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Chasing after Li Changfeng, Zaks smiled for seeing the scene. He didn't imagine that Li Changfeng, a well-known "falling genius" in White Tiger City, could run for such a long time. It was uneasy to see Li Changfeng's fatigue.


When Zaks came to the tree, a blood-red shadow rushed out. Based on his subconscious, he waved the steel claw and chopped the shadow directly.


Em? Clothes?


The sound caused by the claw tearing clothes surprised Zaks, for he thought the shadow was Li Changfeng, but it was just clothes. What a cunning human! How dared Li Changfeng cheat him?


Before Zaks took an action, there came a loud cracking sound in the air. Then, Zaks felt his shoulder being trodden by an elephant, he flying out at once.


"Shameless human!" Zaks rolled and stood up, staring at Li Changfeng vigilantly. He rubbed his shoulder that had been kicked by Li Changfeng. The intense pain made him feel his movement inflexible. How powerful Li Changfeng was!


"Me? Shameless? Phooey!" Li Changfeng bared his upper body and got close to Zaks.


"You have waited here for ambushing me already. How dare you say I'm shameless? I can't find anyone who are more barefaced than worgens. Tell me! Does Liu Wuneng order you to attack me? What time have you gotten contact with each other?" About three meters far from Zaks, Li Changfeng stopped alertly, because he didn't think that Zaks would lose fighting strength just due to his one raid.


"Heh, why should I tell you?" Zaks gave up camouflage when he observed Li Changfeng ceasing steps, atrocious laugh appearing on his face. He scraped his two sharp claws, generating spark, extremely brilliant in the jungle.


"What do you mean?" Li Changfeng gently flicked the clotted blood clots on his chest and raised his eyebrow, seeming utterly disdainful.


"You're gonna die. What's the use of knowing these things? You'd better beg me for leaving you a complete body."


Saying that, Zaks winked his eyes suddenly and then ran to Li Changfeng, over three times faster than before.


"Ridiculous! I will not leave you a complete body!" Homicidal intent flashed in Li Changfeng's eyes on Zaks. Facing Zaks's action, Li Changfeng just punched head-on; he even didn't move at all.


"Em?" Confronting Li Changfeng's fist, Zaks opened his eyes wide and immediately turned round to avoid the assault.


Li Changfeng stopped punching instantly when he didn't hit Zaks, his fist covered by the magic strength of White Tiger.


"Fuck! Who are you?" Zaks's eyes became very red, like he being teased.


Li Changfeng let out a satisfied smile when seeing Zaks's response. This was the first time for him to use the magic strength after he had reached the cultivation level of White Tiger third heaven. Its power really surpassed his expectation.


"I said, I'm Childe Fourth, your target. Do you think I'm worthy of pretending?"


"Liar!" Zaks broke in Li Changfeng's words, "Liu Wuneng said Childe Fourth lost meridians 10 years ago. Who are you?"


"Em…It's Liu Wuneng making this arrangement indeed." Li Changfeng nodded, "Now that you find my difference, I don't want to conceal the truth any more. In fact, most people don't know 18 years ago, fourth madam of the General's Residence gave birth to twins. I'm one of them. I'm Li Changfeng's elder brother. My name is…Li Duanhuo."

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