I know his real identity. Do you want to know?"


Sai Ya planned to let Li Changfeng beg her to tell him the fact at first. However, when she saw Li Changfeng raising his hand, she felt the pain from her ass in a sudden. Therefore, she gave up her plan and spoke out the tauren's identity.


After hearing Sai Ya's introduction, Li Changfeng couldn't help sighing. He didn't predict that the simple and honest tauren had such an amazing background.

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