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Completely different from previous lazy appearance, Li Changfeng's sound was filled up with seriousness and urgency.


"Leader? What's wrong?" The eighth team got surprised. According to these days, they knew if there was no peculiar matter, he would not talk to them in such a voice.


"We may be ambushed. Go!" Looking at the direction where the guards had disappeared, Li Changfeng took a deep breath and didn't explain too much; he just led the team to run into the jungle.


The eighth team members peered at each other and didn't query Li Changfeng's conclusion, following behind him closely.


Li Changfeng moved as a cheetah in the jungle based on his flexibility. He paid much attention to the surrounding condition. If someone noticed his actions, the one would find that every time when Li Changfeng set feet down, he would huddled himself as much as he could. By leaning on ambient trees and hill stones, Li Changfeng tried to avoid exposing himself. When he appeared, he ran like a rushing arrow. By the way, he didn't walk straight; instead, he was sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right side, sometimes up and sometimes down, extremely erratic. Because of that, it was difficult for him to be others' target.


"Get somewhere to shield!" Li Changfeng fell into alertness in a sudden when running. Then, he rolled on the ground and immediately hid himself behind a tree. Thanks to the shield of the tree, he jumped behind the other tree in a blink.


"Homicidal intent!" Li Changfeng was utterly familiar with the feeling just now. In terms of the survival instinct formed in the cruel battlefields, Li Changfeng judged out that he was targeted by someone. The tense was like a sniper in the corner aiming at him.


There came whoosh sound.


As Li Changfeng moved, immediately, more than six arrows plunged into the first tree. Gazing at the stainless steel arrowheads, Li Changfeng knew if he failed to avoid them just now, he would suffer heavy injuries. These bandits were not only equipped with superb weapons, but also collaborated with government.


Looking back the scenarios he had seen before, Li Changfeng felt that he had been betrayed.


When the 30 guards of Liu Wuneng had gotten away just now, one of them had made a strange action. The man had swung his leg when turning away. After wearing helmet and armor for a period of time, people would be uncomfortable actually. But the man's action was too freak! It seemed that something hindered the man's steps.


Li Changfeng felt strange, so he observed the man carefully. Then he found that every guard prepared two knifes; except the one in their hands, the other one was hidden in their armors.


If the two knifes were for the battle, it was foolish that those guards put one knife in their armors. When the battle began, the knife couldn't be fished out; additionally, the knife in their armors would influence their movements. The most important thing was that the two knifes were different. The knife in guards' hands was the common one in military camp, but the hidden knife was the one Li Changfeng had never seen before.


Li Changfeng felt the whole thing became weirder. They must want to conceal something by bringing two different knifes. Associating many factors with his tense in these days, Li Changfeng instantly thought of trap. This battle must be a trap! He had already suspected the battle when he had noticed that no doctors had followed reserves.


The only reason why there were no doctors was that Liu Wuneng had known there would be nobody being hurt. Because Pig Head Mountain was empty! All bandits waited here for ambushing Li Changfeng. It was obvious that Liu Wuneng wanted to kill him though he didn't understand why Liu Wuneng had done that.

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