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"Sai Ya, let's catch a small rabbit and you teach me to train it, okay?" Soon, the three people reached the foot of Pig Head Mountain. Sai Ya didn't talk to Li Changfeng all the way. Xiaodie had laughed inwardly when seeing the scene. But noticing the two people not chatting with each other, Xiadie had to break the embarrassing atmosphere actively.


"But are there rabbits on the mountain?" Sai Ya raised head to look at the mountain, which was full of green plants. But there had happened a battle several days ago; living animals might not be found on the mountain.


"Of course!" Li Changfeng nodded; he planned to go to the top of the mountain, because he had a secret there.


"Yeah! This is a big mountain! I'm sure there are living animals. Let's go to find them!" Hearing Li Changfeng's words, Xiaodie got more hopeful.


"Okay. Let's go and see." Sai Ya had to agree the suggestion.


On the way to mountain, they met many rabbits, but they were not lovely - some were gray and some had mix-color fur. Xiaodie only wanted a white rabbit so she didn't catch those rabbits. But Li Changfeng was different; he wanted each rabbit as long as it was fat, regardless of its color. In consideration that Sai Ya was beside him, Li Changfeng gave up them.


"Em? Fuck!" When Sai Ya introduced a towering tree, which featured triangle-shaped leaves, to Xiaodie and Li Changfeng, a roaring wind sound echoed above their heads in a sudden. Li Changfeng raised head and saw a stone, large as his waist, falling to them straight.


No time to think, Li Changfeng moved quickly and brought Sai Ya and Xiaodie down. After he embraced the two women to roll on the ground for serval laps, he heard that a huge tree was split into two parts by the stone.


"Damn those bastards!" Although it was really comfortable on the two women's bodies, Li Changfeng had no time to feel carefully. But when he stood up, he pretended to inadvertently touch the two women's breasts. Li Changfeng pinched Sai Ya's supple breast furtively; he regarded it as a compensation for him.




Before Sai Ya swore at him, Li Changfeng had run to the top of mountain.


"Childe!" Xiaodie didn't care Li Changfeng's action. When she watched him rushing to the top of mountain, she also followed his steps. According to the previous accident, she knew there must be some people setting up an ambush at the top. If they were hit by the stone, even they would not die, they would suffer serious injuries. She didn't bear to enable Li Changfeng to meet the danger alone.


"Asshole! I don't ask him to help me!" Sai Ya pouted and then chased after Xiaodie and Li Changfeng.


Elf was the favorite of nature; therefore, in the jungle, elf was far flexible than orc and human being. Although Sai Ya was the last one to set out, she caught up with Xiaodie and Li Changfeng soon.


"Who can explain the previous condition to me? Who did throw out the stone?" Li Changfeng jumped on a rock and immediately saw several acquaintances. Of course he was familiar with these men, because they were members of the eighth team!


In fact, the 12 men were not dead. Due to the special situation at that time, Li Changfeng had ordered them to hide on the mountain and told people a lie - all of them died. Thanks to this, he could put on a perfect play. However, before Li Changfeng succeeded in waiting for the person behind Liu Wuneng to give herself/himself away, Liu Wuneng had been killed and the clue was broken off.


"Leader, this, this is his duty!" Seeing Li Changfeng standing on the stone, the eighth team members pointed to a figure at the corner nearly at the same time.

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