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"Em? Who is him?"


Li Changfeng got surprised. The man seemed to wear luxurious golden clothes and a big ox horn cap. He was extremely strong-built. But Li Changfeng was strange with the man.


"Not me! They asked me to throw the stone!"


With the explanation in a deep voice, the man raised his head.


"What? Tauren?" Li Changfeng opened his eyes wide immediately. The man didn't wear ox horn cap; he had horns! But Li Changfeng didn't remember such a member in his team. Furthermore, he met many taurens in White Tiger City, but he had never seen such a golden tauren. How brilliant the tauren was!


"Tauren, why did you attack me and two beautiful ladies?" Li Changfeng put on a serious expression at once when he saw Xiaodie and Sai Ya walking to him. No matter what race the tauren belonged to, he had to figure out the thing. If they were hit by the stone just now, they might die!


"I'm not on purpose! They asked me to do that!" Simple and honest tauren didn't dare to face Li Changfeng's eyes, so he lowered his head aggrievedly and pointed to the several soldiers of the eighth team.


"Not us!" The eighth team members couldn't stand it when they watched the tauren's finger pointing to them.


"We called you to use a small stone to tease Leader! But you picked up a big stone! We stressed the stone should be small! Small!"


A member held a thumb-size stone and quivered due to anger. The stone thrown out by the tauren was not small; instead, it was utterly huge! The stone was large as half of his body!


"The stone I threw out is not big…" The tauren lowered his head deeper.


What the fuck! Li Changfeng really wanted to jump down and kicked the tauren's head. The previous stone had smashed a thigh-width tree!


"What did you want to throw at first?" Li Changfeng tried to hold back his anger and asked the tauren.


"I, I planned to throw out this one."


"Em?" Li Changfeng twitched his face when he noticed that the tauren pointed to the large stone under his feet. The stone seemed to be three meters high and over 10 tons weigh. How dared the tauren to talk big? Could he move the stone? Li Changfeng didn't believe the tauren's words.


"Fine. Have a try." Li Changfeng didn't like others to be better than him at boasting, so he wanted to expose the tauren's deceptive appearance.


Li Changfeng grabbed Xiaodie and Sai Ya to jump down. Then, he suddenly found the tauren was extremely strong and tall. Even though he stood on tiptoe, he couldn't pat the tauren's shoulder. This tauren was much higher than the taurens in White Tiger City.


The tauren licked his mouth when he saw surrounding people gazing at him as a joke. He put his hands on the stone and his body slowly swelled.

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