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"Attention! I'm gonna tell you the most practical experience and you should remember it forever." In the deep jungle, Li Changfeng made the final management before the bandits caught up them, "Don't show mercy. Kill them with all your strength, including Liu Wuneng's guards. Remember, don't show mercy!"


"What? Leader, do you mean…" The eighth team was hit by surprise. Actually, they got confused all the time. Why should they run away after Liu Wuneng's guards had turned up? But hearing Li Changfeng's requirement, they guessed out the answer. But they didn't dare to believe or to ask.


"You're right. They have collaborated with bandits." Facing the eighth team members' puzzled sights, Li Changfeng nodded.




The whole eighth team fell into astonishment and they couldn't receive the fact for a short while.


They didn't predict that people in reserves would launch assaults to them. This was more painful than being hurt by knife for them. They became a soldier for they wanted to protect their homes, defend the country and maintain the stability in human's society. But at this moment, they were perplexed and couldn't confirm their pursuits. They had joined the reserves with passion at first, but…Reserves ganged up with bandits to kill them! They didn't fear of death, but they would not be reconciled to be killed by their partners.


Noticing their depression, Li Changfeng took a deep breath, "Don't give up your pursuit. Today is the last test to you guys. As long as you survive, you will be a real member of the eighth team. Remember! If you want to live on, don't show mercy! Kill those bastards!"


After these words, Li Changfeng turned round and entered into the deeper jungle, because he needed to do an important thing.


Looking at Li Changfeng's back, the eighth team was involved in silence. Then, they peered at each other, the conviction in their eyes becoming firm gradually.


"Let's go. Those assholes will reach here soon. We must give full paly to our strength and defeat them! Go!"


Someone took the lead in showing his attitude, which made the eighth team members put on a murderous expression. Later, they jumped and disappeared in the jungle.



"One, two, three…fourteen, fifteen."


Li Changfeng hid himself in green leaves and kept his body unmoved on a high slope. He counted the number of archers, who passed by cautiously.


It was extremely dangerous to leave the team and take actions alone. But Li Changfeng had no choice. The whole eighth team came here without helmets and armors. He was fine, but others were not. Confronting these archers, they would be obvious targets. Nobody in the eighth team hit the third heaven cultivation level, which meant they had no defense methods to parry arrows. Their magic strength couldn't protect them and they didn't wear armors, so they would be killed so long as they emerged.


When the archers walked far away, Li Changfeng rolled from the slope into grass, without any sound.


Quietly looking around and confirming he was not found by anyone, Li Changfeng bent his body and chased after those archers by following their traces.

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