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"What?" In the deep jungle, tree branches and gravels scattered in a mess over the ground. Zaks lost strength and knelt down the ground. Gazing at the dagger in his chest, he fell into astonishment and he couldn't stop looking back the previous battle.


How bloodcurdling his energy, speed and combat consciousness were! Could a human being own these? Why his movement was agile like a cat's but his physical strength was whopping as a pandaren's? Why was he just a human being?


"Is it strange?" Feeling the confusion of Zaks, Li Changfeng gave a glimpse to him and continued to lower his head to tear his trouser. On his chest were three deep scratches.


"Before the battle, I forgot to tell you one thing. In fact, I'm different from people you have ever met." Li Changfeng combined the several trouser strips and used them to bind his wounds.


"What do you mean?" Zaks was going to lose his mind as his blood gushed out along the dagger without any stop. He had given up resistance, because the dagger straight thrust into his heart. Only by keeping quiet, could he survive longer.


"Do you think you can suppress my White Tiger magic strength after using your talent Bloodthirsty?"


"No?" Asked Zaks.


"Heh." Li Changfeng let out a light smile, "Your thought is right. But you ignored defense. Actually, I excel at close combat. I will not use magic strength even though you adopt Bloodthirsty. You only paid attention to my magic strength but neglected my physical movements. If you didn't behave like that, the result might be changed."


After saying that, Li Changfeng came to Zaks and pulled out the dagger.


"I said I will not leave you a complete body. Give me your head." Li Changfeng raised Zaks's long mouth and waved the dagger.


As the sharp dagger cut Zaks's neck, blood burst out; then, his head dropped in Li Changfeng's hands.


"You look like Black. I must let him have a see." Li Changfeng tied Zaks's head behind his ass and picked up the dagger, getting back quickly. He didn't know how many people of his team could survive from this battle. He merely expected the other worgen to have no Bloodthirsty talent; otherwise, the result of this battle would be unpredictable.



"Why has the battle not been ended yet?" Under Pig Head Mountain, Liu Wuneng rubbed his chin with tension. A bad presentiment struck him. The ambush for Li Changfeng might suffer an accident. Based on two parties' strength, the battle should have been finished already.


Ambush was not direct fight. In most cases, there would not be stalemated in an ambush; instead, it would be ended very fast. Those bandits had made preparations already, while the eighth team consisted of only 23 people and they didn't wear helmets or armors. The number of bandits and Liu Wuneng's guards hitting more than 100, plus those archers, the ambush should be done already.


But Liu Wuneng didn't know Li Changfeng led his team to break through the encirclement at the beginning. Additionally, the eighth team was completely different from before.

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