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"Ah! Go! Don't waste time!" Xiaodie noticed that Li Changfeng seemed to understand her meaning, and then exerted her strength to pull him up.


"Em?" Surprise struck Xiaodie, because she failed to pull him up. Li Changfeng's weight had increased so fast! She clearly remembered some time ago, she could pull him up with one hand; however, now, it was difficult for her to pull him up with two hands.


"Don't you go? Really?" Xiaodie let go when she observed Li Changfeng's roguish performance, "Elf has very high self-esteem. Sai Ya has stayed here for a long time. But you hurt her heart just now. If you don't go to persuade her, you will regret after she leaves. Hum!"


"What's the matter with Xiaodie?" Gazing at Xiaodie's back, Li Changfeng suddenly didn't know what he should do. It was hard to guess a woman's view. Xiaodie actively helped him to find lover? Thinking of this, he stared at Sai Ya's room, whose door was closed. Then he shook his head and walked to the room.


In fact, Li Changfeng was not a serious man. He loved well-built beautiful woman, especially the sexy elf like Sai Ya. But he didn't advocate gratuitous love. Of course his thought would change from person to person. He accepted his favorable impression on Sai Ya without any hesitance.



Out of White Tiger City, accompanied by Xiaodie and Sai Ya, Li Changfeng went towards the west all the way; his destination was Pig Head Mountain.


Actually, it was not a wise choice to get out of the city, because whole White Tiger City was involved in a highly precautionary status. But in order to apologize to Sai Ya, Li Changfeng had to take the two women to drive away their cares outside.


Li Changfeng's unintentional words almost caused Sai Ya to take her luggage to get away. When Li Changfeng had opened the door and entered Sai Ya's room, he had seen that Sai Ya's clothes and luggage being nearly packed. Her red eyes had proved that she had cried. Although she had dried her tears, the trace had been still obvious.


Of course Li Changfeng would not let Sai Ya leave. In the end, they had pulled each other. In the dispute, a flash of wit had hit Li Changfeng and he had thrown the packed luggage into confusion. He had thought without the luggage, Sai Ya would not leave here. But he had underestimated the hurt by his words. Without luggage, Sai Ya had still persisted in getting away.


Looking at Sai Ya's back and the mess in the room, Li Changfeng couldn't help sighing; Sai Ya was difficult to deal with! Finally, he had carried Sai Ya to return her room and pressed her on the bed. Then he had slapped her ass and didn't feel he was wrong.


Woman was really a strange creature! At first, Li Changfeng had gently persuaded Sai Ya, but she had insisted on leaving and been not stopped. However, after he had slapped her ass, she had become obedient. When Sai Ya had cried out, called Li Changfeng "asshole" and intended to hit Li Changfeng's chest by her fists, Li Changfeng had hugged her. Then, Sai Ya had gotten calm and quiet.


"Have you still insisted on departure?"




Li Changfeng had let out a sigh when he had seen Sai Ya's aggrieved face. He could use such a simple method to solve the problem!


In order to comfort Sai Ya, Li Changfeng had promised that he would take Sai Ya to go out for a walk.

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