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"Mr. Liu!" While Liu Wuneng got nervous, the seven leaders, responsible for attacks at three directions, got down from Pig Head Mountain.


When seeing these leaders, Liu Wuneng became high-strung. Most members of reserves got back; this meat his guards should also returned. But until now, no one came to tell him Li Changfeng's death. It was impossible to continue to stay here; otherwise, he might be suspected by others.


"How about the result? Do you encircle and suppress all bandits?" Liu Wuneng tried to pretend he was pleasant. Accompanied by three guards, he walked to the seven leaders with tense.


"Em…" The seven leaders cast a glance on each other and then red color appeared on their faces.


"Mr. Liu…There is no bandits on Pig Head Mountain. It…It's an empty mountain. Our efforts were wasted." After these words, all leaders lowered their heads due to shame.


"Empty mountain?" Liu Wuneng pretended to be startled and then let out a sigh, "Alas! They must flee away from the mountain on yesterday's evening. Em…You gather your teams and check soldiers. We need to wait the eighth team. When they get here, we can…"


"Tchick! Faster!"


Liu Wuneng planned to order a guard to make sure the situation on the west side of Pig Head Mountain. Suddenly, there came the clip-clop and exclamations from the direction of White Tiger City.


"Terrible! Why first madam comes here?" Liu Wuneng felt his blood freezing when he noticed that first madam rode on a precious horse and behind her were more than 20 gurads.


He almost took everything into consideration, except first madam's coming. Because in most time, she stayed in the General's Residence and got out one time at most in half a year. Therefore, Liu Wuneng didn't expect first madam to come here. But according to the current situation, first madam seemed to know the bandits suppressing mission. He didn't know how to explain to first madam. Li Changfeng joined reserves on the basis of first madam's relationship; but he took Li Changfeng to participate in the mission without permission from first madam. She must be annoyed with him!


"Changfeng! Changfeng! Where is Childe Fourth?" First madam led the horse to Liu Wuneng and then jumped down. Her flexible action proved that she was not a woman who just enjoyed comfortable life. As a daughter of castellan of White Tiger City and most distinguished madam in the General's Residence, first madam boasted great strength.


""First madam." Observing first madam's rage, Liu Wuneng bowed to her immediately.


"Stop nonsense! Liu Wuneng, I will punish you later. Now, tell me where is Changfeng?" First madam got close to Liu Wuneng and waved her hand to stop his words. If not thinking his dignity before so many people, she would slap him heavily.


If Li Linglong didn't talk the bandits suppressing mission on Pig Head Mountain to her, she would not know that. On the noon, Li Linglong got back to the General's Residence because she felt boring in the Castellan's Residence. In a chat, Li Linglong said that Liu Wuneng had filed an application for suppressing bandits on Pig Head Mountain with the Castellan's Residence yesterday. After hearing that, first madam got a little nervous. Li Changfeng was a member of reserves, so she must know the mission well.


When she came to Li Changfeng's yard and asked Xiaodie whether Li Changfeng went to the military camp or not, she received "yes" answer. Instantly, she couldn't keep her composure any more.


When she knew that Li Changfeng went out in the morning but didn't come back by far, she ordered people to prepare hoses and brought over 20 guards to get here.

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