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Zaks thought he would know an amazing secret when seeing Li Changfeng complicated expression. However, after hearing Li Changfeng's explanation, he had a feeling that he punched cotton with all his strength. He didn't know what he could reply at this moment.


"Are you satisfied with my response?" Li Changfeng winked his eyes with an innocent expression.


"Hum!" Taking a deep breath, Zaks snorted, "I don't care. No matter who you are, you must die today!" After these words, Zaks's body began inflating sharply, like a shivering balloon.


With a growl released by Zaks, a beam of red light rushed out of his body. Immediately, he seemed to be covered by a layer of red light, which added a kind of atrocity to his energy.


"Talent of orc? Bloodthirsty?" Observing changes of Zaks, Li Changfeng couldn't help frowning. He had heard of orc's talents from Xiaodie.


As the strongest race, orc not only featured tough body and various fighting groups, but also boasted inherent race talents. In the orc race, only a small number of orcs could start and use their talents. But Li Changfeng never predicted that Zaks was one of the rare orcs who were able to motivate inherent race talents. The battle would be more troublesome! After beginning Bloodthirsty talent, the worgen's physical strength and speed would be improved greatly, and resistance to magic strength would also be strengthened.


"You should be proud of yourself. I killed many mighty human cultivators. You're the only one to make me use the third-heaven talent. Enjoy your last moments!" By saying that, Zaks put strength on his feet and ran to Li Changfeng in a wink.


"No one! Why are there no people?"


On Pig Head Mountain, teams from the three directions gathered together. However, the seven teams' leaders got amazed when they climbed up to the top, because there were no people in houses or stone caverns. They had ordered soldiers to seek several times, but nothing had been found. Here was an empty mountain!


"May those bandits not stay on Pig Head Mountain? Or may they move to another place?"


The seven teams' leaders looked at each other. In their chronic thoughts, bandits always stayed on Pig Head Mountain. Although there were some other assembly sites nearby, Pig Head Mountain was the best place for bandits because of its superb geographic position. It was well known that Pig Head Mountain was easy to hold but hard to attack. Under the mountain was the official road, by which many travelling merchants would pass.


"What should we do? Go back?" The seven leaders got depressed. This time, the whole reserves came here, but they attacked an empty mountain! The most important thing was that if they got back to White Tiger City without any achievement, they must be a joke for citizens.


"What else can we do? We can't spend our night on the mountain. Let's go." Kui Xiong replied in an indignant voice and took the lead in bringing his team to go down the mountain. At first, he wanted to behave well in this battle, so as to change his impression before Liu Wuneng. However, the fact was on the contrary with his plan.

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