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"Childe! Where is my childe?" Xiaodie and Sai Ya sat on the same horse to reach here. Having no time to notice her image, Xiaodie directly stepped on the horse. As the light-red magic strength flashed, she flew in the air and straight landed down beside first madam.


"Amazing! It's a martial skill!" Seeing Xiaodie flying in the air, all people of reserves couldn't help breathing in a gasp. It was known that only when a person hit the fourth-heaven cultivation level, the person was able to study martial skills. But Xiaodie was too young! With her delicate skin, beautiful face and sexy body shape, she was likely to be 16 years old. But she had such a high cultivation level! This really shocked them! They even felt shame before Xiaodie.


"First madam, please clam down." Cold sweat appeared on Liu Wuneng's forehead, for there were several people asking him about Li Changfeng consecutively.


"We got a false message. In fact, there is no bandit on Pig Head Mountain. Childe Fourth…He…He has stayed with my guards. They are responsible for the defense on the west side. This side is the safest one. He will be fine. I'm gonna order people to inform him at once."


Holding the tension down, Liu Wuneng instantly blinked his eyes to a guard beside him.


"Madam, I wanna go together!" Xiaodie gazed at first madam with hopeful eyes.


"Em, Black, you also go with Xiaodie." Facing Xiaodie's sights, first madam nodded her head slightly.


"Okay!" Black jumped down from the horse. He seemed completely different from his common image in the General's Residence. He wore soft-leather armor and carried two iron bars of arm length and width behind his back. The front end of iron bars was similar to fist.


"First madam. At first, I didn't plan to let Childe Fourth carry out the mission. But he insisted on doing that. I failed to persuade him. So, please don't be angry. If you don't believe me, you can ask my subordinates. They know the thing well."


Nervous Liu Wuneng began finding an excuse. He must make preparations in advance in case Li Changfeng died.


"It doesn't need to find me. I'm okay!" Li Changfeng's sound came out of the opposite woods before Black and Xiaodie set off.


Hearing the familiar voice, all people transferred their sights. What?


At this moment, everyone, who saw Li Changfeng, got astonished.


It seemed that Li Changfeng had gotten out of a blood pool juts now, because blood covered his whole body. Regarding his upper body, on the abdomen and chest were two cloth stripes. The trouser had been tore up to his thighs. If he suffered one more wound, his trouser might be tore out completely.


"Childe…Childe…" Xiaodie took the lead in finding back her mind when others were indulged in surprise. Her tears rushed out at once. On today's morning, she had helped Li Changfeng to tidy his appearance and seen him going out in a good condition. However, half a day passed, his clothes had been broken and he had suffered injuries!

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