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"Amazing! Childe Fourth, you are not a useless man as rumor. How about taking a chat?" After being stalemated for some time, bandits couldn't stand any more. Several men stood out from the direction where sharp arrows were released.


The shake caused by these men's steps depressed Li Changfeng. He made a gesture to the eighth team for reminding them of not speaking, and then he poked his head out soundlessly.


What the fuck!


Bandits' robust bodies gave huge pressure to Li Changfeng. The eighth team could be regarded as the strongest team in the whole military camp, for every one of the team was two times bigger than Li Changfeng in body.


However, the three bandits before him were at least three times bigger than him in body. They were higher than the highest member of the eighth team; their arms owned the same size of Li Changfeng's waist. Moreover, they gave off intense homicidal intent, which would make common people lose confidence to revolt due to fear.


"Troublesome!" Li Changfeng pulled his head back and closed his eyes for consideration. If it was a simple hand-to-hand fight, he would not fear. But there were several archers hiding in darkened corners. This was the most worrying matter for Li Changfeng, for he didn't know when they would stab him in the back.


"Leader, what should we do?" An eighth team member, who was close to Li Changfeng, threw out a glance to him. It was impossible for the team to hide there all the time. As time went by, they might be surrounded by those bandits. At that time, the team would have to face bandits head-on.


"Don't worry. Just wait for a moment." Li Changfeng closed his eyes and tightly held two sharp stones in his hands. In fact, he was not sure what they could do. The longer they waited, the more terrible the situation would be. But they couldn't appear without any preparation; as long as they made some noise, the sharp arrows would shoot at them at once.


"Childe Fourth, where are you? Childe Fourth, there is dangerous! Please don't run wild!" Suddenly, a familiar sound resounded. It was the voice of Liu Wuneng's guard team leader.




Li Changfeng's heart sank.


"No…" Before Li Changfeng spoke out complete words, the man of the eighth team, farthest from him, had stood up.


"We're here! There is an ambush! Come here and…" The word "help" didn't come out in the end. The man stared at more than 10 arrows in his body with astonishment. Then, he slowly fell down.


Peering at this scene, all members of the eighth team got into rage. How could they accept the result? Their partner had been alive just now!


Good timing came!


"Run!" Looking at the man imbued with arrows, Li Changfeng clenched his fist, "Damn asshole!"


Li Changfeng tried to suppress his fury and let out the order, for he knew this was a good chance for them. Only by taking advantage of the time when those archers supplemented arrows, could they flee away.


The eighth team forced themselves to hold back their sorrow and anger, and fast ran into the deeper places of the jungle.


Hearing the heavy footsteps behind him, Li Changfeng backhanded and threw out the stones in his hands.


After the cracking sounds in the air came a muffled groan. Then, the footsteps behind Li Changfeng stopped.


Li Changfeng's physical strength startled the bandits for he severely hurt one bandit just with the stones. Furthermore, the sharp stone deeply pricked into the bandit's body, which might result in death.

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